Helping Handbook to Fix Gmail 007 Error, Trouble-Free

| Updated on May 10, 2024

Gmail is a free email servicing app, provided by Google, that has been growing every day to reach approximately 1.8 billion active users in 2021.  Today, people from around the world are dependent on Gmail, due to its reliable services and advanced features. The messaging services are high in demand, specifically for work purposes. 

But, nothing is perfect. And so, recently, users have been facing some issues regarding Gmail errors. Let’s look into an example, quickly.

According to the latest survey, the comments section of Google Support into shows that more than 20 people have been complaining about the same issue since 2019, with no solution till now.

  • From 10/26/19 and further ahead, with no solution
Gmail complaint about 007 error
  • And, ultimately was heated up with a taunt and a basic list of solutions be this user is shown below, on 3/2/20
Gmail complaint in the about comment section

The issues of ‘007’ on Gmail servers were unresolved ones that were necessary to be sorted out for the Gmail users worldwide.

How? By this brief blog!

If you are unable to send messages, if your Email services are stuck while using, or if you are facing some glitches while using Gmail, fortunately, you are on the right site for the appropriate solutions. 


The solutions are the same in case you receive a 007 error code or #2008 error code.

This blog is going to be an all-in-one guide to resolve your Email issues that can come in the form of- “oops, the system encountered a problem (#2008)”, or “007 Gmail”  

NO.1 Quick Tip: You can start with uninstalling and reinstalling an up-to-date version of Gmail Services, if available, on your device. 

If the above tip does not work, be with us till the end!

But, before starting the steps, you have to be patient as we open this well-tested treasure of solutions to fix the 007 Gmail errors

Why Did You Get Caught Up in the 007 Error, Gmail Error?

Reasons for Gmail  error #007 could be, 

  • Security issues
  • Incorrect Configuration of System
  • Modifications in Settings 
  • Registry error
  • Slow internet connection 

How to Fix Gmail 007 Error Quickly?

Let’s start with applying some quick fixes if you’re stuck on an emergency basis while working or sending an official document or assignment. 

Fix 1: Incognito Mode 

To resume your Gmail on sudden stocks and to work immediately, you can start working on the Incognito tab, either by clicking- CTRL SHIFT+ N) or by following the steps.

  • Step 1: Go to the three dots at the top right from your Google Browser 
  • Step 2: Click on the New Incognito window
  • Step 3: A black screened window will appear, login in to your Gmail Account to continue working. 
open incognito tab

Fix 2: Login Gmail through a Different Browser 

To continue to use your Gmail Account on an urgent basis, just try to access Gmail by logging in from a different Browser. For example- Opera, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. 

Follow all the methods that are explained in brief as you scroll below. 

Ultimate Solutions to Fix Gmail 007

Let’s go through the complete set of instructions to resolve all the Gmail errors that are received by the message consisting of the code-007.


Disable the “Background send” lab, this solution has been outdated and is invalid now. So, do not try to apply this, as you won’t be able to find this option in your Gmail now. Also, this method was used in 2011 and the option was retired in 2017. 

1. Switch to a New Browser or Update your Browser 

One great browser that you should try is Opera. It is fast and powerful, thanks to the Chromium engine but has none of its well-known limitations, such as high resource demand.

Update Google Chrome

  • Step 1: To update Chrome, go to Google Chrome Browser and click on the Support symbol from the top right. 
Go to support symbol from Google Chrome
  • Step 2:  Under Support Section, click on the Help tab
help tab under the Support section
  • Step 3: From the Help tab, you will be directed to the following page. From here, click on Update Gmail
click on Update Gmail under the Help tab
  • Step 4: As you click Update Gmail, you will be given two options to update your Gmail- via Android or Store Apple servers. Choose as per your convenience and click on the blue tab – “Update your Gmail App”.
click on update your Gmail app

To update Gmail from Android devices, go to the Play Store, search for the update and click on Update or Install, from the screen as shown below. 

update your Gmail app on Android under Gmail help

To update Gmail from Apple devices, go to the App Store, ‘Check for Updates’ and click on the link that is shown below.

update your Gmail app on Apple devices under Gmail Help
  • Step 5: After following the above step, you will be directed to the App Store web page or Play Store web page. From this page, you can directly check for updates and install the latest versions, if available.

Update Microsoft Edge

To update Microsoft Edge, the foremost thing is to update your Windows 10. To do that, follow the steps below: 

Click on Windows Icon>> Start>> Settings>> Update and Security section>> Check for updates”>>Install the Updates (if available).

2 . Check your Internet Connection

The Internet connectivity or technical issues regarding your Wi-Fi or router can lead to dysfunctions on your Gmail. To resolve these issues, 

  • Boost up your internet connection
  • Check your Wi-Fi by turning it On and Off. 
  • Talk to the Service Provider, if the Internet connectivity issues persist 

3. Use Gmail in HTML Version

In case, your Gmail is not working till now, maybe, you should use Google Mail services under HTML, by following the steps below.

  • Step 1: Go to the HTML version of Gmail and enter your Gmail login details, to reach the page below. And click on “I’d like to use HTML Gmail”
use Gmail on HTML
  • Step 2: After clicking on the above tab, you will be directed to the HTML version of Gmail. And you will be able to see the following mailing mode.
HTML mailing mode messages

4. Clear Browser’s Cache Files and Cookies

Caches are the information of the websites that you visit, that are stored on your browsers. Caches and cookies can help to save time, but clearing caches and cookies are necessary as it takes up a lot of space which leads to a lot of errors and glitches that include- Gmail error 007.

Both caches and cookies can cause “oops the system encountered a problem error”

To clear the cookies and caches, 

  • Step 1: Click on the three dots at the top-right, select History and go to Recent History, or directly press <CTRL H> from the keyboard. 
go to google browser history
  • Step 2: As you reach the History section, select the web pages that you want to delete, or you can also click on Clear browsing data from the left side of the screen, as shown below.  
clear the browsing data
  • Step 3:  Go to the Advanced Settings and click on Clear Data. From here, you can also select the time duration for which you want to clear the browser data, as shown on the page below. Then click on Clear data
Clear Data

5. Disable Browser Extensions and Add-Ons

Another cause of the Gmail errors can be the add-ons and extensions. You might have added some third-party extensions to your Google Browser, these plugins can interfere with the other applications of the system,  causing sudden blocks while using Gmail Services.

To resolve these issues, 

  • Step 1: Go to the Extension icon- puzzle-shaped icon, in the top-right corner from the Google browser.
click on extensions from the Google browser
  • Step 2: Under Extensions, click on the three dots of the extension that you wish to remove and then click on Remove from Chrome, as shown below. 
remove extensions from Google Chrome

Alternatively, you can also follow another method as follows,

  • Step 1: Click on the Extensions from the top-right of the screen, and click on  Manage Extensions  
click on manage extensions
  • Step 2: Under the following section, you can see all the extensions (pinned or not pinned), just click on the sliding symbol to remove the extension. 
remove extensions

6. Disable Antivirus and Other Internet Security Programs

If your Gmail errors, specifically the 007, 2#008 ones are caused due to some obscure reasons, you can easily resolve it by unfolding this section, as you scroll down. 

  • Step 1: Go to the Windows tab from the bottom right of your screen, or just click on the windows button from the keyboard and click on Settings.
go to settings from the windows tab
  • Step 2: Under the Settings, click on “Update and Security”
click update and security under settings
  • Step 3: Go to Windows Security, shown on the right side of your screen, from “Update & Security” Store
go to windows security, under Update and security
  • Step 4: Now, check for the security set-ups, see what security measures are updated and which ones are required to be updated. To do that, click on “Open Windows Security”
click on open windows security under windows settings
  • Step 5: From the page below, turn on the security measures that are required to be enabled and turn off the unnecessary options. For example, turn on the Virus and threat protection.
turn on the security measures under windows Security

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