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    | Updated on March 16, 2023

    SBCGlobal stands for Southwestern Corporation and is one important part of the email world. It started as a child company of Bell service but was later merged with AT&T services in 2005. So for now, the email domains that end with SBCGlobal.net are a part of AT&T services.

    SBCGlobal is a free email service offered to every AT&T user and it can even be accessed with Yahoo mail. So now if you want to login to Sbcglobal.net, you will be redirected towards Yahoo mail att.net page. This is because SBCGlobal is a part of Att.net that is accessible through Yahoo owing to the partnership between the two (ATT and Yahoo). 

    So if you are thinking of creating a new SBCGlobal account, that is not possible as of now and you have to choose from the current domains available and they are @currently.com and @att.net

    Choose domain out of currently.com or att.net

    In case you have an account for so long, you can log into it using the simple steps explained further.

    Steps to Login into Your SBCGlobal account

    1.  Navigate to the website Yahoo mail att.net page. 
    2. Click on the Sign-in option given at the top-right corner.
    3. After that, you need to enter your email address/User ID and then enter the password for the same.
    4. You can select the checkbox for ‘Keep me signed in for 2 weeks’ if you want to stay signed in
    5. And as the last step is to click on the ‘Sign In’ option.
    6. If you have entered the correct login details, you will be directed towards your SBCGlobal inbox.

    That was so simple to access your SBCGlobal inbox. Once you have logged into your email account, you can simply start creating or sending emails and whatever actions you have to perform.

    You can also sign in to SBCGlobal email account using the given information:

    1. In order to login to SBCGlobal email account, navigate to its login page that is handled by AT&T using the following link- https://digitallocker.att.net. There you have to enter your login credentials and simply click on ‘Sign in’.
    2. The login page gives your platform to access your @sbcglobal.net or @att.net email accounts, and some other additional domains as follows: 
    • @currently.com
    • @snet.net
    • @bellsouth.net
    • @flash.net
    • @ameritech.net
    • @pacbell.net
    • @prodigy.net
    • @nvbell.net
    • @swbell.net
    • @wans.net
    • @sbcglobal.net
    • @att.net
    Enter your email ID and password and click on sign in

    Login Issues with the SBCGlobal Mail Account

    There can be several instances where you may face difficulty in logging into your SBCGlobal email account. Login issues with SBCGlobal are no new things and this can happen due to several reasons as dealing with technology can be time-consuming or nerve-wracking sometimes.

    Unable to Sign in to SBCGlobal Email Account? Here’s Why

    It is normal to face sign-in issues with SBCGlobal. But there is nothing to worry as there is a solution for that, however, to find the right fix, you need to identify what is creating the problem.

    1. First of all, you need to be sure of using the right URL that is https://digitallocker.att.net.
    2. Next, you will need a working internet connection that is free from speed issues. You can check this by opening other websites or refreshing the page. This way you can realize if the problem is with your internet connection or AT&T.
    3. After you have checked the above two points, next, you should double check your login credentials if you have entered them correctly as passwords are case sensitive and you need to enter it carefully. Even if you have copied your password from somewhere, ensure that you haven’t pasted extra space as this will also lead to sign in error.
    4. Further, ensure that the AT&T email server is not down and is working fine by navigating to the link- https://downdetector.com/search/?q=at%26t and click on ‘AT&T’ to know the server status.
    5. If the issue is still there, check if it is due to the web browser by using ‘incognito mode’ to login or login after clearing the caches and cookies or try to use a different web browser or a different device to log in.
    6. Lastly, you can temporarily disable the ad-blocking software or plug-ins as they can also hinder the login process.

    How to Reset SBCGlobal Email Password?

    In case, you don’t remember the SBCGlobal email password, you can reset it simply by going to the AT&T URL that you use to login https://digitallocker.att.net.

    Once you are on the login page, click on the option ‘Forgot Password’ and just follow the given instructions. To reset the password, you will need to complete the verification process by entering your User ID and other required information. Click on ‘Continue’ and follow the instructions to set a new password for your account. 

    How To Recover Forgotten SBCGlobal Email ID?

    To recover a forgotten SBCGlobal User ID and Password, you will need a secondary email address that you have linked to your account while signing up for it. Go to the main login page- https://digitallocker.att.net/ and click on ‘Forgot User ID’ and enter the secondary email address in the given field and click ‘Continue’. After this, your SBCGlobal User ID will be sent to your secondary email address.


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