How to Delete Photos From iCloud: Cracking iCloud Photo Uploads

| Updated on May 16, 2024 |
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Got too many pics in the cloud? Time to clean up! 

If you’re wondering how to delete photos from iCloud, we’ll tell you the easy ways to declutter your digital space. Whether you need more room for better privacy, or just feel like tidying up.

From logging in to iCloud to trimming down those unwanted pics, we’ll be explaining everything in this guide. Before coming straight to the point, let’s see whether deleting photos from iCloud is possible or not.

Can You Delete Photos from iCloud?

Deleting photos from iCloud is possible and involves managing your cloud storage. Here’s a quick list of how the cloud process works: 

  • Photos get uploaded to the cloud.
  • Seamless synchronization takes place with cross-device access.
  • iCloud serves as a backup for the photos and reduces the risk of data loss.
  • The cloud storage provides a secure and remote location for the images.
  • iCloud allows users to share photos and albums with others and facilitates easy collaboration.

So, this is somewhat close to the overall functioning of iCloud, with photos keeping synchronization and sharing access altogether. With all that in mind, now let’s take a look at the steps on how to remove photos from iCloud 

How to Delete Photos from iCloud

One of the primary ways to delete photos from iCloud is to draw out the photos directly from the gallery with syncing enabled. But remember, this will permanently remove the photos from the storage and the device itself. 

Here are the steps for how to delete iCloud photos:

  • Open the Photos app.
    Open the Photos App
  • Now go to the section or album from where you want to delete the photo.
    Choose the section
  • Select the photo you want to remove.
    Select the Photo
  • Then tap on the Trash/Bin icon from the bottom right. 
    Tap on the Trash or Bin icon
  • To confirm, tap on Delete.
    Tap on Delete

Not to forget, it will delete the photos from the device. So, you should prefer saving the important photos somewhere else, like Google Drive, to keep them safe. 

Steps to Disable iCloud Photo Syncing from iPhone 

Now you may ask if I delete photos from iCloud would they still be on my iPhone? Yes, it can be possible if you disable iCloud photo syncing on your iPhone. This is useful because, when you try to do the process with the sync on, you may lose the original copies from the device. 

Here’s How you can turn off iCloud photo syncing:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and navigate to the Photos App.
    Navigate to Photos App
  • Toggle off for iCloud Photos.
    Toggle off for iCloud Photos
  • Next up in the confirmation box, you will see two options, choose Remove from iPhone in case you want to remove the replicas from your device and want to keep the original one stored on iCloud storage. Next, if you want to retrieve original photos on your device, tap on Download Photos and Videos
    Tap on Download Photos & Videos

Quick Tip: It is suggested to Select Download Photos and Videos to keep your data saved under any circumstances on your device. 

  • Repeat the same process for any other device synced with the same Apple ID

How to Delete Photos From iCloud Storage Only, not iPhone

You may wish to free your space from iCloud Storage, as you get 5 GB only for free. For more, you need to purchase it for some amount. 

So, after disabling iCloud photo syncing from your iPhone, you need to follow the instructions mentioned below to know how to permanently delete photos from iCloud. 

  • Sign in to your Apple ID.
    Sign in to your Account
  • Navigate to Photos.
    Navigate to Photos
  • Choose the Album from where you want to delete.
    Choose the Album
  • Select the photo by clicking on it.
    Select the Photos
  • In the right corner, click on the Trash/bin icon.
    Click on the Trash or Bin icon

Quick Tip: Besides this, you can also press the Delete key directly from your keypad to delete the photo.

  • Then click on the Delete to confirm.
    Click on Delete

Now, the photo you selected will be removed from the storage. In addition, you can also delete multiple photos at one time by selecting all in one go. 


Always remember that you can select up to 1000 photos at a time.

Meanwhile, if you face iCloud is not working error, don’t panic, consider using some alternatives to fix this technical glitch. 

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iCloud?

Generally, the decision to delete photos from iCloud — the safe locker, has to be a big one. Fortunately, all the deleted images will be stored in the Recently Deleted folder for a timeframe of 30 days. So, it is worth noting that all the deleted photos will vanish permanently after 1 month without a chance to recover. 

Here’s how to recover them:

  • Visit and sign in your Apple ID.
  • Click on Photos.
  • Select Recently Deleted from the left side.
  • Next, select the photos you want to recover. 
  • Navigate to Recover in the right upper corner. 

That’s all! Now you can locate your photos on iCloud storage in their original place. 

Aside from this, some third-party apps claim to recover your deleted data, consider using them at your own risk. As they can be a serious threat to your privacy.

What Happens When You Delete Photos from iCloud

Deleting photos or any important data from iCloud storage should be an informed decision, as by tapping the delete icon, it is gone forever. The only possibility to find this is that you might have saved them on any external drive or Google Photos long ago. 

So next time you think of freeing up space in your iCloud storage, think twice and give a quick check to the folders so that you don’t end up losing anything essential and precious. 

Bottom Line: Claim your Free Space 

Now that you know how to delete photos in iCloud, you can reclaim your 5 GB of storage by keeping your data safe on your device. Upgrading the storage completely depends on the individual’s requirements and convenience. 

In addition, after doing all this, never forget to enable iCloud syncing with your iPhone to keep your data synced in both places automatically.


How to permanently delete photos from iCloud?

To delete photos from iCloud, simply open on your PC>> Login with your Apple ID>> Photos>> Select photos>> Trash/Bin icon>> Delete.

Does deleting photos from an iPhone delete from iCloud?

You may lose the photos from your iPhone also if the syncing to iCloud from your device is enabled.

How to delete all photos from iCloud at once?

To delete all the photos from iCloud at once, you should select all the photos at once. Remember, you will not be able to delete more than 1000 photos at once.

Why can’t I delete photos from my iCloud?

If iCloud does not allow you to delete the photos, the sync must be on from your device.

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