iPad Air 1 Review: An Old But Wise Masterpiece On My Bucket List

| Updated on February 13, 2024
iPad Air 1 WiFi Cellular

Since tablets hit the market for students, I was looking for a tech companion that was slim and smart at the same time. iPad has been on my bucket list since it got launched; with its balanced, sturdy look, I was excited to learn about its features, including storage and processing back then, which fit perfectly into my tablet specifications needs.

With time, the market has got much more powerful tablets that target a much more efficient performance aura. My choice has gotten elevated since then, but iPad Air 1 has always been a trusting buddy because of its trustable Apple software or its slaying design/look. If you are thinking about whether you should buy an iPad or Laptop, read our review to get some clarity. 

In this article, I will be sharing reviews on iPad Air 1 through personal experience and some facts borrowed from other helpful articles. Let’s find out if iPad Air 1 can still be an appropriate choice in 2023.


  • Lightweight 1 pound
  • Near to perfect configuration: 6.6:9.4:0.29 inches(Width: Height: Depth)
  • Decent design and construct
  • Feels like a plastic screen
  • Slow processing with time

The specification table below has got detail from the display change to the operating system. 

Screen Size 9.7 inches
Storage Size and Memory1 GB RAM16, 32, 64, or 128 GB of storage
Processor1.4 GHz dual-core Apple A7 processor
Battery TypeLithium Polymer 32.4 watt-hour
Battery Life9-10 hours
Pre-installed OSiOS 7.0.3
Maximum OSCurrent iOS
Camera5 megapixels
Average Weight1.05 lbs
Display Resolution2048×1536

Next, is the amazing features around the processing and functioning of iPad Air 1 WiFi Cellular, which makes it still a great user companion. 

Interesting Features of iPad Air 1 WiFi Cellular

It was not just the glistening aura of Apple that I chose the iPad Air 1 but some really comfortable features in it that sincerely work to give users an unprecedented experience.

Users desire tablets to get a large display, and with this comes the inevitable need for better storage, a powerful processor, a lightweight to be carried, a long battery life, and much more. Let’s find out if iPad Air 1 WiFi Cellular fills all the demands of users.


iPad Air 1 has got a fantastic display, and its 9.7-inch LED-backlit “retina” is testimony to that fact. Yes, you get an eye-pleasing 264 ppi pixel-rated screen that bestows perfectly fit pixels within a native resolution of 2048×1536; the prior reason for choosing iPad Air 1 has to be its display. This is a gadget convenient for using photos, videos, music, documents, and much more. 


This tablet is going to be your long-hour companion whether you are surfing the internet or slogging hours on your college’s important assignment. You get a Lithium Polymer supported battery that is easily capable of helping your continuous 10 hours of either listening to music or watching online videos with a Wifi connection. Isn’t this interesting? 

iPad Air 1 is also capable of holding your same videos, music, and document needs with up to 9 hours of battery support if you are using mobile data.

Speaker & Camera

Users must not expect the iPad Air camera quality as it has got only 5 megapixels of image quality. The speakers are of decent quality but not something to boast much about. Even any iPad volume issue can be fixed easily. 


I felt some issues with only 1GB RAM, which is utilized by applications to run on the system, whereas the ROM is much more flexible with various extendable options from 16 GB to 128 GB. Good storage helped me face the least impediments in my assignments or entertainment. 


iPad Air is powered by a dual-core Apple A7 processor, which runs the operating system iOS 7.0.3 version smoothly. The installed OS can be easily updated to the present iOS therefore, you can easily cherish the latest trends in iOS apps too. Disappointingly I couldn’t find any physical upgradability in the tablet, the tight fittings and complex nature might be the prior reason for it. 

Disadvantages of iPad Air 1

After learning the various positive points of the display, battery life, and processing speed of iPad Air 1 WiFi cellular, you might be wondering if this gadget has any negatives.

Well, yes, the short points below illustrate some of the cons of the functioning and construction of iPad Air 1. 

  • This tablet has got a plastic structure that is quite unattractive. With the $299 price, users don’t look for such a quality or look.
  • With time, it has been noticed that the processing power of iPad Air 1 cellular decreased exponentially. This causes huge issues in managing multiple applications at the same time.
  • With the common features and just a big display, the price of $299 seems a lot more expensive and user-friendly. 

Ratings of iPad Air 1 WiFi Cellular Features

iPad Air 1 WiFi is a perfect beginner’s choice, and the below rating is testimony to this fact.


The average ratings in the table above indicate clearly that iPad Air 1 is a perfect fit for beginners. This tablet has got significantly better performance and can be a trusted companion assisting for long hours. 

Price and Availability

The MSRP of iPad Air 1 WiFi cellular is $299, while it is currently available at handsome offers on websites like eBay; Apple iPad Air 1st 32GB WiFi is only $119.85. This tablet is currently unavailable at retail websites like Amazon and Flipkart. At BestBuy, this tablet has a $169.99 price, but the whole stock is sold out. 


Shipping Details in The U.S

As per the information on various retailing websites like Amazon and Flipkart, stock of iPad Air 1 is completely closed. Only some websites like eBay are currently providing the audience with this gadget in great offers. For shipping in the U.S., buyers need to provide a basic ID, receiving address, phone number, and email ID. Also, various payment options are currently available for Visa to MasterCard. The product surely will take a minimum of 2 days to book it. 

Customer Reviews

Personal experience of users with the iPad Air 1 has been provided below through authentic reviews.

  • “This iPad is the best tablet for students. Students don’t really need the Pro model to do daily tasks like note-taking, reading, playing games, sketching, and media consumption. This iPad can do all these tasks without any hick-up because of its powerful A12 bionic processor.” ~ Prem. K
  • “If you are a med student, just go for it. It has a larger display than the basic iPad and a laminated display, which is best for reading books; also good for media consumption. With the a12 bionic chip, it’s Smooth. You will have a pro-like experience. If you are willing to take notes, you have to buy an apple pencil. The camera is the only downside, but having a good camera phone requires a camera on iPad anyway. Overall I’m just loving it.” Bivas Roy
  • “As with any other Apple product, it has good build quality and structural rigidity. I can’t forget to mention that Apple has been so kind to me by replacing the iPad when I had accidentally broken the front glass. So cheers to Apple for not only making good products but also matching the service to delight consumers. That said, memory is too little for a media consumption device like an iPad, so people who wish to go for an iPad should go ideally for a 64 GB version to make the most of it.” ~ Jilumudi 
  • “This tablet is an excellent gadget with decent features, from its wide display to a decent processor. The storage is capable of holding extensive games easily. Nevertheless, users get an excellent battery backup of up to 10 hours too. This seems like a real companion for students and professional enthusiasts.” ~ Ray

Closing Thoughts

Are you thinking of giving the iPad Air 1 a try? Well, if yes, then run to the retail stores that still have their stores. The article came with a true review of the functioning of iPad Air 1 and rated the features on the basis of the same. Hopefully, you will be able to find it useful.


Does iPad Air 1 still work?

Yes, iPad Air I is supported till iOS 12 with the latest update on 12.5. 7.

How old is the iPad Air?

iPad Air’s first launch was launched on January 27, 2012.

Is the iPad Air very expensive?

iPad Air’s price starts at $599, which is very expensive compared to the regular iPad cost.

Which iPad is best for studying?

Currently, iPad Air 5(2022) and iPad mini 6 are some of the best iPad for studying.

What is the RAM range of the iPad Ai .

The RAM range of the iPad Air is IGB.


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