How to Use Social Media Marketing to Boost Your Brand Authority

| Updated on February 29, 2024

Of the various marketing media streams that businesses have at their disposal, one of the most popular – especially in recent years – is social media. Social media marketing encompasses several fields, including content generation and syndication, pay-per-click ad implementation, and even just growing a business account.

With the rise of digitization over the past two decades, this social sphere is now unavoidable. Nearly 60% of the entire global population has at least one account on any platform, with 92.7% of all internet users also having one or more accounts.

Considering that social media is accessible to any company and potentially contains billions of new customers, this isn’t a channel you can put on the back burner. It is still becoming popular, making this the best time in history to get started.

In this article, we’ll dive into the world of social media marketing (SMM) and explore exactly how your enterprise can thrive in this digital arena. We’ll touch on strategies for launching successfully into its world, tips to boost your brand authority, and methods that you can use from day one to see traction.


Let’s dive right in.

Why Is Brand Authority Important Online?

Over the past three decades, business has slowly been transitioning into the digital world. Whereas thirty years ago, the majority of companies simply operated on a local level, this is now far from the truth. The average enterprise will receive the majority of sales directly from online sources. That is if a company has prepared ahead of time and can demonstrate that they’re a reputable company.

Brand authority is an umbrella term that suggests how trustworthy your brand is. How well-known your name is typically impacts your authority. For example, would you rather buy from Amazon or a random drop-shipping seller with no online presence and no customer reviews? Most of the time, authority wins out.

With that in mind, it’s necessary to build your online presence in this digital age. Without the ability to show potential customers that your venture does what it says it does and offers the products it advertises, it’ll be hard to get traction.

One of the central spheres where you can build authority is on social media, as this is a site that is directly visible to absolutely anyone who’s browsing online.

How to Improve Brand Visibility Through Social Media

There are numerous platforms that a business can focus on. At the moment, the most popular are sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and, to some sectors, LinkedIn. Whereas these are not the only sites you can create profits on, they are the main ones you should start with if you’re only just getting started with this world. 

One aspect of marketing is creating pay-per-click advertisements. However, we won’t cover that in this article as that typically needs a larger budget and can be more complex. If you’re just getting started, the best approach you can take is to work on improving your visibility and brand authority across each of the aforementioned sites.

Let’s explore some leading methods to improve its visibility and authority on different platforms. 

Turn to Influencers

Influencers, especially when you’re only just getting started, are a phenomenal way of increasing trust in your corporation. People with a large following will typically be trusted by their audience. By paying these influencers to access that audience, you are basically allowing that influencer to vouch for your brand.

Not only do these partnerships drive extra traffic to your social media pages, but they also help to ensure that people trust in your label right from the beginning of its launch. There’s a reason that the influencer marketing industry is worth over $20 billion across the world, this is an extremely potent way of improving your visibility through marketing. 

Don’t overlook influencers if they don’t have huge followings. Often, micro-influencers can be just as useful to your business as they can have higher engagement rates and loyal followers.

Engage with Followers

Your followers should be more than just a number that you want to see increase. To bring that about, and increase engagement when doing so, your firm should strive to interact with your customers where possible. Your business can reply to comments, respond to queries, and demonstrate that it’s an active and thriving account via customer replies.

Alongside showing that your enterprise cares about its customers, you’ll also show the world that you are an active company. When customers search your social pages before making a purchase, an active presence will put them at ease and increase the likelihood that they follow through.

Show Off Your Sales

Social media is a wonderful platform because it allows you to craft an extremely specific brand persona and run with it. Some labels opt for comical profiles, whereas others move toward more serious and informed pages. Whatever your main focus is, you can use that tone and apply it to highlighting successful sales in your company.

For brands with a professional tone, you can create case studies and snippets that you share on social media. These will take previous clients you’ve had and demonstrate what you did to them or what you offered them. Social proof can go a long way to demonstrate you offer exactly what you say you do.

Equally, if you have a relaxed tone, you can highlight product sales with pictures of happy customers or colleges that collect different product photos from real-world product images. 

Either of these are fantastic ways of improving the brand authority of your business and showing the world you continually deliver great products and services. 

Social media Users Globally

Final Thoughts

Social media isn’t going anywhere. And, if you want to say the same about your company, then you need to join this growing world. As a highly accessible digital forum where you can build relationships, portray your business, and demonstrate your brand authority to the world, social media is a must-have in 2024.

By utilizing the strategies that we’ve explained on this list, your business can improve its brand authority and visibility, gain new followers, cultivate a following, and demonstrate that you are a reputable company. 

As more customers begin to trust your venture, you’ll rapidly discover a world of increased sales, decreased questioning around your venture, and improved customer relationships.

2024 is the year of building up a social following.

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