Troubleshooting Tips You Need to Fix ‘Yahoo Not Receiving Emails’ Issue

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Yahoo seems to be quite annoying at times when you are expecting an urgent email but don’t receive it for hours. 

It is one of the most prevalent problems with Yahoo in 2020 where most of the users are complaining of not receiving emails in time. 

And let me tell you it is not at all a minor glitch as if Yahoo inbox stops doing its job, it can bring everything to a halt. So before you can do anything about it, you need to find out the causes and what can be done to get the situation back to normal. 


Factors Leading to Problems in Receiving Yahoo Emails

There can be several things that can put you in such a situation where Yahoo mail is down and you aren’t receiving any emails such as:

  • Yahoo server is down
  • Yahoo account is encountering certain issues
  • You have set incorrect filters
  • System errors
  • Email forwarding is on
  • Incorrect block settings
  • Issues with browser 

And so on.

Fixing Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Issue on Computer

If you are not receiving yahoo emails on your computer, here is the information you need:

  1. Start with Internet
  2. I know it’s too obvious to mention but you cannot ignore it either. Maybe the Wi-Fi lines are showing full on your laptop but the signal strength is poor and that’s why you cannot receive yahoo mail. So you need to make sure your internet is serving you properly by doing some other activity that uses the internet. If the network is not the culprit, move to the next step.

  3. Confirm Yahoo Server Status
  4. Again a basic thing to do, but it is important to keep a check on the status of the Yahoo server whenever you get into a problem so that you can be assured that it is not caused by the email client. Once you are sure of Yahoo mail server is down or not, you can check if you are receiving emails now; if not, continue with further troubleshooting.

  5. Optimize the Browser
  6. The cookies and caches that browser store every day can affect the performance of Yahoo mail. Simply try restarting the browser at first and if it doesn’t help, you can clear off the junk from it including history. After that, login again to your Yahoo account and check if it has received the expected mail. You can even switch to a different browser to ensure that if it is creating a nuisance.

  7. Check the Spam Folder
  8. This is another possibility due to which Yahoo mail is not receiving certain emails. Yahoo offers an automatic feature to direct all the unwanted emails towards the spam folder without letting them enter into your inbox. 

    However, this can make you miss an important email that has been misunderstood by Yahoo spam. So head towards the spam folder of your Yahoo account and scan all the emails for the one you are looking for.

    Also, if you find your email lying there, make sure to white list the sender so that no similar error happens in the future. 

  9. Scan the Block Address List
  10. No matter intentionally or unintentionally, it is possible that you may have added the sender’s email address in the block list. If this is the case, you will realize that your yahoo mail account is not receiving email from only one person. You may not apprehend when you have done that, so to know if you have made the mistake, go and check the Security and Privacy settings of your account. 

  11. Send Yourself an Email
  12. If you can log into your Yahoo account, doesn’t mean that everything is working fine. There could be a problem with the mail delivery system and that can only be detected once you send a mail to yourself. If the email reaches the inbox, it implies that there is no problem with it. Receiving an error code can give you a better idea of what’s wrong with it. 

  13. Disable Yahoo Forwarding
  14. Yahoo forwarding feature lets you forward all your Yahoo emails to another account of your choice. If you have forgotten about this feature after turning it on, all your emails will be landing in the other email account while you are continuously checking your Yahoo account wondering why there is no email received. So check the settings section, turn the forwarding feature off or log in to your other account where the emails have been forwarded.

  15. Check the Filters
  16. Yahoo Filters let you sort messages so that your inbox looks more organized. But they can create trouble as well similar to the one by spam folders. Filters have the job to collect specific emails when they are set up however, they end up getting those emails as well that weren’t meant for them. 

    Instead of checking your inbox over and over again, a better idea would be to check the filter section of Yahoo mail settings if you are not receiving some emails. If you found the glitch there, you can quickly fine-tune the rules to avoid future inconvenience. 

  17. Change the Reply-to Address
  18. When someone receives a mail from you, they tend to click on Reply and send the response on the same email address you sent the message from. You can change this if you want to get their reply on a different address already connected to your Yahoo account or you can even add a new account.

  19. Check the Configuration
  20. If you have configured Yahoo Mail to Outlook and aren’t receiving emails, chances are you have entered incorrect IMAP, SMTP or POP settings to access Yahoo emails. This can be the reason Yahoo mail isn’t working with Outlook and you are not getting any emails; to correct this, you can configure your Yahoo account to Outlook again.

On Android 

Apart from applying the above solutions, if you are using Yahoo Mail for Android, here is the additional troubleshooting you need to perform:

  1. Get the latest version of the Yahoo mail app from the Google Play Store. If you don’t find the update option there, it means the app is already updated.
  2. If you are accessing Yahoo mail through mobile browser:
  • Make sure it is of the latest version and properly receiving the signal.
  • Clear the junk off the browser, restart it and check if the error persists.
  • Update the operating system if required.
  1. Remove your account from the Yahoo mail app and then re-add it.
  2. The app may be suffering from some glitch, so you can uninstall the Yahoo mail app and reinstall it from the play store. 

On iPhone

If you have set up Yahoo mail on iPhone and aren’t receiving any emails, roll up your sleeves, and follow the given instructions:

  1. You may have lost the connection between the Yahoo mail app and your device. So it is recommended to sign out of your account and then login again.
  2. If you are logged into your Yahoo a/c on a browser, you can get the updated version of the same to ensure it works flawlessly. 
  3. Sign out of your account and log in again after clearing some storage space of your device. 

If you are looking for further help, you can navigate to the Yahoo Help Section to avail support regarding not receiving emails on Yahoo Mail or Yahoo Mobile.

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