Tips that can improve your Youtube video rankings

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Creating content on youtube and not getting the desired attention could be devastating for your motivation and creativity. One of the main reasons why you are not getting enough attention from the audience could be that you are not applying the right marketing strategy for the youtube algorithm. Since Youtube is different from other platforms, there are some different tactics as well that you need to know to boost your content and get the highest rankings. 

The Science Behind The Youtube Algorithm

While some can think of the youtube algorithm as a mystery, others know that it is just a combination of different variables. One of those impacting factors is the time that is spent watching your videos. If viewers just click your videos and don’t stay there for a while, it affects the algorithm in a negative way. Moreover, the engagement rate on your videos in a form of likes and comments determines a lot for your video rankings. Other factors could be your video descriptions, keywords, the interests of your audience, and how many videos they have seen from your channel, and many more.  For the best results, you need to know all of these factors that affect the visibility of your videos so that you can make them work for the best possible outcomes. In this article, we have collected some tips on how to improve your rankings on Youtube. 

Keywords Are Vital For Your Channel

Once you decide on the topic for your video, try to search for the keywords that attract the viewers. Right keywords not only help your rankings but also deliver your content to the audience who want to see the content of this topic. 

You can search for the right keywords in two different ways: first, do good research on this topic on similar channels. See what they are using as their keywords for related videos.  Another way to find keywords that might work for your video is to see what youtube users search for. If you start to type on the search box something related to your video-topic, you can see the suggestions. 

Promote Your Videos Everywhere 

Do not hesitate to spread the word on your videos on other platforms. Your youtube needs all the attention it can get. Therefore, self-promotion of your social media accounts is one of the best ways to increase the organic traffic and visibility of your channel. Another good way of improving your video rankings and channel growth is to collaborate with the Youtube marketing agency youtubestorm. Create small funny videos for your stories as a teaser of your youtube videos

Create The Thumbnails That Can’t Be Ignored

Sometimes it happens so that your videos are on the Youtube feed of your subscribers, however, they just don’t click on it. This also negatively affects your rankings. There can be different reasons for not clicking on your video, however, one of the main things is often the thumbnail. Thumbnail is the first thing they see, therefore it should be eye-catching and summarizing the whole video in the best possible way. Try to use a high-quality picture as the cover of your video. If you think that picture does not replicate the video content in the best way, do not hesitate to put some text on it. Stay colorful and eye-pleasing. Taking into consideration all of these will make your video difficult to ignore. 

Create Playlists For Your Videos 

One of the best features of Youtube is that you can create the series and playlists of different topics of your videos. Collecting your content according to the right sequence will help your subscribers to see it in the best order. Seeing that there is another interesting video coming right after the one that you are watching, creates a different kind of interest in your audience. It also creates a sense of the show and chances are that people will spend more time watching your videos when they have this feeling. You can also share the link of your playlists in the description of each video so that people can easily find them.


The rankings of your youtube channel will increase drastically if you follow those tips that we have provided in this article. In addition to that always remember that the quality of your videos comes first. Stay consistent, motivated, and true to your audience and your visibility will increase quickly.


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Leena Ray

Digital Marketing Writer and Editor

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