6 Quick-Fixes to Resolve Issues with iMessage/Text Sending Services on iPhone

| Updated on February 13, 2024

iPhone’ users can face some unexpected troubles when using messaging services. And these instances might be very frustrating and disturbing in the middle of professional work or some important tasks. 

If you are unable to send messages or iMessages through your iPhone devices, just scroll through this helpful guide, exclusively made to resolve messaging issues on your iPhone.

First things first, let’s inspect and make sure if you are genuinely facing troubles while sending messages through iPhone messaging services.

To check, follow the points below: 

Quick Check 1 : Check for red marks

See for the red exclamation mark inside the red circle, besides the message that did not get delivered. 

Message that did not get delivered

Quick Check 2 : Check if it is SMS or iMessage

Check if your message bubble is sent in a blue bar or green bar. If it is in the green bar, your messages are being delivered via SMS and if it is in the blue bar, your messages are getting delivered via iMessage(requires internet services)

difference between iMessage or SMS
difference between iMessage or SMS

Now, after checking and discovering if your messaging services are getting interrupted, just follow this quick resolving method guide listed below to resolve issues while sending messages through your iPhone:

Basic to Advanced Methods to resolve issues while sending messages through iPhone

Let’s get started with the methods, step by step:

Method 1 : Connect to WiFi services

Are you also seeing the following notification under your Messaging services or Message Settings? Check your carrier or ISP’s settings

Just try to check the services, from the following screen: 

iMessage Services Unavailable

Method 2 : Turn off airplane mode 

Make sure your Airplane mode is turned off. For this, drag down the upper screen or the control center of your iPhone and click on the Airplane Symbol(orange-colored symbol)

Airplane symbol after sliding down in iPhone


 just go to settings and click slide right to left 

Turn off Airplane Mode, under settings in iPhone

Method 3 : Click on Try Again 

Easily, tap on the exclamation symbol beside the message that has not been sent and click on “Try Again.”

Go to I symbol and click on try again

Method 4 : Turn on iMessage services-  

To enable this, go to the Settings and scroll the screen down to click on Messages, under the Messages, turn on iMessage by clicking on it or sliding it right to left, as shown below:

 turn on your iMessage bar

Method 6 : Reset your Network Settings

There are chances that the messaging services of your iPhone are not working due to some technical network issues and that’s why you are not able to send any messages. To resolve these issues, just Reset Network settings and for that, just follow the steps below:

Step 1 : Go to Messages under Settings in your iPhone 

go to messages on your iPhone

Step 2 : Under Settings, go to General, and click on Reset

Go to Reset under General Settings 

Step 3 : Enter your password, in case you have enabled a password to reach out to your Network Settings 

Enter your network Phone passcode

Step 4 : After that, under Reset just click on Reset Network Settings 

go to reset network settings

Step 5 : As you click on Reset Network Settings, you will get the following notification, just click on the red marked- “Reset Network Settings”

Click on red marked Reset Network Settings

Method 6 : Turn On Send as SMS

Sometimes your messages are sent or delivered to you through iMessages, to avoid that, just go to the Settings>> Messages and scroll down the screen>> Send as SMS

Turn on Send as SMS


Why are my messages not sent to that one person?

Probably, the number of the receiver you have is incorrect or out of service. Check the
receiver’s Phone Number

Why are my Text messages not showing up on my iPhone?

Turn on your iPhone Notifications for Message services

Are the above—listed methods applicable for all iPhone Users?

A3. Yes, as the iOS processors are the same, the above-listed methods are applicable on
all versions of iPhones. I hope you will be able to resolve the ‘messages not sending’ issue regarding SMS services on your iPhone. Now, continue using iMessages without a glitch.

Happy iMessaging!

Chitra Joshi

Content Writer & Marketer

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