Microsoft Easy Assist- Get Help and Support using this feature of Windows Live Meeting

| Updated on March 1, 2024

With the help of Microsoft Easy Assist, a Microsoft support professional remotely connects to your computer and help you resolve a problem. By connecting to a secure connection, the support professional is able to view your desktop and then execute diagnostics and troubleshooting steps.

Microsoft Easy Assist is a very useful feature of Windows Live Meeting. By using this utility, the Help desk organizations can fix issues directly on their user’s systems. 

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It offers a considerable rise in features in comparison to traditional remote support solutions such as Windows Remote Assistance or Remote Desktop Connection. Microsoft Easy Assist lets you have an improved customer support experience and provides the support organizations the ability to provide effective and fruitful aid.

To use Microsoft Easy Assist, firstly, you will be required to contact a support person and get a session ID. After you have got the session ID, go to the Easy Assist webpage. 

Microsoft Easy Assist offers a number of remote support features as listed below:

  • It lets support executives automatically restart their customer’s systems and reconnect to the Easy Assist session.
  • This allows chat support in between sessions with customers, and private chat with other Support Specialists.
  • It has easy to use interface for Support Professionals as well as customers.
  • This allows full desktop sharing between Support Specialists and the customers.
  • It enables file transfer support during the session. File transfer includes antivirus protection through Microsoft Forefront technology.
  • You get to share a single application as well.
  • It allows session reporting and summary e-mail generation.
  • It has the ability to record the visual portion of the session using Live Meeting 2007 High Fidelity Format for later review.
  • The support executives can assist customers even in Windows Safe Mode, using the Easy Assist Safe Mode.

For further assistance and support, you can visit the ‘Microsoft Easy Assist Help’ and ‘How-to’ webpage.

For end-users who need support, they may have to download the Microsoft Easy Assist support console for joining an Easy Assist session and also the Microsoft Easy Assist Safe Mode Client for troubleshooting within Windows Safe Mode. 

The support professionals will need to download the Easy Assist Launchpad to set up Easy Assist sessions and the Microsoft Easy Assist support to be a part of an Easy Assist session. Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool and Microsoft Product Support Reporting Tool are two other tools to get help for issues related to Windows and other Microsoft products.

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