7 Top Ways to Make Money on YouTube from Scratch in 2020: Step-by-Step Instructions with Examples.

| Updated on February 13, 2024

Over time YouTube has got more popular and that too for a reason. It has become a 24*7 medium for entertainment and no matter if you are a kid, adult or aged, you will find a lot of catering to your needs. For kids, there are cartoons and poems, for students, there is huge study material and for adults there is so much to choose from such as movies, shows, political shows and so on. So no matter if you work for TV or YouTube, you can earn well. However, people are always curious to know how to earn money on YouTube. There is a proper advertising mechanism in place through which YouTubers earn money. I hope you get to see the ads during a YouTube video, when you watch them YouTube pays money to the creator. So that was the crux of how you can make money on YouTube. 

If you want more information, here you will find motivating stories of video bloggers who make millions on YouTube every month. We will tell you about 7 main ways to earn money, as well as pitfalls that can affect your income. In addition, we will share our own bad experiences and analysis of the main mistakes.

What does YouTube earnings consist of?

When watching a video on YouTube, you’ve probably come across ads at least once. A promotional video may appear before the video starts or during playback. And not necessarily one – there may be more than one, which definitely annoys many users of this site. Advertising can be from the YouTube system (advertising inserts at the beginning, banners in the video and next to it) or from any other host.

Why Do You Need Advertising and Who is it For?

  1. Target audience– The so-called group of users, formed on the basis of certain characteristics, goals, which shows advertisements that meet their interests. The target audience can be divided by age, gender, city, occupation and other parameters. For example, I play video games, and in the picture above they show me ads on this topic, this is very convenient, since the advertising fees are mainly for impressions and clicks, it is reasonable to show it to people interested in this topic in order to avoid wasting the budget.
  1. Advertising- The main way to make money on YouTube, as we said, is advertising, but there is also monetization. Monetization is the transformation of a non-commercial project into a commercial one. When you shoot a video with a camera and edit it in special programs, they do not bring money by themselves, you need to do a series of actions that will allow you to earn money from the videos you have shot. As a rule, monetization is also a kind of advertising.

What to Budget for?

We must not forget about the costs that are incurred during the production of the video. You need a software license to edit a clip, because often when you create content in non-working programs, it is not paid as you would like. The average cost of software starts at $ 100, this should definitely be taken into account. Also, no video now goes without music, especially in videos where the atmosphere requires music in the background, for example, for such a task is suitable royalty free chillhop, a license on this site will cost about $ 40. In total, you will need to spend about $150 on content production.

Who Can Make Money on YouTube?

In truth, YouTube is suitable for people of all ages and categories. The main thing that is required is a desire to shoot and the person who can do it well. But in practice, not everyone can handle this well. Someone will be ashamed of their appearance and will not be able to film themselves on camera. Someone will have problems with speech, illiterate presentation or choosing a topic for shooting. Such people will create videos, but they will not look interesting to other people. Someone will not be able to master video editors, and therefore, will simply not be hired. However, if you have a great desire and work constantly on yourself, you can overcome all these difficulties and can create a cool profitable channel that will make you a millionaire.

If you analyze American-language Youtube channels, here’s what you find out:

  1. The most popular channels are for children. And this is not surprising, because what else can a child do at home if not watch a video from YouTube, especially if his parents want him to be calm? So they watch cartoons, as well as videos about life.
  2. The second most popular are game channels, where passages and reviews of games are provided. The main audience for these videos is teenagers.
  3. The most popular channels are those that shoot in the genre of “DIY” (Do It Yourself). Usually, they make videos with different experiments. For example, what happens if you set fire to 10,000 Bengali lights, or how many toy cars are pulled over the real one.
  4. Channels that release videos about various incredible facts, myths, revealing stories, secrets, or cool tips are constantly on the top. Usually these videos are like these: 10 of the world’s worst attractions, What happens in 10 quintillion years.

If you haven’t found something that you are ready to plunge headlong into, it means that the idea of your channel is doomed to failure. It is better to shoot a video on a topic that you already know well or that you are interested in. The main thing is that the content must be interesting, attract as many people as possible to make your project profitable.

Ways to Earn on YouTube

It’s time to consider the following ways to make money on your YouTube channel, namely where you can get your money from:

  1. Advertising from Google (partner of Youtube);
  2. Media networks;
  3. Affiliate programs of shops, banks, various commercial projects;
  4. Direct advertising (promo videos, exclusives, contests);
  5. Paid subscriptions and donations;
  6. Sale of goods and services;
  7. Likes, repost, subscriptions (indirect income, your own channel is not required).

What Does Earnings on YouTube Depend on?

Earning on YouTube depends on the following indicators:

Number of Videos

With each new video, you cover more and more topics, thereby expanding your audience. Even if the topic of your videos is not informational and does not help to attract new viewers to specific key queries from the search, the audience will increase due to likes and social networks (for example, if you have an entertainment topic).

Channel Theme

It should be understood that the level of income will directly depend on the topic of your channel, which you choose for yourself. But you can’t say for sure which topic is profitable and which is not, because everything also depends on the presentation of your video.

However, I recommend choosing a channel theme based on what you prefer and where you are an expert or want to become an expert. Anything that gives you pleasure will become easier and you will be more motivated to create and edit new, cooler and more interesting videos because you love it.

Video and Content Quality

It’s nice to watch videos in good quality. If you shoot from the screen (screen sharing), there is no problem with this, and shooting with a camera requires a more professional approach and expensive equipment (video camera, tripod, microphone, lighting, etc.), and in some cases, additional personnel, for example , operator, installer, video content editor, etc.

Number of Subscribers

Although the number of subscribers in general has little effect (after all, there may be channels with 50 thousand subscribers, and videos will not even have 1 thousand views), this figure is still the main indicator for advertising on the channel. The more subscribers, the more opportunities for earning (partner, advertising). They can be promoted or earned honestly (just by releasing a video and writing tags).

Quantity and Depth of Views

The number and duration of views is an indicator of viewer engagement. The higher these parameters, the more interesting the videos are for viewers. Advertisers are interested in such Youtube channels. Accordingly, if your channel is interesting, you will earn more money.


We hope that we have fully explained to you the topic of earning money on YouTube, so that you can easily decide what and how you will do. We wish you success and will be glad to hear about your results.


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