Effective Ways to Get Likes on Facebook

| Updated on March 26, 2024

With more than two billion users, Facebook offers a great platform to promote your business or brand. But it is not as easy as you think of. Getting Facebook likes requires a good strategy to be followed as there is a lot of competition. You need to focus your marketing strategy on everything that will ultimately result in receiving likes from the viewers. You need to work upon creating content that is impressive enough to gain automatic praise from the audience in the form of likes.

If you are new to Facebook and curious to know how to get likes on Facebook, here are some tips that will help you gain more and more likes:

Build An Engaging and Informative Business Page

There is no need to mention that you need a good Facebook business page with useful content to collect likes. There must be something on your page that deserve a thumbs up. Don’t post just for the sake of posting and getting likes.

The page you create must be able to tell about your business completely i.e. all the required sections must be filled completely. The ‘About’ section, profile picture, and the cover photo must be compelling enough to give the best visual impression of your page on Facebook. Pinning a post to the top is another way to attract the most number likes.

Post Significant Content

‘Like us on Facebook’ will not work alone as the audience needs something useful and appealing to get engaged, then you can expect them to give you likes. Keep creating posts that show the value, usefulness and reliability of your brand or product. Also, people love sharing content they find useful, so if you will post something great to share, it will automatically get shared by your followers or they may even like your page.

Here are some useful tips to gain more likes by the way of posting great content:

  1. Add some sort of visual content that catches more attention when compared to texts.
  2. A compelling headline is also sufficient to grab attention on your post, but make sure you are not using a clickbait as it will not help you for the long run.
  3. Even if you are promoting your business, still your content must not be over promotional. Make it entertaining, informative and not just full of sales pitches.
  4. Post content that helps people know your product better or listen to their inquiries and demands and post accordingly.
  5. Creating videos to promote your business is another great strategy to grab attention and collect likes.

Focus on Engaging the Audience

Engaging the right audience requires patience and time. Posting consistently implies that your followers are aware of what they are going to get from you and shows your utter dedication in serving them.

  1. Schedule your Facebook posts in advance so that you can stay planned and consistent.
  2. Research what time works best for your post and post at the same time every day to increase engagement and likes.
  3. Don’t leave your comments or queries unanswered if you want to attract more followers. Facebook is a place to socialize and without being sociable you cannot make your brand reach heights.

Conduct Facebook Contests

Hosting Facebook contests to gain a good number of likes, is a trend these days. You can create a contest related to your product, maybe some sort of ‘Discount Offer’ or ‘Giveaway’ will work too. Make sure the contest you are going to organise falls under the rules made by Facebook.

To enter the contest, you can keep the conditions like giving the post a like or comment or post on the page’s timeline.  Facebook has some hard and fast rules to host a contest and you must adhere to those to avoid facing adverse consequences.

Have A Facebook Marketing Strategy

A well-planned marketing strategy related to your business goals is all that you need to create an unswerving presence of your brand on Facebook. A marketing strategy will really enhance Facebook likes if made and followed properly. Here are the important steps while creating one:

  1. The first step is to build a realm of a genuine audience who will bring you regular engagement. On-off likes will not help and you need followers who are sincerely interested in your business.
  2. Keep a constant eye on the competitors to know what strategy or techniques they are using. You can research about which competitor is ahead of you and how much is the gap.
  3. Have a realistic goal that is measurable, only aiming for likes will not help. The goal you create must be a SMART one i.e. specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-oriented. This will let you analyse if you are able to achieve your goal.

Make Your Page Easy to Find

It is as simple as ‘people will not like your page if they will not find it’. You need to consistently work towards increasing the visibility of your page so that it gets a large number of viewers. To increase the page’s visibility, here are some tips:

  1. People remember easy names so keep your page name short and simple. Don’t make it look like spam by adding keywords.
  2. A username must be something that is consistent with your other social channels so that it becomes easy for someone who already follows you to reach you out on Facebook as well without much difficulty.
  3. You can add Facebook follow and Like buttons on your website to make it easy for the viewers to connect.

Participate with Other Brands and Communities

You cannot ignore your competitors when you are on a social platform. A better idea is to keep an eye on the relevant niche and indulge in conversations with them. A simple conversation can give you a chance to get their attention and maybe in future you will get opportunities to work together. You can even tag other brands in your posts but be sure of relevancy.

You can also be a part of Facebook groups where you can find people related to your niche. But wherever you go, make sure your participation is helpful and not only promotional.

Know the Facebook Algorithm

Getting familiar with the Facebook algorithm is required to increase your organic reach. The Facebook algorithm always prioritise quality content over anything and the game is to know what sort of quality content is being talked about. This is to ensure that people who use Facebook enjoy using it and don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of promotional content they see.

If your post will be authentic, informative and engaging, it will automatically help you in getting more Facebook likes.

You can also get benefitted through live videos as they are prioritised by the algorithm and are kept generally higher in News Feed.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ad is an effective way to fetch maximum focus to your brand. If you have something useful for the audience, Facebook ads will showcase that to them resulting in more likes. Facebook advertising involves the following two categories:

  1. You can boost a post to extend the audience for the same. This is a smart move to be taken for such posts that have been already liked by a large number of your followers.
  2. Another option is to run a campaign that is relevant to your business. This will also expand your post reach and increase the number of likes for the same.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights will give you an outline of your current followers, likes, posts that have got the highest engagement, and much more. This way you can analyze what strategy worked for you in getting the maximum likes and what needs to be altered. When you are aware of the mistakes you have made, it will be easier for you to correct them. That will give your followers more of what they like and they will definitely give a like in return.

Muskan Saini

Social Media and Tech Expert

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