How to Turn Off “This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content” on Twitter in 2024?

| Updated on February 29, 2024

In Twitter land, there are many regular users who come across the “This Tweet might include sensitive content” error message. Well, if you think it is an error message, that is not the case.

Sensitive Content Warning on Twitter

On other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, the users can get banned if they use any post NSFW (Not Safe for Work) Content, however on Twitter, it is different. Twitter lets its users post NSFW content, but with a warning, and be marked as sensitive. 

So if you are wondering why you got this message while scrolling through the tweets, then don’t fret. In this article, we are going to discuss all about the “This Tweet might include sensitive content” message and how you can disable it. We will also discuss how you can view sensitive content on Twitter. So stay hooked and read on!

What is Sensitive Content?

Let’s cover the fundamentals of what sensitive information is and what kinds of content can be labelled as sensitive before moving on to the article’s primary point. 

The media contained in a tweet is almost certainly categorised as sensitive if you get the notification “This Tweet potentially involves sensitive content” while browsing through tweets on Twitter. Why is it marked as sensitive, and what does it mean? That’s because the tweet contains media, such as images or videos, that depicts violence or sexual brutality of some kind. Because of this, uploading NSFW content on Twitter is subject to a set of guidelines.

Such media content usually includes content that can be triggering to others, and so in order to warn them, the user who is posting has to put up a warning while posting the content. Not only that, but Twitter also aims to not let underage users see content that they shouldn’t. If someone who is underage tries to see the media despite the graphic content warning, they are asked to confirm their age by different methods. 

Now, let’s see why Twitter shows tweets including sensitive content.

Why Does Twitter Show A Certain Tweet Includes Sensitive Content?

Even though we have discussed Twitter and its regulations about posting, now we will discuss why Twitter shows tweets as “Includes sensitive content.” Basically, there are two primary reasons why Twitter thinks that a certain post contains sensitive content. They include:

  • If a tweet contains a media file including disturbing imagery content or graphic violence, Twitter will add a warning – this post contains violent imagery that can be upsetting. To view the material, just select “Click to View” from the menu. Furthermore, you must be aware that the warning will only appear if you click on the post. Double-tap a video on your app or computer’s desktop to start it playing.
  • You will see a warning if a tweet contains explicit content or nudity, like – the post contains graphic sexual content that can be inappropriate for some users. Similarly, you can double-click on the tweet to view the content.
  • Finally, if the tweet contains any other type of sensitive media, you will see a warning like – the post contains sensitive media.

So these were some vital points that play an important role in why Twitter shows tweets including a graphic warning for sensitive content. 

Now, let’s see how we can turn off this sensitive content feature on Twitter.

How to Turn Off the Sensitive Content Feature on Twitter?

 Finally, we are getting to the good stuff, which is probably why most of you came here in the first place. We’ll go over the straightforward procedures you can use to turn off the sensitive material function. So let’s start with the steps straight away:

Open Twitter and log-in with your account
  • Go to the Settings and Privacy section.
Go to Settings and Privacy
  • Now tap on Privacy and Safety.
Tap on Privacy and Safety
  • Tap on the Content You See option.
Click on the Content you see option
  • Lastly, switch off the Sensitive Content Setting.
Set the Sensitive content features option

And that’s it! Simple right? That was all you have to do to turn off the sensitive content on Twitter. Now, let’s discuss whether you are allowed to see sensitive content on Twitter.

Are you Allowed to See Sensitive Tweets and Content on Twitter?

Yes, on Twitter, you have the choice to view the sensitive tweets and posts on your Twitter feed or not. However, there are certain conditions and limitations to that, as we have already discussed earlier. The sensitive content feature is just a way for Twitter to warn you before you view something that may trigger you or leave a negative impact on your mind.

Additionally, you also have the option to disable this sensitive content warning feature once and for all on all your devices if you don’t have a problem with watching the content including violence or graphics display. And if you choose to do so, you will not receive any sensitive content warning in the future and your Twitter feed will be customized as per the set preferences.

How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter?

To see sensitive content on the Twitter app, you need to follow some easy steps. Let’s see what those are:


Make sure that you are above or 18 years of age and won’t get triggered by the sensitive content that you wish to watch. The after-effects and the responsibility for doing so will solely be your own actions and responsibility.

  • Open Twitter and go to its Settings.
  • Go to “Content you see” setting from  “Privacy and security”
  • After that, enable  the “Display media that may contain sensitive content” setting.

However, keep in mind that the steps depend on the device that you are using to make the change in the settings. You will only find this setting if you’re using the web version of Twitter. If you’re using the Twitter app on a mobile device, you won’t be able to find it.

Twitter has a stringent policy regarding offensive content.  However, they let the user choose what they see rather than eliminating all of the content from their website. To provide you the option of viewing or avoiding sensitive content, Twitter simply adds a layer that reads, “This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content.” 

Therefore, you can choose to either “ON” or “OFF” your viewing of sensitive content. To take control of what you see on Twitter, take the measures listed above.


How can we report sensitive and offensive tweets on Twitter?

In order to report tweets, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the three-dot icon and then tap on the Report Tweet option.
  • Now select the option ‘It displays a sensitive media (photo or video)’.
  • After that, depending on what you are reporting, you need to select the appropriate option and Twitter will take action.
Why does Twitter allow NSFW content on its platform?

Twitter is a social media application that believes that its users can view all the things that are happening around the world – some of these may also contain adult and/or violent content. However, certain types of media will never be allowed on Twitter, like hateful imagery or gratuitous gore. If you want to learn more about the types of posts that are allowed on Twitter, you can head over to Twitter’s media policy.

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