Got your Facebook Page Deleted? Here’s Why and How to Recover it.

| Updated on March 4, 2024

It has been a common trend when Facebook delete pages and accounts. Don’t think they feel happy doing that but they are liable to do so. Also, whenever a Facebook account or page gets deleted or removed, the most anticipated reason can be, not adhering to one of the Facebook rules and guidelines. Facebook delete pages that don’t stick to the rules and sometimes they don’t let you recover it back. 

There can be two scenarios: one is where you don’t get any warning and one day when you login, find your Facebook page is no longer accessible.

Other is when you get a warning in your email that your page has been disabled.

Both scenarios can be very heart-wrenching but to fix this problem, you must know what the factors that led to this situation are and how to recover Facebook page.

Reasons for Getting Your Facebook Page Deleted

The chief reason for facing such a situation is, not following the rules and regulations set by Facebook. Certain rules have been pre-determined by Facebook that has to be abided by while creating a page on the social platform. Here are the common factors that play a major role in the deletion of your Facebook page:

  • Fake page or account- If you have created a fake page or account on someone else’s behalf, the moment Facebook will find it out, your page will be removed from the platform. 
  • Misrepresentation- Impersonating someone or business on Facebook is not at all acceptable.
  • Cover photo Facebook has some rules regarding cover photos as well. You cannot post cover photos that have more than 20% text. There are changes in the rules from time to time so keep yourself updated in order to prevent your page from getting removed.
  • Competitions- Facebook competitions are really common but they need to be organized properly without violating any rules. Know all the rules beforehand and follow them whole-heartedly to escape deletion. 
  • Copyrighted Content- Posting offensive content or something that is not free to use for everyone, is one of the reasons that can be reported by anyone and this can make your Facebook page disappear.

How to Recover a Deleted Facebook Page?

‘How Do I Get Back On My Facebook Page’, this question must be lingering on your mind from the time your Facebook page had been taken down. Once the page has been disabled, it becomes difficult to recover it, but still, there is something you can give a try to.

Go to the link but you need to be logged in to your Facebook account to access this request form.

As you see the title. ‘Report an issue with Facebook pages’, you can explain the issue you have regarding the page and provide complete details vis-à-vis the same. Also, enter the URL of your page and add a screenshot if you want to. Press ‘Send’ when you are done filling the information.

You can fill this form if you think you have accidentally deleted your page or it has been mistakenly removed by Facebook. Deleting a Facebook page by accident is not of much concern as you can recover it later within a fixed time period. However, when Facebook takes this huge step it is rather difficult and there is no assurance that you will receive a reply from Facebook’s side.


How to Safeguard Your Facebook Page from Getting Deleted?

  • Running competitions is not easy on Facebook as you need to abide by so many rules failing which can put your page in trouble. So if you want to run a competition and don’t want to get in problem, you can do it from your website or blog and share it on Facebook. 

Additionally, you can add a disclaimer as well for further clarity ‘This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Facebook’. 

mspy img
  • Posting copyrighted material is common these days and if you also follow this trend on your page, watch out as it can shut down your page. Anyone can report your copied image to Facebook without any notice. So before you share anything, make sure no one is going to claim it later. 
  • You must not rely on one source to promote your page instead expand it to other social networks. So even if Facebook takes it down, you are not entirely busted and will have something to endorse your business. 

How to delete a Facebook page?

There can be times as well when you purposely want to get rid of a page you have created before but don’t know how to do that. Here are the clear steps you need to follow:

Click on ‘Pages’
  • You will see all the pages that you manage, click on the one that you want to delete.
Facebook pages that you manage
  • On the left side of the page, you will see a lot of options, scroll down to find the ‘Settings’ option and click on it.
Click on Settings
  • Now, on the right, you will see a lot of options, scroll down to the bottom to find ‘Remove Page’ option; click on it.
Click on Remove Page
  • Then, to remove your page permanently, click on ‘Permanently delete (your page name)’ option
permanently delete your facebook page
  • You will see a message pop-up with a warning that says ‘Once you delete a page, you will not be able to get it back’. Hence, only press the ‘Delete’ button if you are sure of deleting your Facebook page.
click on delete to permanently delete your Facebook page


Earlier, you used to get 14 days to recover your Facebook page once you have deleted, but now, this option is no longer available, once you have deleted your page, you cannot get it back anytime.


Khushboo Chhibber

Senior Web Writer and Video Creator

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