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| Updated on February 13, 2024

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular options among all email services. The platform has a wide range of features, but its recovery options are really helpful when you lose access to your account. You can use your phone number that is linked to your Yahoo account to get the verification code and reset the password. However, in some situations, you might find it difficult to use your phone number or you no longer have access to it.

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But don’t worry, we are providing a detailed guide about how to recover/reactivate an old Yahoo account even without a recovery phone number.

Recovery Process of Yahoo Email Account

If you are unable to receive the account verification code on your recovery or registered phone number due to any reason, you can simply access the platform by using your username and password or recovery email and verification code. The procedure of the same is given here:

  1. First, visit the official site of Yahoo Mail and select the Sign-in option given at the top of the page.
    Go to the homepage and select Sign in
  1. Now, you can use one of the given options:
    Fill in the username or email
  • Fill in the Username > click on Next > enter Password > select Next.
    Enter password .. Next
  • Or else, enter the Email address > click on Next > enter the 8-character code sent to it > select Verify.
    Enter verification code  Verify

You are now, logged in to your Yahoo Mail account. Apart from that, if your registered mobile number is different from the recovery mobile number, then you can use it also to access your account simply by entering the number and the verification code in the respective fields.

Recovery of Yahoo Email Account if Forgot Username

It is a bit tricky to recover your Yahoo email account without a recovery phone number if you have forgotten your username. In such a situation, you are left with a single option only, i.e., using your sign-in or recovery email address or the sign-in mobile number. Its process is given below:

  1. First, visit the sign-in page of Yahoo Mail and select the ‘Forgot username?’ option from the given sign-in box. 
    Go to Sign in page  click on Forgot username
  1. Now, on the Yahoo Sign-in helper page, enter either a sign-in email address or mobile number (if it is different from the recovery mobile number) or the recovery email address. Then, select the Continue button given on the same page.
    Enter details  select Continue
  1. Yahoo will send a verification code to the given source.
  2. Enter the 8-character code into the box within a minute and click on Verify.
    Enter verification code select Verify

At last, it will show you the available account that was signed in through that ID or phone number. You can continue to your Yahoo dashboard just by selecting the account.

Recovery of Yahoo Email Account if Forgot Password

In case you have forgotten your Yahoo account password, or want to recover hacked Yahoo account, there are several methods available for you. The easiest of them using your recovery phone number. But if you have no longer access to the registered phone number, you can still log in to your account by using other methods. Here, we are giving all possible ways to reset Yahoo account password:

  1. First, go to the Sign in page of Yahoo Mail from its official website > enter your Username > click on Next.
    Enter Username  click on Next
  1. On the next page, select the ‘Forgot password?’ option.
    Select Forgot password
  1. Now, you can follow any of the given two options.
     Choose anyone from the listed options

After selecting the option, continue with the steps mentioned further:

Verify with Google Account

If you have linked your Gmail account as your recovery email address, you can go with these steps:

  • Select the Verify with Google Account option.
  • Click on Next.
    Click on Next
  • Enter the Password of your Google Account and click on Next to verify it.
    Enter Password  click on Next
  • Fill in the New Password > select Continue.
    Set New password select Continue


You can bypass Yahoo phone number verification by using third-party apps as well.

Email a code

You can recover Yahoo email account without recovery email address by completing the following steps:

  • Select the Email a code option. 
  • Now, check your email address and either click on the link or enter the verification code sent to it.
     Visit links or Enter verification codes
  • If select the option of verification code, then enter it and click on Verify.
    Fill in the code  click on Verify
  • Set New password > select Continue.
    create passsword

Through these ways, you can easily regenerate a new password and continue with Yahoo email login with the help of username and password combination.

Yahoo Customer Service

If you are facing issues with Yahoo verification codes and links while resetting the password, you can call the premium customer care service of the company. For this,

  1. Go to the Yahoo sign-in page > enter Username > select Next.
  2. Click on ‘Forgot password?’ and choose ‘I don’t have access to these options’.
    Select I don’t have access to these options
  1. Select Call premium customer care.
    Select Call premium customer care
  1. Now, you can continue with any of the available options, i.e., ‘Call our paid support number’ or ‘Provide your one-time code’.
    Move with any one of the available optionss

Apart from that, you can also select the option Visit our free help site, instead of ‘Call premium customer care’ during the above-mentioned process. This will redirect you to the help page of Yahoo, where you can find some written solutions, contact live agent help at (800) 745-0739, or get 24/7 live technical support to get assistance for Yahoo account recovery without phone number or email address.

Final Words

In this article, we tried to deliver all the possible ways to access your Yahoo account without a recovery phone number. Apart from that, many other related solutions are also provided here to sign in to the platform. 

It is advised to keep your password saved with your browser, so you don’t have to remember it, and always set a recovery phone number and email address to avoid such situations in the future.

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