Lost the Flame? A Complete Guide on How to Restore A Snap Streak

| Updated on March 1, 2024
  • Streaks can be recovered with ease, provided that users follow the recovery process correctly.
  • It becomes pretty hard for users to recover their snap streak in case an hourglass showed up before the streak ended.

Let us take a random number. 34.

Pretty random, right? Well, not exactly, as this is the number of attempts that it took for the original creators’ team of Snapchat to come up with the platform that people from all parts of the globe use today. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Frank Reginald Brown were the creative heads behind Snapchat. 

Snapchat has introduced the world to many new trends, and snap streak is one of them. Ever since the inception of streaks way back on April 6th, 2015, users have made it a routine habit of making Snapchat streaks, letting their friends and family know about what’s going on in their daily life. Streaks have become an inseparable part for some, and the tweet mentioned below goes to show that snapstreaks are no less than relationships for people.

Tweet regarding a random Snap poll

But good things fall apart, and the same goes for Snap streaks. If you missed sending a snap or somehow your streak ended with a friend even when the two of you send streaks religiously, let us help you on how to get your Snap streak back without breaking a sweat.

Probable Reasons Why You Lost Your Snap Streak

These can be counted as potential reasons why your snap streak came to an end:

Technical Glitches

This happens in the rarest of cases, and Snapchat makes it crystal clear that if the streak ended due to a technical glitch or in case you were locked out of your Snapchat account, they will take care of it. Contact the support page of Snap and follow the instructions given on the page to get started with the recovery.

Sending a Chat Instead of Snap

Oftentimes, users confuse snaps and chats. This can hurt dearly, especially if you think that sending a chat will fulfill the requirements for a snap. So, take a picture, crop it or don’t and send it away if you want the flame to be there.

The Hourglass Vanished

The 24-hour window to send and receive a snap remains the same for everyone, and in case you miss the deadline even by a fraction of a second, all will be lost. As soon as the hourglass mark pops up, know that you are running low on time, as 20 hours have passed by without any contact. Try to remind the significant other to send a snap or send one yourself in case you have not done the same. 

Easy Steps to Get Your Snap Streak Back

Following are the steps that can be used to answer the infamous question of how to restore a snap streak with ease.

Solution Synopsis- Settings<Support<I need help<Snapstreaks<what if my snapstreak has gone<let us know link<my snapstreaks disappeared<send.

  • Open the application of Snapchat and access your account on your respective device.
  • Click on the “settings” option and select the “support” section from the bottom of the tab.
The support tab for Snapchat in the settings tab
  • For the next step, click on the “I need help” option.
The I need help option from the support menu
  • Now, choose “snapstreaks” from the “I need help” tab.
The Snapstreaks option for Snapchat
  • Simply select the “what if my snapstreak has gone away but I know we have sent a snap (not chat) back and forth within the 24-hour window?” option. 
The What if my snapstreak has gone away…….? question
  • After this, select the “let us know” link.
The let us know link for Snapstreak
  • In the let us know tab, select I lost my Snapstreak”.
The I lost my Snapstreak option
  • Next, fill the form correctly with as much information as possible and hit the “send” button to send the form. 
 fill the form correctly
The form for Snapstreak recovery

In order to make a strong case for the Snapchat streak recovery to the support team, you can try to offer as much information as possible in the “what information should we know” section of the contact form. Here are the steps on how to do the same for your lost Snapchat streak.

Solution Synopsis-Support page<contact us<my snapstreaks have disappeared<fill form<send form.

the contact us option
  • Click on the “contact us” option.
  • Now, in the list of options that appear in the second section on the page, select the “my snapstreak disappeared” option.
The my snapstreak disappeared option
  • Similar to the steps given above, fill the form in the best possible way and send the form to finish.
the recovery form for Snapstreak

The page can be used to report the Snapchat streak issue. Users should keep in mind that recovering a streak becomes almost impossible if the streak timer showed up on Snapchat before the streak broke. 


Snapchat may be unable to help you out in case the hourglass emoji showed up before your streak ended. The best possible way around this is to offer as much information in the form section as you can.

Tricks and Tips for Streaks

Here are some simple tips and tricks that can help you to make the most out of your ventures with snap streaks. 

First Impression Matters

Starting with your Snap streaks on a special day, preferably on your Birthday or on Christmas, can grab the attention of the other user, further increasing the chances of keeping the other user engaged for a longer period of time.

Interact with Willing Participants

Everyone who uses Snap is not looking to make Snapstreaks with others. Even a regular user may get irritated with the concept of sending snaps daily.  This is why it is pretty important for one to initiate snaps with users who actually entertain the same idea or something similar to it, to say the least.

Take Chances with People with Whom You Interact the Most

Imagine trying to start a snap streak with someone who you barely know. Awkward, right? I mean, there is nothing wrong with starting a snap streak with someone that you barely know. 

The first few days may take a toll on you, but as days pass by, it becomes easier. Still, it is advisable for users to start a streak with someone that they know, as the chances of creating a streak with them are higher than the former option. 

In case you are experienced and simply want to carry on the tradition of Snap streaks without putting in a lot of effort, these tricks can be of help to you. 

Rearrange your Friend List

One of the many good things about this platform is that users get the option of renaming their users, so it becomes easier for them to remember who is who. Simply access the menu from the top left corner after starting a chat with them and click on the edit name option. 

To pin the name at the top of your list, use the prefix Aaaa. 

Fill the World with Filters

This heading may indicate that we are talking about making good use of the Snap filters while in reality, users are being told about a hack that is hidden in plain sight. It is completely normal for a user to forget who they are in a Snap streak, to begin with. 

Let us now turn our heads to the elephant in the room and dig in to know all about the steps that can be used to restore a Snapchat streak. Simply move to the filters whenever you are trying to send a Snap and from the same, you will be able to see the Snapchat streak filter. 

Make use of this filter to remind yourself of the Snapchat streak, something for which you are reading this article in the first place. 

Time is of the Essence

If we had to advise, we would say that one should send streaks late in the day, especially if you just want to send a single snap. This can come in handy for you as the hourglass emoji will be visible to you for a couple of hours, while on the other hand, if you are sending a snap streak first thing in the morning, you won’t be able to see the emoji as it will appear in the nighttime. But many consider morning to be the best time to send a snap since it has already become a part of the routine.

The verdict depends on you as we have shown you both sides of the coin. 

Blank Pictures for the Win

We are in it for fun, not for social standards. In case you just like the idea of keeping up with streaks and not publicizing your social life, click a blank picture and caption it as “streak”. If it is any consolation, using the same picture every day doesn’t make you boring or any less of a snap chatter.

Let us take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet when it comes to snap streaks.

Watch this video:


Why do people make Snap streaks?

According to an online poll, making snap streaks gives users a sense of competition and friendship all at once. Plenty of users like the idea of making snap streaks as it gives them a solid feeling of friendship, as if they have a connection that gets stronger as the streak number goes up. 

What is the highest snap streak to date?

The highest snap streak ever recorded in the history of the platform is for 2474+ days, and it belongs to Alex and Luke. As of January 22, the record still stands tall and the two are showing no signs of slowing down either. 

What happens once you reach 1000 snap streaks?

We hate to break it to you, but nothing special happens after a user crosses the 1000 landmark. Both the users only get a charm sticker to indicate the landmark and to cherish their friendship. 

This is it from our side, folks. For any further info or queries regarding Snapchat streaks or other features such as how to get dark mode on Snapchat, feel free to direct yourself to GetAssist.Net, or you can make good use of the help and support center of Snapchat.

Janvi Panthri

Senior Writer, Editor

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