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As technology has evolved, education has shifted its paradigm to the digital age to give students the best possible learning experience. To add a fun element to the classroom, platforms like Blooket have emerged to bring teaching and games together to make lectures a breeze.  

In that regard, keep reading the article to explore the amazing potential and benefits of Blooket and make academics fun with the thrill of games and digital educational quizzes

What is Blooket? An Overview

Blooket is a platform that blends gaming with learning effectively to get the most out of the classrooms. It uses quiz-style questions combined with fun games and adventure so that students solve the answers while on the hunt to win. 

Regardless of driving competitive learning outcomes, it also ensures the practice and engagement sessions through interactive gameplay. 


Blooket does not permit children below 13 to join or enter the game or log in to the platform. Those under 13 can become a user only with parental control.

While giving an open opportunity to teachers to personalizepersonalise, the learning sessions according to the requirements, this platform withstands educational needs and expectations. 

What’s best is that it is a web-based platform that makes it accessible right from any device, making it ideal for students at home and in classes. 

How to Sign Up on Blooket: A Teacher’s Guide 

The process to creatingcreate a Blooket account is pretty straightforward. Check out the steps and make the sign-up process hassle-free. 

  • Visit Blooket.com on your device and choose Sign Up in the upper right corner to create a free account. 
    Tap on Sign Up
  • Select the method by which you want to sign in. 
    Select the method
  • For instance, if you choose to Sign up with Google, a new window will pop up. Utilize your current or authorized email.
    Tap on the current existing email
  • Tap on Confirm to agree to share your details with the platform. 
    Tap on Confirm
  • Choose a unique Username and check the box to certify the eligibility criteria to agree to the terms and conditions and click on Let’s Go to get started.
    Enter your Username

In case you plan to sign in with some other or new account. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the site and choose Sign Up.
  • Select Sign up with Email.
  • Enter the Email address.
  • Choose I can receive Email.
  • Hit the Send Verification Code.
  • Enter the Code and tap on Confirm Code.
  • Set a Password and  Re-enter to confirm.
  • Enter the Username and check the box to agree to the privacy policies and eligibility criteria. 


Remember, Blooket doesn’t support email accounts that are not eligible to receive the email. In that regard, consider signing up with authentic and working emails. 

Potential Features of Blooket to Integrate in Education Field

As technology is affecting education to foster the upcoming future, embracing high-tech platforms like Blooket can add additional bonus points. 

  • Creative Learning Space: Emerged as a quiz and trivia gaming platform, Blooket offers uncountable interactive learning sessions to students to keep young learners engaged and excited.  
  • Built-in Games Content: Blooket offers multiple built-in games to teach a vast array of subjects conveniently without any need to personalise content.  
  • User-Friendly and Customizable Interface: The platform’s UI is beginner-friendly so that even a basic user can also make the most out of its capabilities. 
  • Multiple Games Modes: With a variety of free simulation games available on the platform, you can ensure long-term engagement and experience throughout the learning process. In that regard, tutors can use three modes including Live only (hostable), Solo or Homework Only, and Live, Solo, and Homework. 
  • Post-Game Feedback and Reports: The educators have live access to the results through the performance tracking tool to figure out the comprehensive progress and engagement of every individual. 

Benefits of Blooket to Increase Student’s Motivation

Signing up for Blooket will open the door to its numerous benefits, making kids avail of the diverse education and learning. 

  • Boost Engagement

    The streamlined graphical interface of the Blooket platform entices the students to participate in the teacher’s planned activity and learn its potential benefits. 

  • Incorporates Customizable Content 

    Regardless of the numerous quizzes available on the platform, educators can customize the personalized set of questions that aligns with the curriculum needs. 

  • Interactive Learning Sessions 

    Blooket games and activities embrace group discussion and leverage teamwork. Hence, it can foster a profound understanding of how society functions among the students. Moreover, the teachers can host collective sessions with students and parents to conduct a group activity. 

  • Practical Use Cases in Education 

    With the availability of different niche games, teachers can practically use them to facilitate vocabulary, grammar, and other co-curricular needs. 

With the numerous benefits and conveniences offered by this platform, you can make it your number-one ed tech tool for online education.

Explore the Blooket Pricing Structure 

Blooket offers a wide range of pricing plan that aligns with the varying requirements of budgets. Check out the pricing plans and choose what suits you the best. 

  1. Blooket Starter 
    Blooket Free Plan

    The platform’s starter plan is the best opportunity for those who are looking to explore the platform to make an informed purchasing decision. This plan offers the ability to search and view the pre-set of questions, and you can conduct the activity along with 60 students. 

  1. Blooket Plus 
    Blooket Plus

    To avail of more advanced features, you can upgrade to the Blooket Plus plan for $4.99/month and $59.88/year. The membership unlocks more features including progress report insights, custom-created questions ability, hosting up to 300 participants at a time, and a lot more.

  1. Blooket Plus Flex
    Blooket Plus Flex Plan

    The Blooket Plus Flex plan offers all the potential capabilities of the platform. This plan grants you the full freedom to customize and control the features according to your requirements, with the benefit of cancelling it at any moment. 

  1. Blooket Group Plans 
    Blooket Group Plans

Blooket offers some favourable group plans, giving concessions if the Plus plan is purchased in large amounts. These can work best for schools and other open institutions to bring innovation in distance learning. Note that these offers are only valid if paid yearly and don’t include Plus Flex plan benefits.

  • Friends (For 10 Plus plan purchases): $550/year
  • Department (20 Plus plan purchases): $1,000/year
  • Small School (40 Plus plan purchases): $1,800/year
  • School (80 Plus plan purchases): $3,000/year

So by undergoing all 4 plans and the features they offer, you can make an informed decision to drive academic success. 

Take a Look at the Blooket Game Modes 

Blooket offers a range of 18+ games that you can make them play students live, solo or assign some as homework. Interestingly, Blooket has a treasure of over 20+ million questions, including platform-generated and user-created sets. 


There are only 12 games available for now. Santa’s Workshop is obtainable during December and January. Another thing to note is, that Candy Quest replaces Gold Quest in October. 

Take a look at a few popular modes:


Classic game

The classic game mode allows the students to answer the trivia quiz questions as soon as possible and earn points to top the leaderboard before time falls out.

  • Game Type: Speed & Accuracy
  • Player Limit: 60 (300 for plus members)
  • Mode: Live Hostable 

Battle Royale 

Battle Royale Game

The Battle Royale is very much identical to the classic, only. But in this, can compete solely against everyone or form a random team to go against each other. The player or team uses less time to answer the questions and lift the trophy by defeating others. 

  • Game Type: Speed & Accuracy
  • Player Limit: 60 (300 solo for plus members)/ 4+ Players and 12+ Team
  • Mode: Live Hostable 

Blook Rush 

Blook Rush Game

Blook Rush can give a thrill to the students as it requires answering the questions and collecting as many as blooks by attacking the competitor and defending your earned blooks. You can play this game in two modes: Solo or Team.

  • Game Type: Speed and Strategy 
  • Player Limit: 60 (300 solo for plus)
  • Mode: Live Hostable


Cafe Game

As the name suggests, in the Café mode, you will get a food item by answering the question as a reward. When you complete the days in these, you are eligible to buy more food and earn money for sold items.

  • Game Type: Strategy and Accuracy
  • Player Limit: 60 (300 for plus and Homework mode)
  • Mode: Live Hosted, Solo and Homework

Crazy Kingdom 

Crazy Kingdom

The crazy kingdom is all about to keep running your kingdom without any losses. In this game, you are credited with 50 stats points, and by answering the question, you have to modify and keep it stable to 100 to protect your reign.

  • Game Type: Accuracy and strategy
  • Player Limit: Unlimited players 
  • Mode: Homework

Monster Brawl

Monster Brawl

Launched in 2022, this is the first-ever 2D game released on the platform. All you have to do is enter the game, choose a map and mode, answer the question, and now you will be offered to kill a monster to earn a point for you. 

  • Game Type: Skill and strategy
  • Player Limit: 60 (300 for plus)
  • Mode: Live hostable, solo and homework

The above-mentioned are a few examples. You can check out all the games on Blooket’s official website. However, the integration of quiz and trivia games within the games results in driving more comprehensive educational outcomes.

Pros and Cons of Blooket 

The platform’s quirky game adds a lot of fun and engagement to the learning process of the children. But every good thing has something bad hidden. 

Before enrolling your students into this platform, let us take a look at the pros and cons of Blooket. 

  • Free version available. 
  • Interactive learning space.
  • Incorporates competitive spirit.
  • Leverage personalized question sets.
  • Self-paced learning independence.
  • Extensive question formation.
  • Complex game modes.

Despite some drawbacks, taking advantage of the platform’s positive side will help to nurture students’ mental growth. 

Conclusion: Begin your Blooket Adventure

Blooket’s primary strength lies in the different games, modes, visually appealing graphics, and competitive environment. While most of the game focuses on improving speed, accuracy, skills, and strategy, you can bring an interactive learning experience out of them that enriches energy and motivation in any classroom. 


What are blooks?

Blooks are the small animal/people icons that are used to represent the enemy and users in the game.

Does Blooket ask for student registration?

No, only the teacher needs to sign up to own an account. Students can join the game with a game ID, QR code, and joining link.

Is Blooket free?

Blooket is completely free to use. But you may require a subscription to unlock its more features.

What is the Blooket limit?

Blooket has a limit of 60 students but can upgrade to 300 with a plus membership.

How old do you have to be to have a Blooket account?

The eligibility to join Blooket is 13+ years with the parent’s consent.


Blooket Wiki: Official Website

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