4 Tips for Marketing Your App

| Updated on March 22, 2024

So, you’ve gone through the painstaking process of designing your app. You’ve finished the visuals, the coding, the user interface, and several rounds of testing. You could be forgiven for thinking your job is done, and that you can now release your app and watch the downloads roll in.

However, that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, you have to work at marketing and advertising your app if you want to see true success. The app industry is fiercely competitive; you can’t rely on organic growth in such an oversaturated market. We’ve put together a list of four top tips for marketing your app. Check it out below.

Get an Early Boost

The early days of your app are crucial, you need to be vigilant or you risk your app getting lost amongst the competition. Currently, there are more than seven million apps across the major digital stores, such as the App Store and the Google Play Store. This staggering number is indicative of just how competitive the app industry is. New apps are coming out all the time with new and improved features and technology, while users are incredibly discerning and will be quick to drop an app if they feel there is a more useful or affordable alternative. 

App stores rank apps in charts, which allow users to quickly and efficiently browse the available catalog. The stores use complicated algorithms to decide where to place apps in these charts, with positive reviews and the number of downloads playing an important part in their final decision. Obviously, this means that brand-new apps are at an immediate disadvantage. If your app has just hit the stores, how can they expect it to have the reviews and downloads necessary to be ranked optimally in the charts? 

One of the most effective early steps you can take is to buy app installs. This will give your app the early boost it needs and push it up the charts, taking a vital ahead of rivals and competitors. This can create a domino effect; the higher up the charts your app is, the more it will be seen by users browsing the store. This will result in further downloads, which in turn will push your app higher in charts and encourage even more downloads. This is the ideal result for all developers and will get your app off to the best possible start. 

Make Use of Social Media

The world of marketing and advertising was changed forever by the advent of social media. The shift happened quicker than anyone could have predicted; one day, traditional media was the preferred choice for marketing, and then seemingly overnight the game had changed, and now social media rules the roost. 

Now, brands have direct access to billions of potential customers, with a range of options available for creative and innovative marketing campaigns. Perhaps one of the most attractive benefits of marketing on social media is how cost-effective it is. Brands can market products and services organically through posts on their own channels for no cost at all. Or, they can use paid-for advertising options to increase the reach and scope of their campaigns. 

It is absolutely essential that you make use of social media when marketing your app, it can offer you an enormous opportunity for growth and downloads. Ensure that you are maintaining a consistent presence across all of the major platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Each of these platforms attracts different demographic groups, so ensure you are targeting each of them.

Outside of the more well-known platforms, there are further marketing opportunities on some of the more niche social media channels. Platforms like Reddit and Discord are community-based spaces with highly knowledgeable user bases. These can be fantastic areas to target, but you might have to take a more organic, interactive approach, as historically these platforms have not responded positively to traditional marketing and advertising techniques. 

Different social media platforms offer different options for content. To effectively market your app you should focus on delivering a diverse content offering, including things like images, videos, written posts, and audio-based content.

Work with Influencers

Influencers are modern-day social media celebrities, who can often boast follower counts in the hundreds of millions. These influencers do as their name suggests: influence. They are paid by brands and companies to promote or advertise particular products and services. This can be in the form of a review, instructional video, or even simple product placement. 

Influencers can be incredibly useful for marketers and can be used to target specific markets and demographics. However, influencers can come at a price, particularly for those in the upper echelons of the industry. Before enlisting the services of an influencer, ensure that the expenditure fits in with your overall budget structure and that the outlay will not leave you in the red. 

Many influencers will be specialized and work in particular industries or sectors. For example, beauty influencers can be extremely successful, while we’ve seen a recent surge in the popularity of tech influencers. Do your research ahead of time and find an influencer who is relevant to your app’s particular industry. Working with them will mean you can access a knowledgeable base of potential customers and will see the greatest results from your marketing campaign.

Offer Promos

The idea of the promotional offer is almost as old as marketing itself. The concept is simple; make the customer believe the deal you are offering them is too good to pass up. As long as you execute it properly, you can secure a sale or download while still netting a profit.

Offering promos as part of your marketing campaign can be an effective way of attracting customers and motivating them to download your app. What’s more, it could work to improve your app’s image and reputation and will encourage consumers to keep an eye on your brand in the hope of more offers in the future.

The type of promo you run will depend on the specifics of your app and your own personal preferences. A simple option could be to run a discounted download price for a limited time only, motivating users to download the app while they can get it for a cut price. If your app is subscription based, you could consider offering a free trial period as part of a promotional offer. This can give customers the chance to try out your app and make an informed decision about whether they want to move forward and purchase or not.


Marketing and advertising are integral parts of the app design and launch process. You could have the best app in the world, but if it isn’t marketed correctly – hitting the right channels, and connecting with the right people – you will not see the success it deserves. Getting a headstart over your competitors is crucial, so buy app installs to give your app an early boost and push it up the charts. Make extensive use of all the major social media platforms and market organically on smaller channels. Collaborate with social media influencers to promote and increase awareness of your app, and offer promos as part of your marketing campaign to attract and secure customers.

Angela Tague

Tech Writer ( Contributor )

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