How to Transfer WhatsApp Business from iPhone to Android?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

People are always a little wary about transferring data from one device to another. It is because a third App is needed for this, and there are always concerns about whether this app is safe or not. Nowadays, we are also hearing about cyber attacks and data stealing more than ever. 

But don’t worry; I know just the software that will Transfer WhatsApp Business from iPhone to Android safely and in no time. It’s UltFone Transfer! This software is a blessing. With this, you can transfer WhatsApp Business data and enjoy many other additional features that will make your life easy. If you want every detail like how to use UltFone Transfer and what features it offers, then stay till the end. Let’s Begin!

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UltFone Transfer- the Ultimate App to Transfer WhatsApp Business From iPhone to Android

People often search, “How do I export WhatsApp Chat for business?” but get nothing but a list of Apps or software in return. This causes frustration. 

I mean, the data in the WhatsApp business is super important for everyone. It might be the leads about potential clients, past transactions, and home to much other crucial information for the Business. Therefore, you should use only the very best App for this purpose, and luckily you have found one now. 

UltFone Transfer is the first choice of thousands of smart people who want to transfer messages, photos, videos, documents, and anything else between iPhones and Androids. The UltFone company was established in 2007, and since then, it has helped people in backing up, transferring, recovering, and repairing the data and system. 

But there’s more!

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Why Choose UltFone Transfer? Features & Support

UltFone Transfer has been getting famous day by day because of the user-friendly interface and great sum of features. These are:

  1. Support every type of data (photos, files, etc.).
  2. Using UltFone Transfer, you can transfer data from Google Drive to any device. 
  3. You won’t have to factory reset every time you have to transfer data. 
  4. This software also allows you to restore and download WhatsApp data from Google Drive. 
  5. Transferring speed is super fast. No limitation on storage. It’s easy and uncomplicated.
  6. This software has declared itself to be the Ultimate Mobile Phone Solution,” and those who use it have backed this claim. 

Pretty impressive, right? So, use this App and transfer any data you want between your two devices. Wondering How do I transfer my WhatsApp business to an android phone? Then continue reading!

How to Transfer WhatsApp Business Data From iPhone to Android Using UltFone Transfer?

You can easily Transfer WhatsApp Business from iPhone to Android and vice versa with UltFone Transfer. 

Step 1 – First, launch UltFone WhatsApp Transfer on your PC/laptop, and then you need to connect your iPhone and Android to the system via a cable. When both of the devices are recognized, click on the Transfer button.

Data transfer

Step 2 Once you click on the Transfer button, the tool will start creating a backup on the iPhone.

Backing up data

Step 3 Once the backup is successfully created, you will be required to verify your phone number. Once the number is verified, the program will start transferring the data to the Android device.

Verify Target Account

Step 4 Wait patiently, it may take a few minutes to transfer the data. Once the data is transferred successfully, you can view all your chats on android.

Transfered Successfully

Still not sure whether you should go for Ultfone Transfer or not? Well, that’s why humans have invented the Pros and Cons List. 

Pros and Cons of UltFone WhatsApp Transfer

Making a list of pros and cons is an excellent way to decide if you should go for something or not. If the Pros outweigh the cons, then it means “Yes” about that thing. 

Here are some pros and cons:

  • It is super fast and easy to use
  • No storage limit and you can transfer any type of data
  • You don’t have to factory reset your device
  • Can download and restore data
  • Only Compatible with iOS/iPad OS 15 and Android OS 12 system
  • With UltFone Transfer, you can backup WhatsApp/WhatsApp Business/Viber/Kit/WeChat on iPhone to a computer for 100% free; Whereas, WhatsApp backup on Android is not free

Final Words

So, how to transfer WhatsApp Business from iPhone to Android? You may know the answer now. With UltFone Transfer, the transferring process is easy and super quick. Also, there is no storage limit. So, go for UltFone without any hesitation and transfer every piece of data you have from your iPhone to Android in no time!

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