• Not Receiving Gmail’s Verification Codes? Here’s the Helping Guide

    | Updated on March 16, 2023

    If you are a frequent Gmail user, you must be aware of how annoying it is when you don’t receive verification codes from Gmail even after pressing the ‘Resend Code’ button. This is one of the common issues that has been reported by most Gmail users while logging in to their account or resetting their password.

    Gmail verification codes are required during different situations such as:

    1. When you have activated two-step verification and using a new or unrecognized device to log in to your Gmail account.
    2. When you want to recover your Gmail account by resetting the password:

    Case-1 If you are not receiving Gmail’s two-step verification code

    A two-step verification code is required when you have enabled this security feature for your Gmail account, and you are trying to log in to your account from a new device; as a security measure, it asks you to enter a code sent to your phone number by Google in addition to your password. For more information about Gmail’s Two-Step Verification, read this blog- Everything About Gmail’s Two-Step Verification.


    Here are the situations you might be facing:You activated two-step verification for your Gmail account using your existing phone number, and now you have changed your mobile device as well as your phone number. And now when you tried logging in to your Gmail account, it is asking for a verification code that has been sent to your phone number. But you are not able to provide them with a code, as the phone number that you used for two-step verification no longer exists. 
    The other scenario is when you have access to your phone number, but you are not receiving any code from Gmail while logging into your account on a new device. 

    Possible Solutions to Try to Fix Issues with Gmail’s Two-Step Verification Code

    Depending on your circumstances, you get several options from Gmail to recover your account, as follows:

    1. Sign in From a Trusted Device

    A two-step verification code is required when you log in to your Gmail account on a new/recognized device that you have never used before. 

    Also, if you have checked the box next to “Don’t ask again on this computer” on a device, you will be allowed to sign in from that device without a second verification step. 

    So, if you are not receiving a Google verification code through text, if possible, use a device that Google recognizes, and you won’t be required to enter any code (only password will work). Once you manage to get into your account, don’t forget to turn off the two-step verification to save yourself from getting into this trouble again.

    2. Get a New Phone

    If you have only lost your phone and still have your number, you can ask your carrier to transfer your phone number to a new phone or SIM card. This way, you can receive the verification code on your phone number from Google to get back to your Gmail account.

    3. Use Backup Options

    If you have lost your primary phone number and are not able to enter the two-step verification code, here are some options available to you depending on the information you have provided to Google:

    • If you have another device or phone on which you are already signed in to your Gmail account, you can use that to turn off two-step verification and then log into your account on the new device. 
    • If you have added another phone number in the two-step verification section of your Gmail account, you can use that for verification.
    • If you have previously saved backup codes, you can sign in using that instead of Google’s 2-step verification code. If you have lost your phone number or you are not getting verification code texts from Google via text, voice call, or Google Authenticator, you can use backup codes to sign in. For more information about backup codes, visit this link- https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1187538
    • You can also use a security key for two-step verification, for more information, read this- https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6103523

    4. Gmail Not Sending Verification Code

    I researched other reasons why there is a delay in receiving verification code or why users are not receiving any code from Gmail at all, here’s what I found out from the official sources:-

    • Make sure you have a working internet connection if you are trying to get your codes.
    • If you are expecting a text message with a verification code on your phone, make sure your mobile device and your service plan support text message delivery. Also, delivery speed can vary due to location and service provider.
    • If Google notices any change in the way you sign in, your location, you might not receive a verification code in that case.
    • Sometimes you can also receive a Google prompt instead of text message verification codes. In the case of a Google prompt, you have to tap a notification on your phone to confirm that it is you who is trying to sign in; in that situation, you will not be required to enter any code. You can receive Google prompts on any Android phone where you are signed in to your Gmail account.

    5. Try Again Later

    You can always try later if you are not receiving any codes from Google, even after doing everything correctly. As sometimes Gmail is facing outage and the servers are down, hence you are not receiving any verification code texts on your Android or iPhone device.

    If you are trying to recover your Gmail account with two-step verification being turned on, you can read this blog- Recover Gmail with Two-Step Verification

    Note- If you have received a lot of verification codes, only the latest one is going to work.

    Case-2 If you are not receiving Gmail’s verification code to reset password

    If you are trying to reset the password of your Gmail account and are not receiving the code, this could be another scenario. When you click on ‘Forgot Password’, you are basically given the following options to reset the password depending on the information you have provided to Gmail while setting up your account:

    • To enter the code sent to you via text or call on your phone number.
    • To enter the code sent to you on your alternative email address.
    • Answer the security question you have created while creating your Gmail account for the first time.
    • Receive a Google Prompt that requires you to tap a key that you receive on your mobile device.

    You can use any of these to recover your Gmail account in case you are not receiving codes to verify yourself.

    Possible Solutions to Try to Fix Issues with Gmail’s Password Reset Code

    1. Check your Mobile Network or Internet

    The first thing you need to ensure is that you are receiving good signal strength if you are expecting a verification code on your alternate email address via email. 

    In case you have opted to receive verification via text or call on your mobile, check if your mobile device is receiving the required network strength to receive calls and text messages.

    2. Use Other Options

    If you are not receiving a code on your mobile number via text or call, you can select the option ‘Try another way’ and then select your email address to complete the verification or vice-versa. Similarly, if you have added a security question to your Gmail account, answer that and reset your password instead of waiting for the recovery codes.

    3. Check if Gmail is Down

    You might not be receiving the codes from Gmail if the servers are down. Check if Gmail is facing any outage as that could be one reason you are not receiving any verification code from Google neither on your phone nor on your email address. If your internet is working fine and you have provided the correct information, it means Gmail is facing some issues. If that is the case, you can wait for some time and then try again later.

    Similarly, if you are not getting codes from Gmail on any other occasions as well, you can try following all the tips provided in this guide. Hopefully, all these tips will help you in fixing the issues due to which you are not receiving any verification codes from Gmail.

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