Does Your Business Need YouTube Promotion?

| Updated on March 26, 2024

The main reason why businesses avoid YouTube as a promotion channel is a fear of wasting time, effort, and money. And in general, it is unclear what format will shoot, the result is not obvious, the work will take a lot of time, and there is no certainty of success.


  • scared in front of the camera, no self-confidence and/or lack of experience;
  • no desire to take responsibility, to become public, to interact with a large audience face to face;
  • no desire to receive and handle possible criticism.

Out of all these concerns, a question eventually arises – Does our company need promotion on YouTube?

Is YouTube a Good Way to Promote Your Business?

The Answer is YES. First, let’s break down what and for whom you can shoot? The fate of the content and the choice of an appropriate format depends on this.

  • Determine who your target audience is. Can’t answer the question at once? Carry out an analysis of the competitors.
  • The target. Of course, it is the increase in the number of potential customers, and therefore sales. Perfect.
  • The theme of the channel. Make indirect or direct overlap with the area of your business.
  • Format and content of the video. There are many; mix, match, and experiment. But start with something single, like a “talking head” – is when someone just says in front of the camera the right and useful words, in accordance with the theme of the video.
  • Who takes part in the shooting? Specialists from the company or actors? Or maybe you personally? Or maybe the videos are animated at all? It all depends on the fourth point. Decide and start sawing content.
  • Recorded a few videos and decided how you were going to promote your business? Now you can post videos and optimize them.

It’s up to you to decide whether you will create videos and promote yourself, or outsource.

But don’t forget that promotion on YouTube is a long-term project and requires a regular release of new videos, knowledge, an understanding of the platform algorithms, the availability of necessary equipment and software. That’s why if an audience is formed around the channel, but then you stop releasing new videos – the channel will be quickly forgotten and you’ll have to start over again. This is like exercising in a gym: you constantly train – you gain muscles and your body becomes stronger; if you stop training – you lose your form. Most importantly, use only honest methods for YouTube channel promotion. Otherwise, you will face bad consequences which you can read here.

Benefits of YouTube for Your Business

What are the benefits and opportunities for businesses to promote on YouTube?

For starters, let’s describe all the things you already know:

  • There’s a lot more engagement with video than with any other type of content.
  • Video engages not only the visual but also the auditory channel of perception and has an emotional impact.
  • The posted video will work for you all the time (provided it is properly optimized).

And now about what is less talked about:

  • Since YouTube is owned by Google, it promotes it accordingly. Videos often make it to the top, and it’s easier to promote them to the top than pages on a site.
  • YouTube has a system of interest-based recommendations, which allows you to quickly find your target audience.
  • In other social networks, any publication after a few minutes will quickly drop to the bottom of the news feed. But a YouTube video will gain views all the time.
  • Instead of using third-party platforms for streaming, you can broadcast directly to your channel, which will have much more information about your company than another service.

Now we need to answer the last question – does your business need YouTube as an additional promotion channel? Definitely yes. And the scope of activity can be anything, as long as it does not violate the rules of the site, of course.

It’s a direct function of your YouTube channel to attract new subscribers. Among them are the channel’s most loyal viewers, who watch videos, like, comment on, and share videos. They bring in new subscribers and increase the viewing time of videos on the channel as a whole, thereby contributing to an increased frequency of views on YouTube. And you can promote the channel using a special service like With minimal knowledge, you will get an impressive effect from the promotion.

Final Tips for Newbies

  • Create quality content. It is useful, interesting for the target audience, has originality, and does not carry cheating.
  • Involve already established video bloggers. They know how to behave properly in front of the camera and promote products beautifully.
  • Pay attention to the design of the channel. Uniform stylistics of the home page, banner, video covers – attract the audience and make the videos recognizable.
  • Create a community with a targeted audience. People want to get involved and interact, to feel meaningful. Proactively answer questions, talk about future content, and have face-to-face meetings with subscribers.
  • Be prepared for negative comments, the so-called dislikes and habits, which are more readily left on the networks than positive reviews.
  • Use more platforms to publish your videos. Not just YouTube, but Facebook, too. This will get more views.
  • Work on the title of the video. It should be clear and also adapted to viewers’ search queries.

Angela Tague

Tech Writer ( Contributor )

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