Unbeatable Apple Macbook Air M2 13-inch 2022 Laptop Review 2024

| Updated on February 13, 2024
Apple Macbook Air M2 13-inch

Apple has started constructing laptops with all nicer upgrades in various features, from display to battery backup, in a pocket-friendly way. The Macbook’s cost is quite similar to iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 Pro Max price. One of the Apple gaming laptops making noise across the market is the Apple Macbook Air M2 13-inch, considered a perfect fit for students’ assignment/presentation needs and gaming desires too. 

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The M2 chip has upgraded by 40% to the M1chip and ensures revolutionary performance through decent graphic processing, running multiple applications, video editions, or multiple tasks at multiple tabs. The performance won’t get halted at Macbook Air M2 2022 version. The odd point is the same display as the older Macbook M1 2020 model, lower refreshing rate, and much more. 

Do you want to get a Macbook Air M2 as your next college buddy? Well, it is quite a good option in an affordable price range of $1299. Though it doesn’t have enough gaming laptop features, it can be considered for various productivity tasks like web browsing and much more. In this article, a presentation on Macbook Air M2 has been provided, which contains a spec table, a pros and cons chart, benchmarks features, Macbook competing features, and customer reviews. Without any further ado, first, let’s get a glimpse at the specification table.

Specifications of Apple Macbook Air 13 Inch 2022

Before we slip into the features discussion, a close look at the specification table will help determine the capabilities that Macbook Air 13 M2 2022 carries with itself.

Model Macbook Air M2
Display 13.6 inches, 2560 x 1664 pixels
ChipM2 Chip: 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU
Memory8GB RAM
Storage256GB Solid State Drive
Charging Power35W Dual USB-C
Weight 2.7 pounds
ColorsMidnight, Starlight, Space Gray, Silver

After having a look at the table above, a performance review of the Apple Macbook Air 2022 is essentially required. 

Benchmarks Performance: Design, Display, Battery Backup, GPU, and Much More

The presence of the M2 chip in the Macbook Air 2022 model at almost the same price as the Macbook Pro 13-inch(M1, 2020) is a great deal, as the introduction of the M2 chip brought huge changes in the core performance of the Macbook Air M2 2022. 

Display and Design

Apple Macbook Air M2 design & display

There is no difference in the design as it is completely identical to the Macbook Air M1 2020, although it is still admired for its premium 13-inch design and sturdy look. With flatter chassis and thinner bezels, users get swift performance and a combination of both old and modern looks. 

The most relaxing part is the absence of fans and vents, removing the dust accumulation stress and caring for issues. Users get many color options like Midnight, Starlight, Space Gray, and Silver to choose from.

Talking of the brightness level, Macbook Air M2 2022 get enough brightness in a both outdoors and darker environment. The glossy finish brings the least mirror-like reflections and tends to hold a perfect reflection holding strength. 


The premium design upholds a sturdy look and a strong-built quality. With a scratch-resistant finish, users can easily unlock the screen quickly with the help of fingerprints. The design also consists of a 1080p web camera, assisting in video calls of high quality. The Aluminum chassis is of outstanding quality too. At last, the built quality is trustable and can assure assistance for lifelong, until Macbook Air Pro M2 reaches the market, to gain the attention of the public.

M2 Chip Performance

M2 Chip Performance

As shared earlier, the M2 chip is 40% enhanced than the old M1 chip. The introduction of M1 Pro and M1 Max chips earlier in the Apple M1 models still casts an unmatchable presence. Its M2 Chip has an 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU, dedicated towards ideal processing. 

Whether it’s multi-tasking through several applications or working on extensive files, M2 gives a high-end performance. The disappointing feature is the refresh rate of 60Hz, which is not a favorable speed for having a breathtaking gaming experience or watching fast-moving objects.

Therefore, Macbook Pro Air M2 is a great success after the introduction of M2 chip processing, excellent in holding intensive graphic processing and simple web browsing, and video editing stuff with multiple tabs in use.

Battery Backup

Apple Macbook Air M2 battery backup

Having a battery backup of 15 hours straight sounds unbelievable, but not impossible, Apple Macbook Air does this task easily. The battery capacity of 53Wh is less power churning and, with a full charge, can give decent performance throughout the day of light. 

The battery life for heavy tasks like video editing or gaming may hugely vary; the user must keep the charger connected in those situations. Meanwhile, after testing Mackbook Pro M2 2022 for web browsing and video playback, the battery life lasted from 7 to 10 hours, respectively. 

With the M2 chip for processing, the battery life has simultaneously improved to the earlier previous models like Apple Macbook Pro A2338 M1.

Storage Backup and Speed

Apple Macbook Pro M2 2022 has ample storage with 256GB of SSD. The sequential read speed of 1,091.6 MB/s results in highly productive performance. The unified memory speed of 24GB is comparatively higher than the M1 chips containing 16GB RAM. The slower speed is noticed during the extensive hours when SSD storage starts to get offloaded. 


Apple Macbook Air M2 key board

The keyboard of Apple Macbook Pro M2 2022 is quite spacious with a storm-built, where keys are stable, smooth, and won’t require any force. The keyboard is less-noisy and users can manage the backlight brightness, which is auto-balanced by the Macbook according to the ambient lighting. 

Its touchpad is built of Glass material, which gives a smooth tracking experience. The touchpad accepts all movements and gestures plus accepts force touch movements. There is no button on the touchpad. 

Webcam and Speakers

Apple Macbook Air M2 webcam or speaker

In comparison to the older models of Apple Macbook Air 13, both the webcam and speaker features have developed. The speaker’s bass and treble quality are strong, resulting in awesome sound quality.  

The webcam is located in the top center of the Macbook, with enhanced 1080p resolution resulting in a crisp image. The outstanding image quality with apt colors and exposure plus the microphone sound quality is also sound and clear.

Pros and Cons Chart

In order to decide the real performance of Apple Macbook Pro M2 2022, it is essential to have a look at the pros and cons chart illustrating a short brief on the strength and weaknesses of the laptop. 

  • Premium built and sturdy design
  • 15.3 hours of battery life
  • Bright and sharp display
  • Ample 256GB SSD
  • Lightweight laptop with 1.4 Kg
  • 720p Facetime web camera
  • Best fickle-free backlight removes eye strains
  • It contains only USB-C port.
  • Refresh rate of 60Hz is very low

Customer Review on Performance of Macbook Pro Air M2 2022

Authentic reviews can help get personal views of customers on Macbook Pro Air M2 2022.

  • “It has great performance, the battery life is incredible, and it gets tons of compliments from all of my tech friends. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a laptop. The lower RAM option is fine for almost anyone.” ~ Owen Harvey
  • “After being able to use this laptop for a couple of months, I’ve decided that given the current state of technology within my home, my future personal computers will most likely be all Apple, as long as I continue to use iPhones, AppleTVs and Apple Accessories (such as AirPods). The current form of the MacOS allows easy use of printers/scanners and any other computer peripheral you may need.” ~ Vinnie B
  • “I went from a 2015 Macbook Pro to this base model to take advantage of the Black Friday sale. I wanted the Magsafe charger and newer chip and love this midnight color (it does show fingerprints, but it doesn’t bother me). Everything transferred over very easily. This laptop makes my old one feel like a brick.” ~ Rayleigh
  • “Great laptop for school. It’s thin and light and looks amazing. It does catch fingerprints pretty easily, though also if you’re buying, you should definitely get a carrying case so you don’t scratch it in your bag.” ~ Alfredo

Customer reviews are always helpful while reviewing any technical product, as they help in providing credible on-ground performance.

Get Assist Verdict: Should You Buy It?

Yes! Definitely, you should buy the Macbook Pro powered with M2 chip processing, with the best sturdy design and premium built. The storage backup of 8GB and 256GB is more than sufficient and is capable of extensive processing tasks. Ironically, its price is quite close to the old model Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch M1, so if buyers are speculating the later model price is less expensive, it’s not true. 

Each and every feature from the smooth touchpad, great spacious keyboard, 1080p webcam, outstanding speaker treble, and bass quality, leads to praise-worthy performance for any heavy task from attending team meets to playing extensive games. All the above qualities under the price of $1400 are budget-friendly.

Closing Thoughts

The article reviewed Apple Macbook Air M2 2022 through various means like a specification, pros, and cons chart, customer reviews, and much more. We brought facts, benchmarks, comparisons, and similarities of this model with previous Macbook launches and shared what evolution has come in the specie of Apple Macbook Air M2 2022. 


What is the price difference between Apple Macbook Air M2 and Macbook M2 2021?

The price of Apple Macbook Air M2 and MI 2021 only differs by $200. Macbook Air M2 costs around $1299 whereas the MI is up to $999.

What depth and width does Apple Macbook Air M2 have?

The Macbook Air m2 has a depth of 8.2 inches and a width of 12.2 inches.

What else comes in the box of Apple Mac Air M2 2022?

Along with the laptop a 30W power adapter, USB-C to MagSafe charging cord, documentation, and 2 stickers.

Do we have to buy the charger separately for Apple Mac Air M2?

If you get an 8-core GPU model, a 35W dual USB-C or a 67W comes with an additional cost, whereas with a 10-core GPU model, a 65W power adapter comes with no additional charges.

What is the pixel density of the Apple Macbook Air?

Pixel density is the demonstration of pixels per inch in the display, more pixels per inch ensures great display quality. Apple Macbook Air has 225PPi.

Is the Apple Macbook Air laptop a highly preferable model for video editing?

It has full sRGB and DCI P3 coverage resulting in an outstanding color gamut. The presence of Adobe RGB coverage is not enough for photographs/video editing.


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