How to Solve AT&T Email Account Not Working on iPhone?

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Have you recently configured your AT&T email account on your iPhone and soon after that, encountered any or all the following problems related to ‘AT&T email not working on iPhone’ error—

If yes then, don’t worry! For such a common scenario that is noticeable every now and then, we’ve got your well-covered with this another comprehensive guide. After reading the same today, you’ll get to know about all the possible workaround that are worthy enough to troubleshoot the issue of ‘AT&T Email Not Working on iPhone.’ 

And, once you’ll be able to troubleshoot this issue, your AT&T Mail server will start responding to let you access your AT&T email account for exchanging emails. So, have all your attention here and try overcoming the issue with this troubleshooting guide:

Solution 1: Remove and Re-add AT&T Email on iPhone

Firstly, let’s admit that configuring an AT&T email account involves a lengthy process. Thus, you never know whether the reason behind ‘ATT Email not working on iPhone’ is that you’ve skipped a step or performed some steps wrongly. However, no matter what the reason is, you can resolve this particular issue by removing and re-adding your AT&T email account on iPhone. 

  • To remove: Go to your iPhone’s ‘Settings.’ Then, navigate to the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ section. From it, first, tap on your ‘AT&T email account’ and then, tap on the ‘Delete’ option. This way, you can remove your AT&T account from your iPhone device.
  • To Re-add: Now, for re-adding, you adhere to the right guidelines that we’ve shared in our previous blog for proper configuration of an AT&T email account on iPhone.

Solution 2: Check AT&T Email Server Settings

In case, you can’t add your ATT email to iPhone even after adhering to the guidelines then, it may be because of the possibility that you’ve entered some wrong server settings that goes unnoticeable. Therefore, to add your AT&T account properly on your iPhone and to ensure its proper functioning, you should cross-check the configuration settings that you’ve entered with the following below-given correct settings—

Incoming (IMAP) Server Settings of AT&T Mail Service for iPhone

Incoming (IMAP) Server
Incoming (IMAP) Port993
Insecure port143
Incoming (IMAP) SecuritySSL / TLS 
AT&T (IMAP) UsernameEnter your AT&T account’s full email address i.e., ending either with ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’
AT&T (IMAP) PasswordEnter your AT&T email account’s password

Incoming (POP3) Server Settings of AT&T Mail Service for iPhone

Incoming (POP3) Server
Incoming (POP3)Secure Port995
Incoming (POP3) Insecure port110
Incoming (POP3) SecuritySSL / TLS 
AT&T (POP3) UsernameEnter your AT&T account’s full email address i.e., ending either with ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’
AT&T (POP3) PasswordEnter your AT&T email account’s password

Outgoing Server Settings of AT&T Mail Service for iPhone

Outgoing (SMTP) Server Name for IMAP
Outgoing (SMTP) Server Name for POP3
Outgoing (SMTP) SecuritySSL/TLS for port 465 and STARTTLS for port 587
AT&T (SMTP) UsernameEnter your AT&T account’s full email address i.e., ending either with ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’
AT&T (SMTP) PasswordEnter your AT&T email account’s password

So, after matching the ‘Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings of AT&T Mail service for iPhone’ if required, do the needful changes via: ‘Settings > Mail Menu > Accounts > AT&T Email Account > Account Information > Change Settings.’

Doing so, will help you resolve the encountered issue of ‘AT&T not working on iPhone.’ However, if the issue still remains the same then, it may be of because of various other possible reasons such as the followings—

Slow, Bad or No Network Connection: Your iPhone may not be connected with a strong and stable internet connection.Incorrect Password or Username: You’re attempting login to your AT&T email account with entering incorrect or misspelled username and password combinations.
iPhone Not Updated: You’re using an older version of your iPhone device to access AT&T email account.Forgotten Password or Compromised AT&T Account: You may have forgotten the correct password of your AT&T email account or someone has hacked it and changed the password.
Interference or Blockade from Third-Party Apps: Any available third-party security app on your iPhone may be interfering or blocking your AT&T email account from functioning smoothly.Down Server of AT&T Email Service: The server of your AT&T email may be down in your area and this leads to AT&T mail server not responding on your iPhone.
Running short of Storage Space: There may be no space left for AT&T emails on your iPhone.Faulty AT&T Email Account Settings: They may be redirecting your AT&T emails to another folder or location.

Thus, having all these aforementioned reasons into consideration, we’ve further discussed their specific solutions for helping you in completely troubleshooting the given ‘AT&T email not working on iPhone’ issue—

Update your iOS System:  You can update your iPhone system via ‘Settings > General > Software Update > Download and Install.’ Doing so will update your iPhone with its latest version. However, in case the system of your iOS device malfunctioned, repair all your system’s errors through this advanced tool ‘iMyFone Fix Ppo, right before updating your device.Check AT&T Email Server: To know whether there’s an actual server outage of your AT&T Email service or not, you canvisit the website ‘Outage report’ from your Safari browser. If required, you can contact the local administrator for fixing the same.
Connect with a Strong and Stable Network Connection: If you find anyconnectivity related problem with your iPhone device then, consider ‘Rebooting’ it or turning on and off the ‘Airplane Mode’ for simply connecting again your iPhone with a strong network. Along with that, make sure to enable cellular network data-access for your AT&T Mail via ‘Settings > Cellular > Mail > Turn Slider to Green.’Be Careful while Entering Login Credentials: You should type the password and username of your AT&T email account slowly and steadily. Along with that, make sure to use the ‘CAPS LOCK’ key carefully as per the requirement of your account’s password.
Disable Third-Party Security Apps: As all the third-party apps have the tendency to interfere or block the email service from working or from sending and receiving emails; you can disable the same if there’s any available on your iPhone.Reset Your AT&T Email Account Password: In both the cases (forgotten password and compromised account) you can get access to your AT&T email account again simply by replacing its old password with a new one. For that, you have to—First, visit the ‘AT&T Login Page.’ Then, select the ‘Forgot Password’ link. After that, follow the on-screen instructions to reset your AT&T email account’s password.
Free-Up Some Space for AT&T Emails: In case of running short of space, remove the unwanted cache of your iPhone via ‘Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Mail App > Offload App.’ So, this way, by clearing these apps cache’s you can clear up some space in your iPhone.Check AT&T Email Account Settings: Using iPhone, if you’re not able to send or receive AT&T emails then, do not just wonder why my ATT won’t send emails from my iPhone and how do I get my AT&T email on my iPhone! Instead:
  • You can try checking out for faulty spam filters. If there’s any, remove the same immediately to ensure that your incoming emails are being delivered to the correct folder.

  • You can also check your AT&T account’s blacklist to make sure the email addresses of the senders from whom you’re expecting emails are not added to the same list.

  • Last but not least, you can even check your AT&T account’s email forwarding settings to disable the same, if it’s enabled by chance!
This way, you can definitely start the AT&T email exchange process with ease.

That’s all! With this above-discussed troubleshooting guide, you’ll surely be able to resolve the encountered issue of the ‘AT&T Email Account Not Working on iPhone’ issue. 

[Note: Based on the nature of the encountered ‘AT&T Email account not working on iPhone’ issue, you have to apply the given solutions accordingly. For instance: Some only require to re-configure their account to deal with ‘not working’ issue, the other few who’s unable to access their account needs to reset their password, and the rest who’s not able to send or receive AT&T email on iPhone, have to check the account’s settings.]

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