Try These 6 Effective Solutions If Roadrunner is Not Working with Outlook

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Roadrunner email account is easy to manage and operate unless you are using it with Outlook. Most of the time we tend to combine our email accounts to access all the emails in one place without any hustle. And for the same reason, you might have set up your Roadrunner account on Outlook so that you don’t have to log in to your Roadrunner account every time you need to check emails and you can do it while working on Outlook. 

There can be several instances where you find that the Roadrunner email is not working and one such instance is when you have configured it with Outlook. Here we will discuss all the reasons why Roadrunner is facing issues on Outlook and what can be done to fix it. 

Solutions to Apply When Roadrunner is not working with Outlook

1. Check If the Roadrunner Servers are Working Fine

If you notice a problem with the Roadrunner email service, you must first check if the server is facing an outage or not. At times, email services go down and that time you are not able to use its features normally. So whenever you may find that you are not able to send or receive emails, go and check if the Roadrunner email is down. As Roadrunner is owned by Spectrum, so you need to check if the services managed by Spectrum are doing fine; for that, you can visit this link-

2. Ensure that You are Connected to a Working Internet

The next important thing you need to check is the internet connection you are using to access your Roadrunner emails. Most of the time we do not notice a drop in the network speed and keep on stressing about not receiving emails. So before you stress yourself out, make sure to have a look at the internet speed and if it is going down, either wait or switch to a different network.

3. Check the Configuration Settings

While setting your Roadrunner account on Outlook, you need to enter the Spectrum Roadrunner email settings for Outlook otherwise it may not work the way it should. Server settings are very important when you are setting up your Roadrunner account on a third-party email client. Here are the important Roadrunner server settings you need to enter for your account to access your Outlook account with ease; if you have made any mistakes, make sure to update the settings.

Roadrunner IMAP Settings

Incoming Email Server account typeIMAP
UsernameYour full roadrunner  email address
PasswordYour roadrunner  email password
Server Port993
TLS/SSL requiredYES
Authentication requiredYES 

Roadrunner POP Settings

Incoming Email Server account typePOP
UsernameYour full roadrunner  email address
PasswordYour roadrunner email password
TLS/SSL requiredYES
Authentication requiredYES

Roadrunner SMTP Settings

Outgoing Email Server account typeSMTP
UsernameYour full roadrunner email address
PasswordYour roadrunner email password
TLS/SSL requiredYes
Authentication requiredYes


Roadrunner server settings differ for every location. So, you need to ensure that you have entered outgoing server settings correctly from this list of TWC server settings for different locations.

4. Remove and Re-Configure Your Roadrunner Email Profile 

The next solution that you can try to fix the issues with the Roadrunner email account is by re-configuring your account by removing it first. To delete the Roadrunner account from Outlook,

  • Go to the ‘Files’ section of Outlook
  • Click on ‘Account Settings
  • Then click on ‘Manage Profiles’
  • Further, click on ‘Show Profiles’ and select your Roadrunner email account
  • Then right-click on your account and click on the ‘Remove’ option.

Once you have removed your account, you will need to re-add it using the email server settings mentioned above. Once you have set up your Roadrunner email account on Outlook correctly, this will fix all the issues. 

5. Run Microsoft Outlook in Safe Mode

While using Outlook in normal mode, some add-ons and security programs may interfere and this will affect the functioning of Outlook; as a result, you will find that the Roadrunner email account is not working. To fix this problem, you can open Microsoft Outlook in safe mode using the steps given below:

  • Press ‘Windows + R’ keys together to open Outlook on safe mode; a ‘Windows Run Dialog’ pop-up will appear.
  • Type ‘Outlook/SafeMode’ in the blank and press the ‘Enter’ button.
  • Doing this will carry out your command and will run MS Outlook in ‘Safe Mode.’
  • After this, try using your Roadrunner email account in Outlook and see if the issue got resolved.

6. Use IMAP Protocol and not POP3

POP is a well-known incoming protocol server but when compared to IMAP, the latter is considered more flexible if it is about synchronizing emails across all devices. Apart from this, the features of the IMAP protocol server are more effective, secure, and advanced. So in case, if you have configured your Roadrunner email account using POP settings, switch to IMAP and see if it helps.

These were some methods you can try to fix the issues if the Roadrunner email is not working with Outlook.

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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