iPhone X Detailed Review: Is It Worth Buying in 2024?

| Updated on May 8, 2024

With time, the iPhone has been turning people’s imagination into wonders, whether it’s the new 15-inch Apple MacBook Air or the old iPhone X model. These products have assured consistency with their performance and promise strong bonds with their users. The requirements of the current generation mostly start with display and design and end with price. Well, the iPhone X model, discovered in 2017, has got a mind-blowing review from users, thanks to the display, facial ID unlocking technology, well-designed cameras, ample storage, and much more.

In this article, we will learn about the iPhone X model closely through its features, discussion, drawbacks (if any), ratings, customer thoughts, price & availability, and much more.

  • 5.8-inch OLED Retina display.
  • A11 Bionic Chip, a powerful processor.
  • Sensors plus face ID recognizing technology.
  • Epic display quality; 2436×1125 pixels.
  • 12MP wide-angle lens supporting various advanced image processing.
  • Water and dust resistant, got IP67 ranking.
  • Expensive: this is out of reach for many.
  • Wireless charger with no bundles.

Apple introduced facial identification unlocking technology with the release of the iPhone X, and that was a major jump this model made among other competitors.


Features Specifications 
Display5.8 inch (1125×2436) Sharp OLED sharp Retina display
Processor Apple A11 Bionic
ChargerWireless charging(Qi standard)
Front Camera7 MP
Storage 64 GB
Release DateSeptember 2017
Rear Camera12MP + 12MP
Operating System iOS 11

The iPhone X has interesting features, either it’s the storage or the A11 Bionic Chip processor, but the price is expensive.

Features in iPhone X

iPhone X

Apple expressed its invincibility in the market with the release of the iPhone X in September 2017. Users get a security-enriched smartphone experience plus premium-feature with top-notch qualities. It represents one of the prior models supporting Augmented Reality (AR) with the help of dual-camera support and an A11 bionic chip. Here are some of the discussed features of the iPhone X.

  • Display: With a 5.8-inch display, users get an OLED display. The build is pleasing, with the glassy finish on the back and stainless-steel framing. This was a much-developed model which came with face ID recognition, replacing the old touch ID. Even when Face ID is not working, there are easy fixes to resolve this issue. The pixel density of 1125×2435 gives users an unmatched experience while watching any video, image, or game. Its display quality promises the user to work seamlessly.
  • Battery: With a rechargeable lithium-ion battery carrying a power of 2716 mAhh, the smartphone could last for 21 hours (Talk time on 3G). This model encouraged users to have the least disturbing video playback experience of up to 14 hours and the longest audio play of 60 hours. Although the battery life depends on the usage scenario.
  • Camera Quality: There are dual lenses at the rear cameras, a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, and a 12-megapixel telephoto lens. The front camera has got 7-megapixel strength. Camera quality has developed with much larger and faster sensor support, even during low light. Plus, there are other camera features like 2× zoom, optical image stabilization, portrait mode, and lightning, combining to capture the best pictures for the users. The image and video capturing capabilities have been improved.

The later discovered models on the market, like the Samsung Galaxy S23 had a better back-camera quality in comparison to the iPhone X. The former captures images and videos using its 50 MP lens. 

  • A11 Bionic Chip: The processing power is much enhanced than the previous model with the integration of AI and machine learning features in it. The A11 Chip is more powerful and does excellent work with gaming, thanks to the six-core GPU and six-core CPU.
  • Wireless Charging: Using wireless charging pads or mats, one can easily charge this smartphone, made up of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It supports wireless charging using the Qi standards.
  • Water and Dust Resistance: This smartphone has got a standard rating of IP67. Thus a trustworthy device against water spills or dust fall. 

Drawbacks in The Model iPhone X

One of the basic features that distinguishes the iPhone Model from other smartphones is the “security” shield it grants. But there were really some loopholes that were attached to the iPhone X model. Some of them have been discussed below.

  • Distracting Display: The display had a notch on the top. It had a true depth camera system, which was distracting for users and less aesthetic to view. Even the back glass was too fragile to handle even a single drop.
  • Price: This is one of the highlighted criticisms shared by the user, “the price of iPhone X is exorbitant in comparison to the features it bestows”. Its MSRP is around $999, which is considered a higher price tag when compared to other models like Motorola Moto G Stylus, which has much-evolved features at half the rate.
  • Face ID Troubles: Even though this was a much-loved feature introduced to turn the user enthusiastic while buying iPhone X, somewhere, its effort turned futile. Yes, face-ID was unable to unlock the screen during lowlights and even when a user was wearing some kind of eyewear. 

Face ID not working caused many problems for iPhone users, and they had to find new ways to troubleshoot their iOS devices.

  • Battery Life: While paying $999 users did imagine long-lasting battery support, but iPhone X couldn’t stand this promise as the A11 Bionic Chip processing, in addition to the 6-core CPU and GPU plus the OLED display, all have battery-churning abilities. The battery power of the Samsung Galaxy A32 5G is much better than it.
  • Touch-ID: After the introduction of face-ID in the iPhone X model, touch-ID capabilities were removed. Whereas the latter was also a fast way to unlock and was loved by many, resulting in disappointment for those users.

After knowing the features and drawbacks, let’s run to the price and availability of this model at various retail stores.

Price and Availability

The model iPhone X is still available on the market with varying prices and offers. Let’s grab the information regarding its price and availability from the table below.

Retailing Store PriceAvailability Rating 

The best offer is presented by Walmart with shipping within 2 days. Well, the BestBuy platform is not the best store to buy, costing $100 more than other websites.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are pivotal before one buys a technical gadget. Let’s hear the experiences of the customers through their own thoughts below.

  • “This is the best phone I have ever owned! I just switched from Android to iPhone. One thing that kept me from switching is that I never did like the iPhone’s physical home button. The iPhone X changed that. Honestly, I purchased this phone for its high-quality camera. I sold a bunch of pro camera gear to buy it. Not only is the camera amazing, with a lot of features I’ve never even known existed, the phone just plain & simply operates so smoothly.” ~PaulV
  • “Overall I like the phone’s display and the ease of holding it. I think my experience would have been much better coming from the 4.7-inch screen models, but as a former Plus user, I frequently miss the larger screen. This is still a 5 start phone when looking at what it offers without comparing it to its iPhone 8/8 plus editions. Everything Apple offers you does work as advertised, and it’s a great device overall.” ~ Andrew21
  • “Was a Samsung guy since the Galaxy s4, bought a Note 8 when it launched. I found myself tired of constant app quitting, slow speed, and other miscellaneous errors. Decided to grab an iPhone X and I can go on and on about how impressed I am, the new iPhone X and the operating system blows Android and Samsung so far out of the water.” ~ tttt
  • “Been waiting for so long with an iPhone with an OLED screen. This phone takes a little getting used to when it comes to no physical home button or fingerprint scanner. But I noticed Face ID literally works 95% of the time every time I try it. The speakers are louder on this phone and also somehow my Bluetooth headphones seem to get louder also. The battery life is even better than the 7 plus I had.” ~ Whodey 
  • “It’s expensive…I know I get it. But if you live on your device for work and personal reasons like me you want to drive a Ferrari -if possible. This device is a Ferrari! The processor is quick and responsive, the screen is brilliant, and the exterior looks and feels very high-end. If you can afford it ( trade in your existing device!) you should treat yourself to this incredible machine…”~ Houstondatateam

These were some of the noted thoughts and views of users after having experience with the iPhone X.

Our Verdict: Is It A Worthy Gadget For 2024?

iPhone X is a must-buy for users who desire it and have a budget of up to $400. There are fewer complaints but more virtues to count when talking about the iPhone X model. The A11 Bionic Chip processing is faster and complemented by the OLED display. The camera quality is not very pleasing so, one can take a look at various other options present in the market.

The storage capacity of 256GB with fast charging support also makes this model a user-friendly iconic device. Its home button has been changed, plus the water and dust rating of IP67 is a big sigh-relief for many. So, yes, this is a worthy 2023 gadget.

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Is iPhone X 5G?

No, the iPhone X is not a 5G model. It has 12 LTE modems. Therefore, the speed of this model is rather slow.

How much does the iPhone X model weigh?

The iPhone X weighs around 174 grams.

Is iPhone 13 better than the X?

Yes, the iPhone 13 Pro runs with a much more powerful A15 Bionic Chip processor, whereas the iPhone X has an older A11 Bionic Chip with less speed to process various extensive tasks.

Is iPhone X still worth it in the year 2023 and in the coming years too?

Even though there are much better iPhone models on the market, the iPhone X holds a beautiful aura, with a pleasing display, storage capacity, wireless charging, and much more.

Is iPhone X waterproof?

With a standard rating of IP67, iPhone X is a proven model for water resistance. It can be kept at considerable depths in water for up to 30 minutes.


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