Influencer Marketing Trends That Will Lead to Success in 2024

| Updated on March 27, 2024

There was a time when influencer marketing trends were very close-knit, and brands that were born and raised on the internet claimed this service. However, when it comes to the recent altercations in the digital market, social media influencers have been in the limelight for quite some time now. 

Whether you are a business that has been on the market for decades now or you are a budding entrepreneur, influencer marketing is the way to go. Influencers can help you reach new audiences in a matter of hours, and the more loving the influencer is, the more conversion you can expect. 

However, after the recent changes in influencer trends, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind before hiring one for the campaign. 

Let us elaborate on the matter!

Influencer Marketing Trends You Will Need In The Coming Year

Influencers have become more people-friendly because of how much they believe in a customer-friendly approach. Their followers are their bread and butter. So, if you ask them to do something their followers do not like, there are high chances of the deal canceling.

No matter how many views the post gets, there is no profit in offending the audience.


Niche marketing is a matter of the past now. Because niches themselves are too widespread now. If you wish to target your customer base, it is better to do it with microniches. 

Influences will be venturing into this strategy more in the coming year to reach out to a concentrated audience base who would be interested in the product. To give you an example of micro niches-

Fashion is a niche, but not everyone likes all kinds of fashion. Micro niches are the subgenres within these niches, like, Grunge fashion, Vintage fashion, Y2K fashion, etc. Influencer trends are also highly controlled by catering to each audience individually.

Maintaining Sensitivity Towards Audiences

Sensitivity is a pioneer matter of discussion and debate when it comes to influencer marketing trends. You cannot have a marketing campaign without being ignorant of the social issues around the world. 

Influencers receiving backlash for promoting brands with racial insensitivity, child labor, and lack of sustainability have been the theme of 2021. Especially after the pandemic, when the cost of living has increased, amidst all the unemployment, an influencer can be deemed insensitive if found pushing extreme commercialization.

So, be careful with your influencer marketing strategies. To understand more about sensitivity and GenZ backlash, visit RSLOnline.

Environmental Friendly Living

More than the product’s durability or convenience, audiences are more interested in matters like slow living and environmentally friendly brands. In addition, a study has shown that commercialization is steering towards sustainability as a buyer is more likely to check your sustainability goals before buying from you. 

Therefore, if you do not keep your sustainability goals or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) up to mark, an influencer might be hesitant since they will be talking about three factors along with what you are selling. 

Lives & Videos

The latest influencer marketing trends have been more about connecting than selling. So you and the influencer in the project have to be on board with making more videos and going live. 

Audiences do not want to just buy; they want to see the backhouse nitty-gritty of the company. They want to reach the same level and understand the importance of the product from the influencer’s point of view. 

All in all, the audience has become more mindful of what they consume over the internet. They are not blindly influenced but are more so convinced by the influencer.

Influencer Marketing Is The Trend!

These new influencer marketing trends are here to stay, and you better start strategizing a plan. Unfortunately, many still think influencer marketing is shallow, and it will give your brand a bad reputation. But, in all honesty, if big brands like Dunkin and Sephora could collaborate with up-and-coming Tiktokers, so can you. 

With the help of an influencer, you are directly reaching out to your audience, and it is way more effective than any other advertising.

Angela Tague

Tech Writer ( Contributor )

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