iPhone Hacks: How to Change the Emoji Sizes on Your iPhone?

| Updated on March 1, 2024

Texting and messaging have become extremely important in modern times. Long gone are the days when people used to handwrite letters. With a few clicks and taps, you can easily send a text and get a reply within a few seconds. With texting, emoticons, or emojis, have become extremely common — the most famous one being the laughing emoji. 


Why are Emojis Needed?  

Emojis are quite essential when it comes to texting. They can convey emotions that are difficult to convey through text or words. They do not hold any academic value, as emojis are meant to be fun, light-hearted, and informal. They are essential for communication with our friends and family. Our texts almost seem incomplete without them.  

Emojis also help in livening up conversations. They help us express body language and facial expressions virtually. In times of the pandemic, they have become all the more important since we’ve lost physical touch with people. Emojis are the only way to adequately convey whatever we’re feeling.  

Emojis can also help make any given task less daunting for both the reader and the sender. They even help make the chats more entertaining. They help in grabbing the attention of the reader and are a more advanced form of text-based, casual conversation.  

Whenever we buy iPhones, whether it is the latest model or even a  wholesale iPhone, a few easy iPhone hacks can make our lives a lot easier. To explore more in this regard, read through our iPhone guide to find out how you can change the emoji sizes on your iPhone.  

How Do You Make Your Favorite Emojis Bigger on Your iPhones?  

There are three ways to go about this. Most people don’t know about these hacks, which makes them even more fun and unique.  

  1. If you want the receiver of your texts to focus his or her attention more on the emojis, you can actually make them about three times bigger. For this, go to any chat box in your Message App and tap the text input field. After this, open the emoji keyboard like you usually do by tapping and holding the globe icon at the bottom of your keyboard. Choose “Emoji.” 

If you send emojis separately, without any text, they automatically get three times bigger. You can choose up to three emojis for them to be larger than normal size. If you choose four or more, they will be reduced to their usual size.

  1. You can even use a third-party keyboard to get bigger emojis. That is, you can download keyboards like the “Big Emoji Keyboard” and use them to send bigger emojis to your friends through text messages on an iPhone. Once you download an app like this, you will see many emojis on the app interface. It automatically replaces your normal keyboard in every texting app. Simply select your desired emoticon and send it to get bigger emojis.
  2. You can also copy and paste emojis from a website. This is an extremely convenient way to go about it. You can go to a reliable website like gatemoji.com that provides many emojis. Then you can go ahead and select any of your favorite emojis from the website and copy them to your clipboard. This way, you can select bigger or smaller emojis. Now, simply go to your messaging app and paste the emoji in the text field. This way, you can easily send bigger emojis through text messages on your iPhone.  

How to Decrease the Emoji Size on Your iPhone?  

Wholesale electronics, including iPhones, don’t really have a feature to make emojis smaller. You can send more than three emojis to get a smaller size. As far as messaging apps like WhatsApp are concerned, a hack that may work in reducing emoji sizes is putting the emojis in bold. Simply encase your favorite emoji between stars (*) to reduce its size. 

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