5 Steps of Social Media Marketing Strategy for Businesses in 2020

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Marketers who make strategies for marketing have reported 538% more success than others. A high percentage of businesses are on social media without knowing what to do there. Social media marketing strategies never remain the same. They change and are followed according to the trend. Strategies shouldn’t only be applied but also should be measured and achieved. Social media strategies are the one that decides your ranking among competitors. Strong strategies will give hard time to your competitors. 

Here are some top strategies that should be applied to businesses.

  1. Set your goals
  2. Before setting your goals, set the platforms you would like to engage in. Knowing the best platform for your business marketing would be better.

    Selecting the right platform for marketing will create countless opportunities.

    Goals are essentials and must be

  • Achievable 
  • Efficient 
  • Measurable
  • Definite
  • Time-efficient

Your social media management should include smarter goals; the one which has the above facts. These goals are easy and fast to achieve. Having unrealistic goals will never boost your marketing or even the business. 

You can use AI website builders to enhance your brand’s social media strategy.

You should set your goals as per your business requirements. Your goals should be according to your business. We have sorted out some goals for your consideration:

  • Increase awareness/audience
  • Target sales
  • Increase follower base
  • Reaching a targeted audience

Similarly, there are thousands of goals that depend upon the niche of the business. 

  • Make engaging posts
  • What if a social media user gets an irrelevant post on your profile? In simple words, the user will unfollow you. He followed you because of your niche and publishing irrelevant posts will make them irritated.

    Published content should be interesting and attractive. This is the reason why most brands prefer posting visuals instead of long text.

    More than 6 billion videos ads are watched on Facebook annually”

    Social media surfing has become faster. Users don’t stop on a specific post until they get an attraction. If you post text then it’s completely unattracted. However, having a video or image will impress the user to stop and watch.

    In the above picture, the brand is posting different shades of its product to engage their customers. The comment section shows how the audience is attracted and engaged.

    Now you know about making the engaging posts. 

    The greatest technique of making engaging content is to analyze and get feedback about what the customers are looking for. Social media platforms like Facebook offer the analytic report about the engagement of the customers. It shows where the customer stops and sees your posts.

    Your content should be according to what the community or trending is looking about. There are different techniques of making an engaging post as mentioned below:

    • Ask relevant niche questions
    • Giveaways through contest
    • Create campaigns
    • Follow the trend

  • Create High-Quality content
  • Content is everything for a business. Having optimized content will let your marketing boost. Your content must be unique whereas the structure must be friendly. It should include some images, polls, videos, GIFs, and other supporting formats.

    The above picture shows how the content is more attractive when it contains images as compared to the long text description.

    The content that you are posting must be free of plagiarism. If there is any duplicate content in your profile, this may ruin your marketing. 

    However, the best practice is to check plagiarism of your content before posting. You can check the plagiarism through the online plagiarism checker tool.

    Content without any writing mistakes include grammatical errors, word mistakes will make your repute better. 

    “Most of the people only reads 20-28% of the words on a page”

    This means that your content at the starting must be the potential to engage the customer with your content.

  • Analyze your marketing
  • Every business requires analytic reports to mark their success or loss. you need to ensure if Social media marketing is working for business to know where you are standing.

    What if you are making expenses on your marketing but don’t know the benefits?

    Most of the social media websites are offering analytic tools that allow seeing the following:

    • Pageviews
    • Post reach
    • Like/dislikes rate
    • Engagement rate
    • Bounce rate
    • Gender percentage
    • Areas/Countries (from where the audience is coming)

    In this way, you can track each and everything about your marketing easily and quickly.  Besides, you can also use some external tools like a brand watch. 

  • Post with Consistency
  • Every marketing demands consistency whether it’s digital marketing or other. Consistency means to post scheduling. This factor is important because your audience wants to hear from you on a daily basis especially if they are fans.

    The search engine of social media will boost your ranking upon consistent posting. Remember, posting more will help the user in recognizing your brand. Most of the famous brands use to post 2-3 times daily. This practice is mostly performed by Clothing stores. Posting the content without consistency will lose your followers. Suppose you are posting a post after 3 months; your previous audience wouldn’t be giving the engagement as before. 

    Many tools can be used to schedule your post. These tools collect posts in bulk and automatically post them on your desired platform. You can use tools likigram for scheduling. 


    Social media marketing strategies always get updated from time to time. For instance, you were only able to write or post images, videos on your Facebook page but now you can add polls, 3-D pictures, live video as well as stories on your Facebook page. This way, surfing on Facebook has become more interesting than before.

    Numerous tools can be used while marketing on social media. These include graphic designing tools, scheduling tools, hashtag generator tools, and streaming tools. Graphic design is one of the most important factors in branding your product. This is because the quality of content and presentation always depend upon the graphic you use.

    Angela Tague

    Tech Writer ( Contributor )

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