Top 7 Solutions to Fix AOL Mail Attachment Problems

| Updated on March 1, 2024

AOL mail is one of the top email service providers and the best part is it is free to use. Moreover, it offers a list of advanced features that make it a standalone email service. However, all this doesn’t make AOL work flawlessly. Now and then you can experience certain glitches but that is not a major concern if the right troubleshooting steps are applied. In this guide, we will talk about one similar issue that you might face while working with AOL i.e. AOL mail attachment problems.

Several issues can arise when you try to add an attachment to your AOL mail such as you are not able to attach files, download attachments, or you can’t open attachments that you are receiving in your emails. Also, there can be several reasons why you can’t open attachments in AOL mail; let’s have a look at what solutions are available.

Solutions to Deal with AOL Mail Attachment Problems

Here, we have listed all the solutions to deal with attachment problems with AOL mail:

1. Restart Everything

The first step you must take is to restart your email service as well as your device. Log out of your AOL mail account and then restart your device. After the device gets connected to the internet, log in to your AOL account again. Now, try to download and view the attachment again and if you aren’t able to do so, proceed to the next step.

2. Download the File Properly

To fix any sort of issues that you face while downloading or opening attachments received in your AOL mail, it is important to ensure that you have downloaded the file properly; for that you will need an internet connection. 

Also, to preview the images, you will need to click on the photo. When you hover the mouse over the attachment, you will be able to see the title. Now, to download it, you will get the download button on the image itself; click on that and the image will download automatically. 

Now, go to the ‘Downloads’ folder of your device and then check if you find the attachment there. 

3. Use the Right Software

In case the above step didn’t fix the issue, the next thing to verify is if you are using the right software to open or view the attachment. For example, if it is a PDF file, so you will need a PDF viewer to open or view the file, or else it will show an error. Similarly, for a DOCX File, you will need MS-Word installed on your device or a doc-compatible device. 

So if you are getting an error that your device doesn’t recognize the file type, it means you haven’t installed the right software for that particular attachment.

4. AOL Quick Restore

Another method that you can undertake if you cannot attach a file to AOL email is using AOL’s Quick Restore feature in case you received the AOL mail through its software. To use this feature, open the Home screen of your device and then open the ‘Start’ menu; type ‘System’ in the blank space and then press ‘enter’.

Scroll down to the option that says ‘AOL System Information’ and click on it. You will see a new window where you have to click on the AOL Software option followed by the ‘Quick Restore’ option. This will start the restoring process and wait till the process gets complete don’t perform any other task during the process; once it gets completed, click on ‘Close’. Now restart your device and see if the mail attachment issue you were facing got fixed.

5. AOL Attachment Limit

You also need to ensure that you haven’t exceeded the limit of attachment if you are unable to send AOL mail. AOL email allows you to attach files of 25 MB and if you exceed this, you cannot send attachments in AOL mail. 

If you are using the email service on a browser, you might face AOL mail login issues or attachment problems. Also, an incompatible browser may not let you open the attachment; hence you must look for a compatible option and also use the latest version of the same. 

7. AOL Server Issue

Last but not the least, if you are still dealing with attachment issues with AOL mail, you must check the server status of the AOL email client. If you aren’t able to open, download or view any file attached in AOL mail, you must check if the servers are doing fine; the reason is if AOL is down for any reason, you will not be able to use your account at all. 

The Bottom Line

These were all the solutions that you can undertake to fix attachment problems with AOL mail. Make sure you meet the basic requirements like internet connection, software or browser is updated and so on.

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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