How to Create A Facebook Account in 2024 (All Steps)

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Facebook is one easy way to communicate with your friends, relatives or colleagues. It has so many useful features to offer and in order to use them, you need to have a Facebook account. To use Facebook you have to create a Facebook Account first.

Using a phone number to register yourself with Facebook is not a great idea. It is so because using a phone number to create a Facebook profile can put your personal information to risk. Others on Facebook will be able to obtain your phone number from your profile. Also, it will be easier to look for you on Facebook by just entering your phone number. So in order to protect yourself from privacy risk, a better thing will be to register yourself using an email address rather than a phone number.

Create A Facebook Account Using Email ID

Here are the steps that you need to apply to create a FB account without phone number:

  • In any browser, go to the official website of Facebook i.e.
  • On the sign-in page, click on ‘Create new account’.
Create New Account
  • Then you will see the Sign-up form that you have to fill in with your personal information. Enter the first name, surname, email address, date of birth, gender. Also, create a new password for your account and click on ‘Sign Up’ once you are done filling the information.
Fill all Details
  • The next step is to log in to your email address to get the verification code sent by Facebook. Look for the email you have received from Facebook to get the code. Now, you have two choices- either click on ‘Confirm Your Account’ or use the code for verification.  
Confirm your account with Gmail verification
  • Paste the code in the given space and press ‘Continue’.
Enter the Code
  • That’s all. Your Facebook account is ready. Now, you can add a profile picture so that your friends and relatives will recognize you.
add a profile picture

If you are not clear with the steps, here is a video to get a better idea of creating a Facebook account without a phone number.

Create A Facebook Account Using Phone Number

Now, if you specifically want to use your phone number to create an account, no worries, keep on reading to know how to create a Facebook account with a phone number.

  • Type in Google search box and click on the first link.
  • You will be directed towards Facebook’s sign-up page.
sign-up page
  • To create a Facebook account, enter the entire information you have been asked for on the sign-up page such as first name, surname, mobile number, date of birth, gender. Don’t forget to add a new password and press ‘Sign Up’ once you are done.
Fill all details
  • Now, you must have received a verification code on your mobile number via SMS. This has to be done to verify if it is the correct number that you have entered.
send verification code
  • Enter the code in the given space and press ‘Continue’.
enter verification code
  • You will see an ‘Account Confirmed’ dialog box showing that you have successfully confirmed your account with the given phone number, press ‘Ok’.
Account Confirmed
  • This is your Facebook profile created using your phone number as you see in the picture below.
Facebook profile
  • Clicking on the profile name will take you to Facebook’s timeline where you can edit your profile, add a cover photo, and profile picture.
edit your profile
  • Clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ will let you edit your info or customize your intro.
edit your about info
  • If you will click on ‘Edit your About Info’, you will be able to add all your personal details such as your workplace, high school, etc.
add all details

You can also watch the video provided below to know how to create a Facebook account using a phone number.

No matter if you want to use your phone number or not, creating a Facebook account is just a matter of a few steps.

You can visit the Facebook help center if you need further information about creating a Facebook account. 

How to Manage Your Facebook Profile?

Once you have your Facebook profile ready, you can start adorning it. No one would like to talk to a person without a profile picture or an empty bio. So make sure to fill up all the important details and make your profile interesting for others. However, to create an impression, never post anything that is not related to you or isn’t one of your accomplishments. Being genuine and honest is what will make you distinctive in this world where everyone is getting inclined towards forgery. 

  • Profile Picture- Post one of your selfies that you want to flaunt and this will also make it easier for your friends to recognize and reach you without a doubt. The plus point is, you can change them whenever you want.
  • What About a Cover Picture?- A striking cover picture that shows your current mood or thoughts is the best way to spice up your profile a bit. Self-obsessed? Not an issue, just post another picture of yours. 
  • Look for Friends- Look for the friends who asked you to create a FB profile and add them to your friend list. If they are not showing up in the search result, you can use their email address to directly reach the targeted person.
  • Keep it Private- Always have control over what you want to be open to the public and what has to keep private. Make sure to create the limitations in the beginning and not let anyone misuse your personal information. Social Media has to be played very carefully; you just can’t be an open book for anyone and everyone.

Several other options can enhance the look of your profile but talking about each one of them will easily eat up the entire day. So let’s just leave that for now and proceed towards other important things.

How to Create A Business Account on Facebook?

Facebook Business Manager or A Facebook Page- Which One to Opt For?

If you are involved in a business you can easily keep it separate from your personal Facebook profile by opting for Facebook Business Manager. It is a type of Facebook Business account that lets you manage multiple pages and ad accounts in one place. It is a free tool provided by Facebook to let businesses manage their company’s pages, ad accounts, pixels, and catalogs in one place without personally connected to your coworkers on Facebook. Isn’t that helpful? 

On the contrary, a Facebook page can be any fan page, a community of people with similar interests or you can even promote your business by creating a brand page. It will surely increase the reach of your online store and you will be able to attract more customers. Just like your FB profile, you can even configure your Facebook page by putting up a profile picture, cover picture, and other information regarding your business. Make sure to choose the right name for your business page and add as much information as you can about your page and products.

Also, remember you can create as many FB pages but only if they are created for something specific and not just a general item. You must have the authority to create and manage your page only then you create unlimited Facebook pages.

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