Gmail is Not Sending Emails? Here are the Causes and the Workarounds

| Updated on February 13, 2024

Realizing one day that your Gmail account is not letting you send emails can be quite petrifying and before your start getting anxious and imagining the worst things happening to you, let me tell you this is temporary and you can fix this too.

Many users have reportedly faced this error once in their lifetime when Gmail won’t send emails; however, this is not the worst; it is when you don’t know how to fix it.

This guide will take you through the reasons for which Gmail is not sending emails including the workarounds as well as some faqs at the end to address frequently faced errors by Gmailians. 

Why Gmail Won’t Send Emails and How to Fix That?

If you are wondering “why can’t I send emails from my Gmail account”; give yourself the following reasons:

1. Your Internet Connectivity is Poor

Check if you are getting the bandwidth required to send a mail before you call it a major issue. Your Gmail messages won’t send and the email will get queued in Outbox if the network is not working properly. So checking your Wi-Fi is the most obvious step to take when Gmail is not sending emails.

2. Gmail is Down

Check if Gmail is doing fine or the server is down for repair or maintenance. At times Gmail can go down and you will find it not working. So, if you aren’t able to send emails, check Gmail’s server status at- If there are issues, wait for some time and then try to send an email from your Gmail account.

3. The App is Outdated

If you are getting the error in sending emails while using the Gmail app, you may haven’t updated the app in a while and are using the outdated version. Get the latest version from the play store and then retry to send an email.

4. Browser is Full of Junk

The browser you are using to log into your Gmail account and send email is full of junk files, caches, cookies, and history. You need to clear the browser at regular intervals to let it work flawlessly. 

That’s all you can try to fix the issue if Gmail is not sending your emails. If this doesn’t help, here we have answered some popular problems faced by Gmail users while sending an email, check that out too.


Kanika Singh

Webmail and Internet Expert

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