is an email domain name where SBC stands for Southwestern Bell Corporation; however, it was later changed to SBC Communications. If you belong to the 80’s, you must know someone who has their account with SBCGlobal. In 2005, SBC merged with AT&T and currently, the combined company is known as AT&T.

History of SBCGlobal Email Service

SBCGlobal dates back to 1882 when ‘The Missouri and Kanas Telephone Company’ was formed. On March 1, 1912, it was consolidated under a single management unit of the Bell system with ‘Pioneer Telephone and Telegraph Company’, ‘Southwestern Telegraph and Telephone Company’ and ‘The Bell Telephone Company of Missouri’. These companies included the ‘Southwestern System’ of the Bell System, however, in 1917, three companies were merged into Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company later renamed as Southwestern Bell Telephone Company.

In 1984, when AT&T split up into multiple divisions, Southwestern Bell Corporation was one of the seven ‘Baby Bell’ companies that were created. Finally, in 2005, SBC bought AT&T and renamed itself to ‘AT&T’. 

So if I have to tell in short ‘ was an internet service company that rebranded and moved on’

What is

SBCGlobal was an email service provider and it used to offer the email address ‘’ as the suffix. So if you want to create an SBCGlobal account with the same suffix, it is no more possible. When SBC merged with AT&T, the name SBCGlobal ceased to exist, however, those who still have accounts with, the accounts are run by AT&T now.

SBCGlobal is Dead?

SBCGlobal is almost dead and if you will search for something like or, you will end up getting the message ‘This site can’t be reached’. Even if you look up on Google for SBC, you will be directed only towards the AT&T login as the former has been merged with later.

What are the Available Options?

SBCGlobal email accounts are a decade old now and we cannot expect them to serve for a lifetime. Although you can try your luck by accessing your SBC email via Yahoo Mail or AT&T portal; they both will take you to the same login page. 

With a complex series of acquisitions and mergers, SBCGlobal has lost its existence and it can be the right time to sign up for a new email address; there are several free email services you can sign up to that will let you work without needing to change the mail server address after every few years. 

Final Thoughts may or may not be available now as there is no clear statement available on the internet. Even if it is technically available, there is no reason left to cling to it if you have to go through, and getting the right answer for ‘what is’ will require a lot of research and effort.


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