How to Change Birthday on Facebook to Get a Wish on Real Day

| Updated on May 14, 2024 |
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Have you ever received a ton of birthday wishes from your Facebook pals on a day that is even not your real birthdate? Sadly, real-life birthdates are immutable, but surely you can change your FB birthday anytime. Well, this is not the only case, some of you might have placed a fake birthdate to fall under the eligibility criteria to join the platform.

That said, to update the real birthday to stay true to the platform, read ahead to undergo the process of how to change birthday on Facebook.

Can You Change Your Birthday on Facebook

The answer is Yes, and the method to change your birthday on Facebook is pretty straightforward. Many people use fake birthdates to match the age criteria of the platform, which says 13. However, creating an account with false information is a strong violation of norms and policies. To stop that, Meta is developing a robust AI feature to detect the actual date. 

With that in mind, remember that if you modify your date below 13, which results in younger, Facebook will instantly freeze or ban your account.

Facebook Birthday Rules You Must Know

Before indulging in the depths of changing the birthday on Facebook, there are a few policies or rules regarding birthdays you must remain aware of.

  • Facebook allows you to change your birthday once every two weeks. 
  • The platform allows you to change your birthday a total of three times overall. Once you exceed the limit, you will not be allowed to change Facebook birthdays anymore.
  • For more attempts, you can consider trying to contact Facebook customer support, but it also doesn’t claim any surety. 

So, before hoping to modify the birthdates, the decision should be made by keeping the limitations in mind.

How to Change the Birthday on Facebook Using the Mobile App 

The procedure for changing the Facebook birthday is not something you should be worried about. You simply need to follow some instructions that are mentioned below:


The Meta uses the same UI on Facebook for both iOS and Android Devices. So the steps for changing birthdays in FB will remain similar in both conditions.

  • Tap on the Menu to navigate to your profile.
    Tap on the menu
  • After that, tap on your username.
    Tap on your username
  • Head over to the Edit profile.
    Tap on Edit profile
  • Scroll down to Edit Your About Info.
    Select Edit Your About Infos
  • Continue scrolling until you see Basic info and tap on Edit.
    Tap on Edit
  • Below the Date of birth, you will see Edit in Accounts Centre, tap on it.
    Date of birth
  • You will be reloaded to a new page, over there modify your birthdate in the box.
    Modify your Birthdate and year
  • To update, tap on Save.  

The aforementioned steps will help you change your birthday successfully. Meanwhile, if you face Facebook not working, consider refreshing the site or using some other alternatives to resolve the glitch. 

How to Change the Birthday on Facebook Using a Web Browser 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for editing birthdays on Facebook using a Web Browser. 

  • Open Facebook on an authentic browser and log in to your account.
  • In the top right corner, click on your profile icon.
    Tap on your Profile iconsc
  • From the list of options, click on your username. 
    Click on your username
  • After that, navigate to About.
    Navigate to About
  • On the left, select Contact and basic info.
    Select Content and basic info
  • Under basic info, click on the Edit (pencil-like icon) beside your birthdate. 
    Click on the pencil like icons
  • For now, you will be reloaded to a new page.
  • Over there, click on Edit.
    Click on Edits
  • Modify your Birthdate, and hit Save
    Hit Save

That’s all to update your birthday on FB. This will help if you haven’t reached the limit. In case you face Facebook not responding issue, try some quick fixes to fix the glitch. Now move on to the next section to find a solution after you cross a limit. 

How do I Change my Birthday on Facebook After the Limit?

As mentioned, if you have made changes to your birthdate 3 times, for another attempt, you need to contact the support team to change it for you. 

Here’s how you can do that:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the Hamburger menu in the right bottom corner. 
  • Navigate to Help & Support.
  • After that, write down the problem.


The Facebook team may ask for government documents for the verification of birthdates.

After submitting the report, you should consider waiting for some time for the feedback. However, this process doesn’t give any sense of surety and may get rejected. In that case, hiding the birthdate is the only sensible option. 

Take a look at the process of hiding birthdays on FB: 

Log in>> Click on your Profile Picture>> Settings and Privacy>> Settings>> Accounts Center>> Personal details>> Date of Birth>> Who can see your birthday>> Change visibility on FB>> Tap on contact like icon>> Select your audience>> Save

Conclusion: Secure the Right Birthdates

To sum up, you just need to follow the above-mentioned steps to upgrade your birthday on Facebook. 

Furthermore, updating the correct information or birthdates on the platform is also crucial in circumstances where you strive to recover your profile. The support team asks for a government-issued ID, and if the date doesn’t match, you will sadly end up losing your beloved profile. 


Why I cannot change my birthday on Facebook?

You cannot change your birthday after you make 3 attempts. After that, you must request the support team to do that for you with a valid reason.

How many times you can edit your birthday on Facebook?

Facebook allows you to edit your birthday for 3 times overall. Moreover, you can edit your birthday once every two weeks.

How to edit your birthday on Facebook?

To change your birthday year, simply go to, Open Facebook>> Profile Name>> Edit Profile>> About>>Edit your About Info>> Basic Info>> Tap on Edit>> Modify the Date>> Save.

Can I remove my birthday from Facebook?

Facebook asks for a birthdate for personal and security reasons. You have the option to customize it anytime.

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