An Inclusive Guide to Recover Suspended Facebook Account

| Updated on October 31, 2023

With an increase in illegal activities and hacking attempts, Facebook has taken a step forward to tighten the security of its users so that they don’t have to face any sort of abuse or breach of privacy. Facebook has its help center in place where users can seek guidance of any sort related to Facebook. Facebook Help Centre has a huge collection of help articles that aim to help out users with every minor or major glitch they face with the social media giant. 

Over time there has been a visible increase in the suspension of Facebook accounts; the reason being suspicious and banned activities. If you are bearing the brunt of Facebook suspension and looking for guidance, I am here to help you.

But before I make you familiar with how to get a suspended Facebook account back, I want you to know what is all that you do knowingly or unknowingly that compels the FB team to suspend you. 


Suspended, Disabled or Temporarily Blocked

Facebook not only suspends your account, it can temporarily block or disable it as well. If you haven’t heard these terms before, let me give a brief overview so that you can be sure if your FB account has been suspended or it is something else.

Suspended Facebook Account

Facebook suspends your account whenever it notices something suspicious. Suspicious is a broad term and covers everything from hacking attempts, suspicions of harassment to misrepresenting someone. So you can never realize if it was you or someone else who got your account suspended. 

However, when you will try to access your account, you will be notified of the suspension as shown in the image below, and what recovery steps are available. Suspending accounts is a security precaution taken by Facebook so that no further damage can be caused to your account. 

Your account has been temporarily suspended

Temporarily Blocked

Often known as Facebook Jail, temporarily blocking means you are not allowed to perform certain actions such as posting, commenting, or liking photos or status on Facebook owing to your inappropriate behavior. You will receive a message from Facebook that will look similar to the one in the image below. You can easily remove the temporary lock of your Facebook account by following some simple steps.

You are temporarily blocked from posting

Disabled Account

If you have done a major violation of Facebook’s Community Standards, it can get your account disabled. Again, Facebook can disable your account for a short period or permanently depending on the severity of the violation. There are different forums available that can help you recover your disabled Facebook account. You can even get help from your FB friends for getting back your disabled FB account

Disabled Facebook account form1

Causes of Facebook Account Suspension

Facebook suspension is directed by the rules that you have violated whether major or minor. Some of the common causes for which you can face a suspended FB account have been listed below for reference:

  1. Using Fake Identity- Not using your real name
  2. Unidentified Location- Logging into your account from a new location
  3. Reported Account- If someone reported your account to Facebook
  4. Illegal Login Attempt- Suspicious login attempt to your account
  5. Posting Offensive Content- posting something odious or unlawful

There can be several other reasons for which you may face suspension by Facebook. 

How to Identify a Suspended Facebook Account?

It depends on the reasons for which your account has been suspended that you may or may not receive a notification from Facebook. However, you will soon realize that Facebook has suspended your account by making an unsuccessful login attempt. Also, you may be informed about the steps you have to take to undo suspension and why it happened.

For Instance, your account may get suspended for not using your real name. And you can simply recover it by updating your profile with your real first and last name.

Facebook Name Verification Process

If you don’t get success, try other workarounds explained further.

Recovery Methods for Suspended Facebook Account

Luckily, different ways are available using which you can recover your FB account after it has been suspended. You can file an appeal to Facebook about suspension and request them to grant the access. Here are the recovery methods that you can try:

Verify your Identity

This has to be done in both cases whether your account has been disabled or suspended. You may be required to enter your phone number, birth date and update your profile to confirm that you are the real account holder. Also, in some cases, photo identification is mandatory. For verification, you may be required to upload a photo of a government-issued ID so that Facebook can verify your real name and date of birth. The documents that you can upload for verification purposes include utility bills, medical records, library cards, and bank statements, or something official that has your name and birth date.

Change your name on Facebook

File an Appeal

Another way to deal with it is to file an appeal to Facebook that your account was mistakenly disabled or suspended

If you are wondering how to appeal a facebook suspension, you can go to the Facebook Help Center and fill the required form. Here are the links to the forms that you can use to file an appeal:


My personal account was disabled form


Facebook Disabled/Ineligible account form


Disabled Facebook account form

You can also visit the Facebook Help Page for more information about a disabled and suspended account.

Friend’s Photo Identification

Facebook also conducts a photo security check where you are shown certain images from your uploads and you will be asked to identify who is there in the pictures. If you identify all the images correctly, you will be easily able to access your account back. If you are unable to pass the photo security check on the first attempt, wait for a few hours before you go for another attempt.

Please confirm your identity on Facebook

Security Questions

Facebook also offers you the facility to create and answer security questions so that whenever you lose access to your account, you can easily get it back by giving accurate answers. 

Answer your Facebook security question

Trusted Contacts

If you don’t remember the correct answers to security questions, don’t worry you can ask your trusted contacts to help you out. But to use this option, you need to set trusted contacts for your Facebook account before you get locked out of it. To get back to your Facebook account, you can simply contact the trusted contacts and ask them to provide you the recovery code.

Answer your Facebook security question1

Preventive Measures to Avoid Suspension

To avoid getting into such a tragic situation like a suspension in the first place, you must adhere to Facebook’s rules and regulations; some of them are:

  • Use your real name and date of birth to create a Facebook account.
  • Create a Facebook page if you want to promote any brand or product.
  • Do not post illegal or offensive content anywhere on Facebook.
  • Don’t tag someone in your photos without their consent.
  • Children below 13years of age aren’t allowed to have a FB account.
  • Keep updating your Facebook password to keep it secure.
  • Keep your current phone number updated in your profile as it will help in an easy recovery.


What Happens If your FB Account IS Suspended

Facebook account gets suspended as a security measure when there is doubt of
suspicious activity due to which you will no longer be able to access your account till the
time you verify your identity.

How Do I Contact Facebook About a Suspended Account?

Ans: Although you will be given instructions by Facebook about recovering your suspended
account, in case you don’t, you can try sending an email to Facebook.

How Long is Facebook Suspension?

Facebook suspension can last for 1 to 90 days depending on the severity of the
violation. If you can prove your identity, you may get the access back to your account
within 24 hours. It is also possible that you may not receive any reply from Facebook
leading to a forever ban on your account.


Note: It can take over two weeks for your account to get reactivated. Waiting for that long won’t be easy if you want to access the conversations you had with your friends on Facebook. A possible solution here is using spy/tracking software like mSpy and keeping a backup of your Facebook data.

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