Should I Buy an iPad or a Laptop?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The answer does not depend on someone’s experience or viewpoint; it entirely depends upon your needs and preferences. As both iPad and laptops have several pros and cons, they compete at different points and try to win over each other.

While working on heavy software, professionals for high performance prefer buying laptops over other devices, while those who need a device only for small tasks go for iPads. But in terms of battery, the latter beats the former. So, if you know what you need, choosing between iPad and laptop is no more difficult choice for you.

Which one is better, iPad or a Laptop

Choosing which one is better between iPad and laptop needs a good battle between specs. Let’s start this to make your decision easier and best from the technical point of view.


The First thing you have to notice is the size of both the devices, as both are different. iPads are small and lightweight; that’s why they are compact and portable. Its weight is about 2 to 3 lbs; that makes the iPad ideal for people who travel a lot.

The laptop is bigger and heavyweight because of its physical and high-end performance components. It is powerful due to its exterior material and internal component, which increases its size up to 5lbs. So, for efficient working, you need a high-performing laptop, Which you can’t find in a small-sized laptop.


When it comes to design, the iPad has a touch screen system that is good for those who want to surf the internet or watch videos on the device, but it is a little bit difficult for those who want to type a lot.

It has an onscreen keyboard, but it is not as helpful as a full-sized laptop keyboard. People who have typing tasks can attach a Bluetooth keyboard, but they have to pay extra charges; it is difficult to take it with you on travel.

So, those people should use a laptop because it has the facility of an excellent keyboard to work with ease. Furthermore, its backlit feature helps you to work in even dim lights.


The iPad has a smaller functioning capacity and smaller storage space. On the iPad, you can get a storage capacity between 16 to 128GB. In comparison, laptops have larger storage space due to integrated hard drives. Some come with 256GB, while high-performing laptops have 500GB to 1TB; you can also upgrade your laptop’s storage capacity.

However, both iPad and laptops offer alternative features for extra space. They provide other facilities such as USB and MicroSD cards.


Due to its higher capacity, better multitasking, and proper functioning, a laptop like the google pixelbook 12 is more demanding in the performance area. You can use it to perform big tasks like HD graphics and multi-app usage.

But iPads are better at performing basic tasks. You can use it for web browsing, music and movie streaming, and social media. Although laptops and iPad have the same window software, that software’s functionality depends upon capacity. As the iPad has less capacity, it runs slower on iPads, but it performs better on laptops.

As iPad and laptop both run the IOS app, several features are unavailable on the iPad due to the lower capacity.


Laptops and iPads have different battery designs. iPads have an internal lithium-ion rechargeable battery paired with lower power requirements that provide maximum efficiency. You can use them for up to 8 to 10 hours.

Laptops have a bigger battery capacity so that you can work more on a laptop, but their battery life doesn’t last long. It works for 4 to 5 hours till it needs recharging.


When it comes to cost, both the iPad and laptop overlap. But you can find cheaper iPads and expensive laptops also in the market. Cost may vary. You can buy iPads in the range of $100, and sometimes it extends to $1000 also.

People with less budget have various options to purchase a laptop ranging from $300 to $400, but if you want to buy an expensive one, it extends up to $3000.

Pros And Cons of iPads


●   Elegant design

●   It is lightweight and has a good battery life; that is why it is pocket-friendly.

●   iPads can be cheaper, but not all.

●   Touch screen

●   It performs the primary functions of both laptops and smartphones.

●   Closed system designs prevent malware attacks.


●   It does not allow multitasking

●   Small storage capacity

●   Complex tasks make its processing slow.

●   Not preferable for graphics

●   Due to lack of keyboard, not preferable for typing work,

●   Not best for high-end gaming

Pros And Cons of Laptops


●   Desktop experience

●   Multi-tasker

●   Efficiently performing while running high capacity and high-speed software like Photoshop

●   Large screen size

●   Keyboard

●   Large storage capacity up to 1 TB

●   Best for performing high duty gaming

●   Best for djing

●   Connect to TVs due to HDMI ports


●   Larger in size, heavyweight, not suitable while traveling

●   Some have a touch screen

●   Short battery life of 4 to 5 hours


Every product has its pros and cons. You can choose both iPads and laptops according to your personal preferences. There are many qualities in iPads, yet my personal preference is a laptop.

I picked a laptop in this race because of its sound design, better storage space, multitasking performance, and bigger battery capacity. In these points, the laptop has taken the lead over iPads.

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