Latest Trends in iOS App Development

| Updated on February 14, 2024

Mobile app development itself has been a growing trend in recent months to years. Each of us already uses native android app development services quite naturally on a daily basis to pay in stores, airline tickets, edit photos, automate routine activities in the company, for education, find transport connections, and many, many more.

Therefore, app developers are constantly coming up with new features and increasingly incorporating artificial intelligence or augmented reality into their work. The use of the cloud has also become a very common part of mobile apps and therefore of our lives.

Within iOS, the use of virtual assistants (Siri), voice control of apps, synchronization of various electronics, and chatbots are increasing. lets see how to Start from scratch creating Games without prior Experience.

Website Development

Weelorum is a firm that develops custom websites and web applications for the market. Are you one of those who don’t want to have your company presentation according to freely available templates? 

We at Weelorum provide native Android app development services and will design a website or mobile app that is original and with an idea. In these days of fierce competition, the little things matter much more than ever before. To succeed, you need to be seen. 

Need an e-shop? Do you require customer management and billing (CRM) applications? Weelorum can also help with SEO optimization.

Mobile App Development

  • Weelorum has been developing mobile applications for Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone), and Google Android for eight years.  
  • Weelorum can develop an iPhone, iPad, and Android application tailored to your needs with the insertion of our know-how. 
  • Weelorum advises you on what is good, what makes sense, and what has potential. 
  • People at Weelorum have experience and have master the technology. 
  • Weelorum ensures the worldwide availability and distribution of your app, including revenue transfers from paid apps. 

IT Services

Weelorum provides comprehensive web hosting services:

  • Host your presentation or administrative applications on our secure servers and reduce your web hosting costs.
  • Take care of your server operation and provide personal IT consulting services.
  • Advise you on the selection of hardware and software or on its use, installation, or management.
  • Perform a security audit of your IT systems.
  • Provide customized Facebook application and game development services.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Mobile App for iOS?

As it happens, the more features an app has, the more expensive it is. The cost of developing an iOS app can range from USD 8000 to several million. In this case, however, what we’re talking about are real specialties in the style of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, or processing complex data, for example, in the form of a robust social network.

An advanced application that handles all the basic functionalities and more to your liking usually cost around USD 22000 to one million.

However, you must not forget that as the amount of functionality in a given application increases, the time to implement it also increases in direct proportion.

Weelorum – Application Development Specialists

Our developers at Weelorum review not only iOS but also Android and other types of operating and information systems. In addition, Weelorum automates routine processes and works with artificial intelligence or virtual reality.

We typically start working on a project within the first month, after agreeing on the terms of cooperation, and test mobile apps on real devices.

Experienced Team

Our in-house team consists of dozens of experienced developers, designers, and testers. Thanks to their daily interaction, Weelorim produces the best ideas on the market.

Quality Above All

Even the smaller projects at Weelorum are subjected to UX testing, constant checking through code reviews, unit testing, and user testing by our QA team. Weelorum works together with the client. With our nine years of experience, the right processes have already been set up at Weelorum. 

What Else Does Weelorum Has Up its Sleeve:

  • Extensive experience in multi-platform development and international projects, so you can save money with us and boldly expand abroad at any time.
  • The clear, modern, and beautiful design of our apps will ensure that users will love coming back to you.
  • Full service from analysis, UX design, and development to deploying and app management, including tips and advice on how best to set up marketing strategies.

What You as Investors are Often Interested in

What makes us special is our relationship with our developers. Weelorum’s work culture is based on the needs of the clients and investments. 

Chances are that you’ll also have the same query, so below, we have mentioned some questions that our investors often ask us.  

How long does it take to develop a mobile app?

It depends on your brief and requirements, up to two months for the smallest and simplest apps, and sometimes up to a month. For larger ones, around three to four months, and in the case of a very large app, more than six months.

Can I change my requirements during development?

Yes. Developing an iOS app takes time, and it progresses gradually, and it is possible to intervene in the process. If you submit a suggestion for a change before implementing that part of the app, there is no need to redo anything, and we will make the change. Otherwise, we consider the modification to be paid extra work because we are interfering with an already completed whole.

What is part of development?

The development of an application starts with analysis but does not end with the launch of the project. An app needs work even after it is finished, and we keep on working and maintaining your app after fully developing it.

Can I look at the current version of the app during development?

Yes. Weelorum has a collaborative work system, and our clients are welcome to drop in and see our team working on their app.

Is it possible for the app to support multiple languages?

Yes. Multilingualism is given for global projects and should be for startups that have ambitions to grow and expand abroad.

How are the quality and security of the app ensured?

By regularly checking licenses, code quality, and the database of already discovered bugs to prevent them from being exploited. Other important checks are performed manually by experienced developers.

Can I use my mobile app as I want?

Yes. The standard framework agreement gives you an unlimited license, including the option to assign property rights. So you can do whatever you want with the app – feel free to resell it.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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