How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Twitter?

| Updated on February 13, 2024

Are you suspicious of someone blocking you on Twitter? Then, you must be searching for something like this: “How to tell if someone blocked you on Twitter?

Twitter has its users scratching their heads when it comes to knowing if they are being blocked by someone. Why so? Because first, Twitter doesn’t notify you when someone blocks you on the platform, and second, there is no straightforward way to know that! Well, there are ways you can employ to get an answer to the most infamous ‘Who blocked me on Twitter?’ question, but in the end, some sense of unclarity always lingers. 

Anyway, you can overcome your uncertainty by going through this write-up. The following article suggests some useful ways that tell you how to know who blocked you on Twitter, along with additional useful information.

So, without further waiting, let’s jump right into this sea of knowledge!

What are the Signs that You are Blocked on Twitter?

How to find out who blocked you on Twitter? Well, there are several signs you can look for if you suspect that someone has blocked you. Don’t worry; it is no experiment for which you have to wait for hours or days. You can immediately check a few things and can get to see who blocked you on Twitter. 

Here are a few things that you can check to know if someone has blocked you:

  • If you have been blocked by a person on Twitter, then you won’t be able to see their tweets.
  • You will not get any notification regarding any new activity on the person’s account.
  • Further, you will also not be able to tag them in photos or posts.
  • Unfortunately, they won’t see your messages, though you are able to send them.
  • Finally, if the concerned person makes any replies or comments on a conversation, you won’t be able to see that either.

So, these were some easy signs to know ‘Who has blocked me on Twitter?’ However, if you are still not sure, then don’t get disheartened; there’s a way you can follow to check if the person has blocked you or not. For that, move on to the next section.

Steps to Check if Someone has Blocked you on Twitter

For better or worse, Twitter doesn’t provide you with a list that displays all of the Twitter users that have blocked you. You must look into each account individually, to whom you suspect that they have blocked you, in order to determine if it is actually the case.

Though this social media platform doesn’t provide clear-cut information if the person has blocked you or not, there’s a workaround to that, which is exactly what is stated in this section.

The process of checking can be a little tiresome. Nevertheless, it is easy if you follow the precise steps given further.

So, jotted down is the process that will let you know how to check who blocked you on Twitter:

  1. First off, open Twitter on your browser or launch its mobile app.
  1. Now, go to the search bar, type the username of the person, and search.
Click on the search bar
  1. If you have typed the correct username of the person, and you don’t see their account in the search results, it means that you have been blocked (Unless the person has changed their Twitter username). If you see the profile, click on it.
Type the username in the search bar & click on it in the search
  1. Further, you can go to the person’s profile and do the following to know if you are blocked:
    1. Check for the person’s tweets. You won’t be able to see their tweets if the person has blocked you. Also, you will see a message there, stating “You are blocked. You can’t follow or see [person’s name] Tweets.” or “This user’s tweets are protected.”
    2. Looking at their following list is another technique to determine whether someone has blocked you. The user has either blocked you or has their account set to private if you have no access to their follower list.
    3. The simplest method to verify that someone has blocked you on Twitter is to try to follow them. You have been blocked if you get a notification that reads, “You are not permitted to access this user’s tweets.”
See if you are blocked

Although some people might find it regrettable that Twitter has a good purpose for not notifying users when they are blocked by someone. Twitter respects the privacy of its users, and the main goal of blocking someone is to prevent pointless or undesired encounters, which is why it withholds any information on those who have blocked you.

However, using the method given above, you can get an answer to the ‘How to know if someone has blocked you on Twitter?’ question.

Use Third-Party Services to See if You are Blocked on Twitter

Still stuck on ‘How do you know if someone blocked you on Twitter’? Don’t worry; there’s yet another way to find out. You can use Twitter block checker apps. These are third-party applications that let you know if someone has blocked you or not. 

These days there are a number of these services available. Many of these apps and websites require you to log into them using your Twitter account in order to work and show you the list of people who have blocked you on Twitter.  So, you need to be sure before using any of them, whether they are reliable or not, before logging into your Twitter account through them.

Once you have found reliable apps to see who blocked you on Twitter, there’s no rocket science in using them; most work the same way. You just have to open the app, log into it using your Twitter account, and then you will see the list of people who have blocked you on Twitter.

How to See How Many People Have Blocked You on Twitter?

There’s one website, Blolook, that is widely recommended for knowing the number of people who have blocked you on Twitter. However, the web app doesn’t provide you with the name of the person or the list of users who have blocked you on Twitter. 

In case you want to use this, here’s how this works:

  1. First, open the browser on your device, and go to the Blolook website.
  1. After you have reached the website, click on the Log in with Twitter button.
Click on Log in with Twitter
  1. Next, you will be required to log into your Twitter account to connect it with this app.
  1. After you have logged into your account, scroll down on the website to the Your Account section. You can see how many accounts have blocked you next to the heading Accounts Blocking You. Moreover, you can see how many of these blocks are mutual, indicating that both of you have blocked one another.
See how many people have blocked you

How to See Activities on Blocked Twitter Account?

If someone has blocked you on Twitter, you won’t be able to see their tweets, but in case you want to know the person’s recent activity, then you can do so by following the method given below:

  1. To begin with, sign out of your Twitter account if you have it signed in on your browser. Alternatively, you can open Chrome’s Incognito Mode or Private Mode in Safari or Firefox.
  1. Then, type the username of the person who has blocked you + the ‘Twitter’ keyword in the search bar, and search. Like, ‘HenryCavill twitter’. Alternatively, you can copy the profile URL of the person by visiting their profile when you are logged in to your Twitter account and paste it into the search bar of the browser after signing out.
  1. Now, you will see the person’s profile page in the search result. Click on it to go to their profile page.
  1. Finally, you will be able to see the person’s tweets. However, you can’t browse through the Protected Twitter accounts, and you will only see a lock icon on their profiles.

Will the Person Know If You Block them on Twitter?

They won’t get a notification if you block someone on Twitter, as was already explained above. But they can check your profile to see whether you’ve blocked them.

You can mute someone to eliminate their tweets and comments from your feed if you don’t want to see their activities on Twitter. By doing this, not only will you not see their postings on your timeline, but you also won’t need to block them. People with muted accounts won’t be aware that you have done so.

A non-followed account can also be muted. You won’t be notified of that person’s responses or mentions.

Unfollowing an account does not mute it. Although they are still on your list of followers, you won’t receive any updates. Also, you will continue to get notifications when they message you, mention you, or reply to you.

An individual can be muted from a tweet or a profile. Here’s how you can do this:

  1. Begin by opening your Twitter account. You can either visit its website or launch its app.
  1. Now, if you want to mute a specific Tweet, then go to that tweet, tap on three dots (the menu icon) next to it, and from the menu, select Mute.
Click on Mute
  1. If you want to mute the person’s profile itself, then type the username of the person in the search bar.
  1. Then, in the search results, look for the concerned person’s profile and go to their profile page.
  1. After that, click on the three dots present on the profile page.
Click on three dots
  1. Finally, from the menu that appears, select the Mute option.
Click on Mute or Block


The Block option is present under Mute on the user profile page. In case, you are stern that you want to block the person, click on the Block option instead of Mute.

How to Check the List of People You Have Blocked on Twitter?

If you want to check how many and whom have you blocked on Twitter, you can do so by following the steps given below:

  1. Begin by opening your Twitter account.
  1. Now, click on the More option present in the left sidebar, and select the Settings and Support option.
Click on More
  1. Next, click on the Settings and Privacy option.
Click on Settings & Support and select Settings & Privacy
  1. After that, go to the Privacy and Safety tab on the Settings page.
Click on Privacy & Safety
  1. Then, click on the Mute and Block option.
Click on Mute & Block
  1. Thereafter, click on Blocked Account.
Click on Blocked Accounts
  1. Finally, under the All tab, you will see the list of all the accounts you have blocked on Twitter.
Go to All


HOW can I know if someone has deleted their Twitter account?

There’s no clear way to know if someone has deleted their Twitter account. However, you can search for the user’s account in the Twitter search bar, and if the person’s account doesn’t appear in the search results while you follow them, it may mean that they have deleted their account.

If I block someone, what happens to the messages I have sent to them?

You may privately message other Twitter users, just as on most other social networking sites. However, when someone blocks you, you can no longer send them messages. Further, all of the texts will vanish if you or they block you.

Can Twitter notify me who has blocked me?

On Twitter, there is no straight way to find out who has blocked you, which is unfortunate. Further, the platform does not provide any notification or other confirmation that you have been blocked. Hence, the only way to be certain is to attempt to visit the profile of the person you believe has blocked you. As I mentioned previously, you have likely been blocked if you are unable to find their profile in Twitter search results. There are a few other signs that might let you know someone has blocked you, which you can know by reading the above article.

Can I contact the person who has blocked me on Twitter?

If someone has blocked you on Twitter, you cannot contact them on the platform. You can send messages to the person, but they won’t be delivered, and hence, the person cannot see them. However, you can try contacting them on other social media platforms where you are not blocked by the person.

HOW can I get a list Of people who have blocked me on Twitter?

No way can provide you with a list of Twitter users who have blocked you. If you aren’t receiving tweets and alerts from a certain profile, you followed, manually check this account to see whether you are blocked.

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