5 Best iPhone Hacks & Tips

| Updated on March 1, 2024

The iPhone is not a new gadget, but iOS still has its hidden powers, which makes it even more fun to use. Besides being incredibly user-friendly, iOS is also capable of making your phone perform better than ever. These hacks and tips will allow you to customize your phone to your liking. From taking cooler pictures to extending your screen time, you will find them all in this article. Follow these tips to get the most out of your new iPhone.

Siri has new features. Now, you can talk to your phone and ask Siri to play music. If you’re a Twitter user, you can check what people you follow are saying. To do this, you’ll need to link your contact names to your Twitter account. In addition, you can make Apple Maps appear in night mode, which changes the colors of your surroundings as the sun goes down. This feature is available for iPhone models from the 5s and up. You can also change the emoji sizes on your iPhone.

Back Tap is an iPhone trick. Using it on your phone, you can perform a variety of functions. To enable this function, go to Settings > Accessibility> Touch. You’ll be able to activate Siri and various accessibility options. This can also be useful for setting shortcuts. You can also hide private photos. The more you know about these tricks, the more you’ll love your iPhone. The more tricks you can discover, the more likely you’ll be able to use your phone as a game controller.

Having fun with your iPhone can be a very rewarding experience. It can make your life easier by making it easier to handle. Whether you’re a power user or a basic user, you’ll have fun learning how to use the various iPhone features and hacks. You can even unlock your phone’s screen by pressing the Apple icon on the back of the device. It’s not easy to figure out all the hidden features of your new phone, so you’ll need to learn some tricks. You can also search for information on how to track someone’s iPhone without them knowing if you want to learn more hacks.

Shake Your iPhone to undo actions. There are several ways to undo actions. The most common ones include swiping left with three fingers to erase text. You can also make a note of the time you spent typing on the iPhone. Lastly, the iPhone’s keyboard can be used to read your text. You can also edit the word while you’re typing. It’s an excellent way to keep track of all your notes.

Adding the Medical ID feature to your iPhone is a great way to avoid being deported from your phone. In iOS, a user can enable the Medical ID option by setting up their device with an Apple ID. Besides the Medical ID hack, a newer hack will allow you to enable the camera. This can be helpful when your iPhone is not responding to you. If you’ve accidentally deleted an app, you can simply wipe the memory to reset it.

Besides using iOS keyboard shortcuts to simplify tasks, you can also use the shake to undo your typing. This feature is similar to the Ctrl+Z function on a computer but is unique in iOS. You can enable it in Settings – Accessibility & Touch – and turn it on to prevent unwanted unintentional actions. When you are typing, make sure you hold down the arrow keys and tap the shake to undo.

In iOS 8, there’s an added feature called the Grayscale mode. This mode allows you to use your phone without a screen while you’re in a dark room. If you’re not familiar with the greyscale mode, click the “Automation” section and it will unlock your iPhone. While iOS has been designed for those with visual impairments, it is still possible to use this hack. When it comes to protecting your iPhone, you can do it with the help of a few handy tips.

Reachability is a great solution for iPhone users who use one hand to operate their phone. It shifts the top half of the screen down. You can activate this function by swiping down from the bottom or double-tapping the Home button. It’s also helpful if you accidentally lose your iPhone because it will remind you to read text messages. In this way, you’ll always know what to do if you ever misplace it.

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