Quick Fixes to Yahoo Mail Delivery Error Code-554

| Updated on March 4, 2024

Just like other email services available on the internet, Yahoo Mail is also not free from issues. There are certain error codes that you can face while working with Yahoo and one such prominent error code is delivery error 554. 

Most of the time, Yahoo mail error code 554 occurs when the server takes the email as spam. Also, if the recipient address doesn’t exist, you will receive the error message as 

“Error: 554 Message not allowed”

Another message that you can see on the see while facing this error is

“Error: 554 5.7.9: Message not accepted for policy reasons”

Some other similar error messages that you might face are

554 delivery error: dd not a valid recipient

550 5.0.350 remote server returned an error

554 message not accepted due to failed rfc compliance

554 delivery error: dd requested mail action aborted

554 6.6.0 error sending message for delivery outlook

554 message not allowed – (ph01) email not accepted for policy reasons

These errors could be the reason you are unable to send emails on Yahoo. Both the errors have almost the same causes and have been discussed in this guide and on reading further, you will also get to know about the solutions to fix the same. 

What Causes Yahoo Mail Error 554?

Whenever there is an error, there is something responsible for it. Also, to fix the error, it is important to find out the root cause and try to fix that first. So if you are facing Yahoo error 554, first, have a look at the possible causes:

  1. If you have been sending spam emails from your Yahoo account.
  2. If the time set on your system is incorrect
  3. Yahoo mail error code 554 can also appear when you send an email to an invalid recipient.
  4. If you have sent any sort of offensive or illegal, the error code 554 may appear on the screen.
  5. When Yahoo fails to identify that the email was sent by a legitimate sender.
  6. If your email failed an ‘authentication check’ done by Yahoo to verify emails.
  7. Yahoo doesn’t accept messages and shows it as undelivered due to failed RFC compliance.

Once you are aware of all the possible causes of Yahoo mail error 554, go through the solutions that can help you overcome them.

Solutions to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 554

After you are familiar with the causes, let’s know how to fix the 554 delivery error code. Follow all the solutions provided below one by one and check what helps you to resolve the error code on your Yahoo account:

  1. Make sure the email address of the recipient that you have entered is valid and completely correct.
  2. Also, ensure that you are not violating Yahoo’s Terms of Service as not following the policies can stop you from sending emails.
  3. Review your email content and check if it contains something illegal or offensive.
  4. The email content must not contain JavaScript, embedded objects, or HTML forms.
  5. Try changing your email client ‘send as’ settings to use Yahoo SMTP servers.
  6. You can also visit Yahoo Help Page to get more help regarding this error. 

This is how you can try to fix the error code 554 and after it gets fixed, try to send an email from your Yahoo account to make sure the error has been resolved.

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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