How to Convert PDF to Word on Windows

| Updated on March 26, 2024

Do you know why almost all the documents are sent in PDF format? Well, this is because, through PDF, the quality of the documents stays the same for all. This is the major benefit of a PDF file, but the same can be its drawback too, because of the reason that PDFs are designed in a way that it’s very difficult to make edits in it. This is why if you want to make even a minor edit in a PDF file, you will have to convert it to a Word file. 

But wait, it’s not that simple. Converting a PDF file to a Word file on Windows can be tricky, plus most people don’t know about it. And this is why we have made this guide to help you convert PDF to Word on Windows. 

Here, we’ll provide you with all the easiest and the most straightforward methods to convert a PDF to a Word file on Windows. So let’s get started. 

A PDF can be converted through any app-Windows, Google Docs, Adobe Acrobat, etc. it depending on your preference. Most people consider Windows to convert their PDFs, this is because, on Windows, the steps are easy and short, making it more convenient for the users. 

So, let’s get started with converting a PDF file to a Word file in Windows within just a few steps. 

Converting PDF to Word on Windows 

Converting a PDF file to Word on Windows works the best when it comes to making a document in editable format. This method will automatically convert your PDF file to a DOCX. Format, where the PDF will be in a text format, and with the text format, you can easily edit your document. 


Once you have successfully converted your PDF to a Word file, its lines and page break, i.e., it’s formatting, will be different from the original file.

Here’s how you can convert your PDF to a Word file on Windows:

  • Open a Word document on your device. 
  • In the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see “File”, click on it and then click on “Open”.
Click on File
  • Locate the PDF file on your device that you want to convert. Once you have found the PDF, click on it and then click on Open.
Locate the PDF file
  • This will simply open the PDF file in Microsoft Word. 
  • After that, you will get a pop-up saying “Word will now convert your PDF to an editable document”. Click OK to continue with the process. 
Click OK on the warning
  • Now, Word will convert the document to an editable Word document so that you can make changes to it. 
  • Once done with all the changes, Word will save the document in a DOCX format in the default location on your device. 


There’s nothing to worry about the warning that popped up while converting the PDF file to a Word file. It was just to let you know that the new Word document that you are creating might not look exactly like the PDF, but your original PDF will remain untouched.

So these were the ways you can use to convert a PDF to Word on Windows. Some people might find methods like these quite intimidating and time-consuming, for those people,  there are many tools on the internet that helps you convert PDF into a Word file. These tools don’t have to be the paid ones, you can also use a free PDF converter tool. 

One of these tools is SwifDoo PDF, which is a free PDF converter tool. With SwifDoo, you can convert your PDF to a Word file with just a few clicks. 

Let’s learn how.

How to Convert a PDF to a Word File Using SwifDoo?

SwifDoo is the best online and offline PDF converter tool. Below are the steps you can use to convert a PDF to a Word file using Swifdoo:

  • Visit SwifDoo converter online on your web browser. 
  • Right on top of the Homepage of the website, you’ll see many options like edit PDF, convert PDF, merge PDF, compress PDF, etc. 
  • Click on convert PDF.
Click on convert PDF 
  • In the next window, you’ll see many options to convert a PDF into, like PDF to Word, PDF to Excel, PDF  to PPT, PDF to image, and many more. Choose the one that fits you the best. (Here, you can also convert a Word file or any other file to a PDF). 
Click on Convert to Word
  • After deciding the right option, on the right side of the screen, click on the option saying “+ Choose file”
Click on Choose file
  • Locate the PDF you want to convert to a Word file from your device and click on Open
Click on Open
  • Wait for a few moments to complete the process.
Wair for the conversion to finish
  • Once converted, you’ll see “Converted Successfully” on your screen. 
converted successfully 
  • Right next to it, click on the download option and the Word file will be downloaded on your device. 

And you are done, your PDF is successfully converted to a Word file on Windows, and that too so quickly. 

Well, this is not about SwifDoo converter online, there’s also a premium version of this website called SwifDoo PRO, with many additional exciting features. 

So, if you are considering buying the PRO version of the SwifDoo website, we have something for you. There’s a SwifDoo PRO license code through which you can have full access to the PRO version of it. 

Let’s learn how to activate it.

Activating the PRO Version of SwifDoo

While using a website, we all think of buying the premium version at least once. Well, this is because of the additional services we’ll get from buying the premium version of it. The same goes for SwifDoo, with its premium version you will get access to many exciting and cool features of it like dedicated customer care service, thorough documentation, frequent updates, and many more. 

So let’s learn how we can activate the PRO version of SwifDoo:

Step 1: Create a profile on SwifDoo

  • To create a free account on SwifDoo, visit the registration page of the website-
  • Click on Sign-in and go to create an account. 
  • You’ll be asked to provide an email address, password. Then fill in the verification code, and you are done. 

Step 2: Log in to your account

  • Once you have successfully created an account on SwifDoo, log in to it.
  • Go to your account and in the top right corner, click on My Account. 

Step 3: Activate the code

  • At the user center ( 
  • On the redeem code option, type the activation code). 
  • Your PRO version will be activated.

There you go, enjoy the SwifDoo PRO version.  

So this was all about how to convert PDF to a Word file in Windows. We understand that converting PDF into another format can be tricky but is also something that you need to do because in a PDF format you can’t edit texts, change pages, or move anything. This makes it even more essential to learn how to convert a PDF file to a Word file in Windows. 

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