How to Recover/Reactivate an Old Yahoo Account?

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Yahoo has had a strong base since the very beginning and still continues to have one. But in the fast paced world, new things keep emerging, and we tend to forget the past. Similarly, many old Yahoo users have forgotten about their once-existing accounts as they switch to other mail apps. 

However, some wish to go back and start using Yahoo Mail again, but face the issue of how they can reactivate their old Yahoo account. And so, we are here to spill it all. If you are also one of those users who feel nostalgic enough to jump back to using Yahoo Mail, then you are just at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can confirm whether your old Yahoo account has been deleted permanently by Yahoo and if it hasn’t, then how you can reactivate it using some simple steps. So without further talking, let’s dive in…

How to Reactivate your Old Yahoo Account?

It might sound like recovery isn’t easy, but if you can recover permanently deleted emails from Yahoo, then recovering an old account or an account that has been deactivated is no big deal. Yahoo has set a certain time limit within which a user can recover their account after it was deleted. If it hasn’t been over 30 days since the account was deleted, the user can recover it in a certain time period. If your Yahoo Mail account hasn’t been permanently deleted by Yahoo, there are ways using which you can recover your old Yahoo account: 

From the Yahoo Homepage

  • Go to the Yahoo Homepage and select Sign-in.
Tap on Sign in
  • Then enter your Yahoo email and tap on Next
Enter your Yahoo email address.
  • Now, if your account is recoverable, Select an option will appear. Select a verification method (Text or Email). 
Choose the verification method for receiving the code from Yahoo.


Tap on Stay Signed in only if you are trying to sign in on your personal device because signing in on a public device can cause security issues.

  • After choosing your recovery method, you will receive a code. Enter the code you received in the message.
Enter the verification code.
  • If the code you have entered is correct, then you will be asked to set a new password. Select continue to create a new password.
Tap on Continue.
  • Tap on Continue again, and then you will be prompted to confirm your account recovery settings.
  • If you wish to edit something, then tap on the pencil icon, or select Add email or mobile number to add accounts. Otherwise, select Looks good to continue.
Tap on Looks good.

Now your account will be successfully recovered and good to go.

Via Sign-in Helper

If you have forgotten your Yahoo Mail password, then you can try recovering your account by the following steps:

Type your Yahoo email address and press Continue. 
  • Select from Text or Email as the method of your recovery that you prefer.
  • Now enter the verification code that you’ve received as a message on your preferred method.
  • If you have entered the verification code correctly, you will be asked to create a new password. Select Continue to change your password, or select I’ll secure my account later if you know your password.

These were the steps for how you can recover your old Yahoo Mail account. If you want to make sure whether you are eligible to use the above-given steps for recovering your account, then follow the next paragraph to confirm.

How to Check if Your Yahoo Account has been Deleted?

To check whether your Yahoo Mail account has been deleted or not, you can follow the steps below to find out:


If it’s been fewer than 30 days since deletion, you can probably get your deleted Yahoo Mail account back.

  • Go to the Yahoo account recovery page.
  • In the Email address or phone number field, enter your Yahoo email address and then select Continue.
Enter the Yahoo email address and tap on Continue.
  • If your account was permanently deleted, you will see the message: Sorry, we don’t recognize that email address or phone number.
‘Sorry we don’t recognize this email’ page.

This way you will know whether your account was permanently deleted or not. And if it wasn’t, then you can follow the steps we had discussed for account recovery above.


Can yahoo delete your account?

Yes, Yahoo can certainly delete your account permanently if you haven’t logged in to your account in a long time or haven’t used it. Hence, you will have to log in within a certain time period which is set by Yahoo if you want to recover it.

Can I recover an old account after IO years

The possibility to recover a 10-year-old Yahoo Mail account is most likely low since Yahoo deletes email accounts due to inactivity and the data stored in them in order to make space for regular users and smooth functioning.

Where do the deleted yahoo emails go?

After the deletion, the emails get transferred to the Trash folder on Yahoo Mail and after the time period is over, they get saved on the server and then get permanently deleted.

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