Troubleshooting Yahoo Mail Temporary Error Code 14

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Yahoo mail is undoubtedly one of the top email service providers because of its efficiency and the ease it offers in sending and receiving emails. Not only it works great as an email service but you can also use it as a search engine. Keeping the positives aside, you may also face some errors while you are working with Yahoo. In this article, we will discuss one such error that is commonly faced by Yahoo users i.e. error code 14, why do you face it, and how to get rid of it.

What is Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14?

Yahoo mail error 14 mainly arises whenever the email account stops responding or is totally unresponsive. There can be times when the email account doesn’t respond to your commands and you see the error code 14 on your screen. This issue can arise on any of the devices that you have such as a tablet, phone when there is an issue with the server.

How to Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 14?

Yahoo error 14 is a temporary issue and can be resolved easily if you apply the right troubleshooting steps. Follow the directions provided here to fix the error 14 with Yahoo:

  1. First of all, if you are logged in, log out of your Yahoo account. Also, if you are logged into several devices, make sure to log out from all of them.
  2. Once you are logged out, next, you need to make sure that you are meeting all the requirements of Yahoo and are using a compatible browser for getting access to your account. 
  3. Also, remove the junk of your browser; clear all the caches and cookies stored by it, and also clear the browser history.
  4. Once done with that, close the browser and open it again.
  5. Go to the Yahoo homepage and try to sign in again using the correct username and password.
  6. Now check if you are facing the temporary error 14 or not.

Additional Troubleshooting

If the above steps didn’t work for you and you are still getting the error 14 with Yahoo; here is what you can try:

  1. This can also happen due to a virus or malware attack; so you can try doing an antivirus scan and once you have run the scan, look for the issues, and try resolving it.
  2. Also, upgrade your operating system if you haven’t updated it for some time.
  3. Ensure that the browser you are using is up-to-date.
  4. Make sure the software of your device is of the latest version.
  5. Try modifying the settings of your Yahoo account and see if it helps.

That’s how you can try to fix the error code 14 with Yahoo and get back to its normal functioning.

Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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