‘What Does S Mean on Snapchat?’: MyStery Resolved

| Updated on February 13, 2024

If we have to talk about the heights to which standards are held these days, the sky is the limit.

And when it comes to social media, the one that sets the bar pretty high is Snapchat

Having come out with various exciting features like Snapchat Planets and Snapchat Premium, it continues to offer more. But with that comes a plethora of doubts and queries, and the one circling around on the platform these days is what does S mean on Snapchat.

If you see yourself asking the same question as the user in the above-given Subreddit, hold your horses. You won’t only be getting a whole brief on what does S mean in Snapchat but also how to respond to S on Snapchat. So here we go! 

What Does S Mean on Snapchat?

Without further extending your doubts, let’s cut to the chase and let you in on what does S on Snapchat mean. 

S stands for snapstreak.

The letter S that you may have often seen pop up in the snaps you receive means the other user is telling you how they want to start a streak on Snapchat with you or continue with the one already created. 

And not just the snaps, but you may sometimes also find the letter S on messages. So it means that the user is either asking you to start creating a streak with them or reminding you to send a snap so that the lost the flame on Snapchat issue doesn’t occur.

Now that you know what do the s mean on Snapchat, let’s move on with the ways of using it on Snapchat.

How is S Used on Snapchat?

Before getting started with the ways of using S on Snapchat, let’s first understand why one may want to use it in the first place. 

  • To keep the streaks and conversation going. 
  • Keep the other person updated to share new snaps.
  • For maintaining quick exchange of communication every day.
  • To increase the Snapchat score of their accounts using the streaks.

These are some points why one may use the S abbreviation on Snapchat. And here’s the ‘how’ part – there are basically 4 ways of using the S letter on Snapchat:

Using Pen 

The first and most common of all methods to use S on Snapchat is via the Pen tool on the app. Since it is quite easy, users often add a fire emoji next to it as well. 

All you have to do is log in to Snapchat and click any image. After that, simply click on the pencil icon and draw an S. You can also add some emojis by tapping the Emoji icon and selecting any you want to use.

pen tool

Stickers and GIFs

Now, heading to another way of using streaks for the letter S on Snapchat, namely, Stickers and GIFs.

To do that, simply tap on the Stickers icon and search for Streaks. Now you can simply add the ones you like, as shown below!


The last method to use S on Snapchat is via Bitmoji. It doesn’t take Snapchat Premium to have one, so you can always create your own! All you have to do to use the S letter for streaks on Snapchat with Bitmoji is:

Just like in the case of Stickers and GIFs, here too, you’ve to go to the Stickers and Bitmoji icon and type Streaks in the search bar. Now, from the appearing results, choose the ones you like as many times as you want! 

As you already know by now, the letter S denotes Streaks on Snapchat; you might as well understand how to reply to S on Snapchat.

How to Respond to S on Snapchat?

Replying to or responding to S on Snapchat is no big deal. You just have to see where you got the S letter on Snapchat. If it is sent as a snap, and you don’t have any prior streaks with the person, you can reply by telling them whether you want to start one with them.

However, if you receive the S from the user who already has streaks with you, they have probably sent the streak with S on it as a reminder that you haven’t sent your snap yet. On the other hand, when you get an S on the text, it means that the other person is either being sarcastic with you or asking you if you want to create streaks with them.

Other Meanings of S on Snapchat

Apart from streaks, there are other meanings of S on Snapchat. Some of them are listed below:

  • Seconds
  • South
  • Siemens 
  • Sulfur 

In addition, people also use /s after a sentence in the text to let the other person know that they are being sarcastic. This not only keeps the communication interesting but also ensures that there is no misinterpretation  

Closing Out With Benefits of Using S

As they say, the ones who aren’t updated with the latest trends are boring; you can count yourself in the cool portion now. The S meaning on Snapchat is all about keeping up with the ongoing social media frenzy, after all.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating streaks using S, and don’t let the excuse of not having the account get in the way. Because if you don’t have it, you can always create one! 

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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