A Detailed Apple AirTag Review 2023

| Updated on February 13, 2024

Do you mostly forget where you leave your car keys? Well, if you are an iPhone user, Apple has got a surprise called AirTag for you, and that’s a complete sigh of relief definitely. It’s simply a delightful small tracker that can help you get your lost stuff back. You need a supporting key chain and spend extra bucks on buying a loop that holds it for your essential things like key and luggage. Other than making your iPhone cooler with the best iPhone hacks and tricks, you must also invest in this smart ultra band tracker for your misplaced possession. 

Well, there are pretty similar inventions in the market, for example, Samsung’s Smart Tag, but this Apple key finder has got pleasing reviews and is one of the pleasant smart tracking devices by Apple to find precious things. In this article, we will have a closer look at the performance of Apple’s AirTag, and grab detail from its strength to its weakness. Without any further ado, let’s begin the discussion. 

Why Is AirTag Essential? Which iPhone User is Compatible to Use It?

The last time I rummaged through my home drawers and sheets, I wondered about having a smart tracking device that could help me save a lot more time by easily helping me track my Apple Macbook Air. Perhaps Apple knew about this, and they ended up creating the AitTag for tracking the exact location of misplaced possessions. 

A 1.26-inch diameter and 0.31-inch thick round tracker that is capable of keeping you intact with your essential things. For example, if you are finding your keys in the classroom and are unable to remember where you kept them, an AirTag containing a keychain can help you find the location. So, through your FindMy application, you can easily get the directions to it, or you can play the sound to get notified of your key’s place. 

The interesting part is that AirTag is extremely easy to install. Once you unbox it and bring it closer to your iPhone, through smart detection, your smartphone will ask you to register it with your ID and save it on your FindMy application with familiar names like key chains, luggage, etc.

Apple AirTag

Essentially the AirTag can be easily paired with iPhones(iPhone model 11 and above) or iPads. AirTag is a smart discovery that participates in keeping your essential things secure by giving location itself. It’s a blessing for iPhone users because the next time they forget their things like keys or bags, they do not need to vex their nerves; instead, they just need to ask the FindMy application for it.

Various Reasons to Buy AirTag: A Forever Key Companion

There are a plethora of reasons that make AirTag a need for all iPhone users, as major people suffer from short memories and succumb to finding their important stuff.



Rating: ★★★★

Apple’s AirTag is 1.26 inches in diameter, with white plastic material on the top and stainless steel metal bottom. This ultra-wideband is a little thicker than expected and can be a little hard to keep on wallets, although AirTag doesn’t carry much weight, so it is highly convenient to be carried wherever along. They can be an excellent companion if kept in a keychain holder and help in tracking easily when needed.



Rating: ★★★★★

This smart ultra-wideband has got a CR2032 battery which lasts for one year and is easily replaceable. When you pushin’ the stainless metal disc of AirTag and twist it, the back gets removed, and you can see the 3V CR2032 easily with a gaze.



Rating: ★★★★

AirTag tracking device can notify you of the exact direction or location of your essential item under 50 feet. Most importantly, any iPhone user can get notified of your AirTag once they come near it, but they cannot change the owner settings, which are held by you through your Apple ID. 

If you have even misplaced your AirTag and are unable to track its location with any possible means, you can easily change its status in FindMy application as lost with your contact details. 

Interestingly, an Android user can also get the contact details of a lost AirTag, which they find by tapping it on their smartphone’s back surface. This will notify Android users of the contact information of the AirTag owner, and you will be lucky to get it back. 


security feature of AirTag

Rating: ★★★★

Well, another security feature of AirTag is that it notifies you if your AirTag is being followed by any mischievous iPhone user for a longer time. You may be carrying AirTag in your bag with another iPhone user(your acquaintance), in this case, it won’t alert you of being followed. The interesting part is, once you connect AirTag with your Apple ID, its settings cannot be changed by anyone who gets it. 



Rating: ★★★★★

You can easily get AirTag on Amazon, Walmart, and BestBuy at prices near $29, which is quite pocket-friendly. This smart tracking device with up to 60-feet effective radar is a friendly companion for people who easily forget the right location of their essential things. The only disturbing element is the assisting keychain which is essentially required to carry the AirTag with your keys or bag, costing you another $10-$15. 

Reason Not to Buy An Apple AirTag

There are many reasons why Apple’s AirTag feels limited in its functioning, which questions its reliability. Some of those reasons are in-lined below.

  • AirTag is limited to iPhone users only and specifically with iPhone 11 models and above. This completely restricts its availability to other smartphone users.
  • These smart devices can detect upto 45 feet distance for your personal iPhone connection. Though it has infinite range as long as there is an iPhone nearby. 
  • This smart-headband tracker can lead you to security issues, as while getting connected, the person gets your contact details. 
  • The size is a little thicker than expected. It is hard to keep it on smart wallets, which have space issues.
  • You actually have to buy a keychain or holding band for this Apple AirTag, or else it doesn’t hold its true purpose of finding your essentials. This keychain will surely cost your wallet more easily. 

After knowing various reasons for not considering an Apple AirTag an essential tracking item, let’s move to the pros and cons table, which provides brief functioning factors.

Pros and Cons of AirTag

The table below gives a brief on the positive and negative factors of Apple’s tracking device AirTag.

  • One-year battery life. Easily replaceable too.
  • Accurate direction guide.
  • Easily traceable by other iPhones, too. 
  • Convenient to be carried due to lightweight
  • Restricted to Android
  • Security issues can be found by any iPhone user.
  • Have got a thick design
  • Essential to buy a keychain or strap holder for it
  • Easily get marks on its surface, loss unattractive.

Apple AirTag: Price and Availability

Apple AirTag’s current price in the market is $29, and as mentioned, you need to buy carrying keychains, key fobs, or loops to attach them to your keys, luggage, or essential items. Grab various pocket-friendly deals through online festivals and sale weeks. For example, Amazon throws various offers on New Year’s occasions. 

You can easily find them on several online retail shops like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. Also, the keychains might cost you more than $10, while the leather-quality keychain price is extended up to $40. If you want to buy more than a pair, a pack of 4 AirTag is available too at only $90 price. 

Similar Products: Competitors of AirTag

There are several other products in the market that function similarly to AirTag. Some of them have been listed below.

  • Samsung has their SmartTag and SmartTag+ for their smartphone and tab user, which does the tracking of users’ essentials.
  • Tile AirTag is one of the most affordable tracking devices for Android in the market, with fabulous connectivity and build quality. They are considered to have the best directional powers in comparison to any other tracker present in the market. 
  • Jiobit is another small tracker which is widely used for tracking kids, elders, and pets specifically.

Our Verdict: Is AirTag a Worthy Apple Tracking Accessory?

AirTag is a reliable tracking gadget that can help you find your misplaced possessions in no time. Its design is excellent but doesn’t have a hole for a lanyard or keyring. The battery life of one year, with excellent tracking capabilities with up to 50 feet of range, makes it a desirable Apple tracking gadget. Most importantly, it can be easily found if lost because it notifies its presence with any iPhone device around.

$29 for a useful ultra-wideband is a worthy deal for iPhone users, while you can also choose to buy a pack of four AirTag for only $99. It is not a painful deal for pockets. One of the remarkable things is that AirTag has got security feature that notifies the owner if some other iPhone user is continuously following their device, but that too is restricted.

This smart Bluetooth tracker is worthwhile for an iPhone user but not for Androids. 

Customer Reviews 

“Should I buy Airtag?” If this is a continuously popping question in your mind, try reading the customer reviews below, which will give authentic reviews through users’ experience.

  • “Great product to track your keys, wallet or remote control and many other things!!” ~ CarlosM
  • “I bought Apple Air Tags to replace my Tiles. With the Air Tags, I can opt to find things (nearby) silently by having an arrow on the Find My application point to them. So far, I have one Air Tag attached to my keys, another tucked inside my wallet, a third in the car, and a fourth one to my pill organizer. I wish these were small enough and lightweight enough to attach to smaller things.” ~ DrBarb
  • “First of all, the setup process was extremely easy and straightforward. I was able to connect it to my iPhone within seconds, and the user interface was very intuitive. The AirTag is also very small and easy to attach to my keys, bag, or other belongings.” ~ MrBill
  • “Heard about these in the news but for people using them for nefarious reasons. Recently our cat escaped from our house. Luckily we found him. We didn’t know that there were pet collars that held the AirTag very secure. We feel a lot better about letting our cat out in the backyard, knowing we can track him through the app. AirTag gives us the right to the minute info. Recommend to anyone that owns a pet.” ~ Mookiet6
  • “ I’ve never had so much fun losing things in my life! Thanks to the Apple AirTag, I can now play an exciting game of “Where in the world is my stuff?” with all my belongings. And with the ultra-precise location tracking, it’s like my lost items never even had a chance to hide.” ~ Ryan Oaks

Hopefully, the customer reviews will be effective in deciding on Apple’s AirTag as an essential accessory.

Closing Thoughts

Apple bite-sized tracker, AirTag is found to be an essential accessory for iPhone users who have major placing issues. With security programming, it does the tracking easily with directions through the FindMy application and can be easily found by Android users, too, if lost. You get an audible beep if it’s around or effective directions to reach it through the FindMy application. It’s worth an investment for iPhone users but not for Android smartphone users. 


What is the use of Air Tag?

AirTag is useful for tracking the location of essentials like keys, luggage, bags, etc.

Is Air Tag a GPS tracker?

AirTag does help in tracking the location of misplaced possessions but doesn’t have other GPS tracking features like geo-fencing alerts and scheduled location updates.

How far can an AirTag Track?

Air Tag can be tracked infinitely until it is under the range of an iPhone’s FindMy connection.

Do I need an AirTag?

It’s worth an investment if you frequently forget where you keep your essentials.


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