YouberUp Review: Our Experience with the Revolutionary App

| Updated on February 13, 2024

With the ever-increasing reputation and popularity of social media sites, every individual and business wants to create hype for themselves on such platforms. Your online success is directly proportional to the number of likes, subscribers, or followers you have on social media handles. Even, sites like YouTube offer the provision of monetization if your video hits a certain number in terms of views, likes, and subscribers. 

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But it is not easy to attract eyes to your videos without any help. Therefore, an app like YouberUp is the need of the hour for those who want to earn the status of an influencer in the realm of social media and make money on YouTube.

What is YouberUp?

YouberUp Site User Interface

YouberUp is a video-sharing platform where YouTubers from every corner of the world gather to find new videos. They like and subscribe to the video or channel that interests them. This way, the said app helps YouTubers gain an unlimited number of free YouTube subscribers from real accounts and utilize it as a great source of marketing for YouTube business promotion.

Attractive Features of YouberUp

Various amazing characteristics of YouberUp that make it an amazing choice are as follows:

  • Freely Accessible

After signing up to the platform, you will see the free service menu where you will witness two services including gaining YouTube views and YouTube subscribers. This will make your profile more prominent.

Everyone on this platform is benefiting; the users who watch, like videos, and subscribe to channels earn coins that can be used to grab free YouTube views, and likes, and subscribe to their channel. This way, every user of the app is gaining profit by helping others.

  • Mobile Compatibility

Talking about the use and interface, we can say it is quite an intuitive app. Moreover, there is no complexity associated with the sign-up process of the app. The app is available on Play Store for all Android users, once installed all you need is to create a user account. However, no iOS-compatible app is available now. 

  • The YouberUp Blog Section

Here, you get a proper section of blogs that provides the necessary tips and hacks on using YouberUp and YouTube. The articles are reliable and helpful if you are new to the platform.

  • Security

YouberUp is completely secure to use. There is no security risk included as the likes views and subscribers are added gradually to your account. It has an end-to-end encryption technique to protect all the information that you share while creating the account.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

The customer support team of the platform is accessible 24/7 to get assistance for any query or concern.

  • Reliability

The software helps you get real subscribers with no bots to improve YouTube video rankings. Bots can reduce your credibility on YouTube, especially when the site manager doesn’t want illegitimate subscribers and likes. As we know, attaining genuine and high-quality views is not a cakewalk, but YouberUp makes it easy for its users.

YouberUp is a great supplement to YouTube with all its cool and reliable characteristics. But these are not enough to get a true review of a platform. There are several other attributes as well that are to be considered. They are discussed further. 

Technical Attributes of YouberUp

Various technical attributes of YouberUp are given here that you should consider before using it:

Product NameYouberUp
AuthorOrange View
File Size4.1Mb
Download URL 
Device Requirements Android 5.0 and Above

Further, let’s review the interface of the platform that stands out from others.

Graphic Interface of YouberUp

The tool has a very simple and intuitive graphic interface, which makes it an easy choice for new users. The UI is divided into several tabs that have specific functionalities like getting credits, getting new subscribers and views, checking your marketing campaigns, etc. Each tab has large buttons to make the navigation easier. 

The installation process of the software is also very simple. You just have to visit the Play Store and install the YouberUp app, just like any other app. Once it is done, you can continue with your login credentials or create an account, if you have not yet. After a few minutes, the software will transfer 1000 coins to your YouberUp account as a welcome gift that you can use to get likes, views, and subscribers for your quality YouTube videos and channel.

How to Grow Your Channel via YouberUp?

Pricing Plans on YouberUp

The welcome coins provided on the platform can be used to buy new subscribers and likes on your YouTube channels. For this, you can visit the Pricing Plan section of the app by selecting the heart icon, where you will find numerous plans with different costs and benefits. You have to select the suitable plan and then enter the URL of your video or channel. Once it is done, the coins will be debited from your account and the Sponsorship campaign will start immediately. You can go through the progress of this campaign in the Task List tab and monitor your YouTube performance.

How to Get Credits on YouberUp?

Again, the process of getting credit is quite easy. You can obtain this when you like or watch YouTube videos of others and/or subscribe to their channels who have previously activated the sponsorship campaign on YouberUp. On the homepage, you will see a dollar symbol, click on it to visit the Earn Coins tab from where you can choose what you want to see, like, or subscribe. As soon as you complete this, the reward coins will be credited to your account.

Major Highlights of YouberUp

Finally, here is a glance at some major highlights of YouberUp that you should know in order to get a true picture of the platform:

  1. Get a massive number of Free YouTube subscribers, views, and likes
  2. 100% genuine subscribers from real accounts
  3. Fast and reliable service. The effects are made within 24 hours.
  4. Complete security from any virus.
  5. There is no scope for any risk or leak.
  6. The support team is available around the clock.

Final Verdict

We tried this app for quite a few days and felt no difficulty at any point in time. The only thing that concerned us was its unavailability for iOS users, but after consulting with the support team, we got to know the app will be soon available on the App Store. 

For those users who want to buck up their channel with genuine and real subscribers and views and maximize the YouTube reach of their videos, YouberUp is a sought-after option. With this revolutionary app, you can attain the popularity and success of your YouTube channel in no matter of time and make your dreams come true.

L. Dias William


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