Benefits of 5G for Online Gaming

| Updated on March 27, 2024

2022 looks like it will be a big year for gaming, as a new generation of consoles will debut before the year’s end. In the near future, there is a technology that neither Sony’s PS 5* nor Microsoft’s Xbox Series X* can support that could have the biggest impact on the video game industry. With 5G, latency is virtually non-existent, so you’ll be able to play wherever you like with seamless experiences.

It is well known that 5G connectivity will have several major benefits: higher speeds, lower latency, higher capacity, and increased bandwidth will transform how we use the internet, but the gaming industry could well be one of the most benefitted. Many internet providers have already introduced mobile 5G, such as Optimum internet, for which there aren’t even extra charges. You just need a 5G capable phone and the rest is history. 

Over the past few years, people have played more games on their smartphones thanks to smartphones. Mobile phones have made it possible for anyone with a mobile phone to partake in a hobby that once required an expensive console and costly games. Particularly free-to-play games have lowered the barrier to entry. All gamers now have access to gaming in their pocket, and many of these games are free.

Improved Devices = Improved Gaming

Our conversation is not limited to Angry Birds* or Candy Crush* anymore. With the advancement of mobile devices, the quality of games has increased to a point where some mobile titles now compete with the current generation of console games. On mobile devices, you can get cut-down versions of many big-name franchises. As a result, gaming has grown to its largest audience ever. 

Music, video, and gaming are the only three major digital entertainment industries that have not fully adopted a streaming-based distribution model. This is partially due to practical reasons. Since songs and videos are relatively small in file size, they are not too time-consuming to download on residential connections. Unfortunately, AAA PC games can take days to download on a typical home network due to their size, which can reach up to 100GB.

This issue will be addressed with the increase in 5G speed, but we can also expect changes in the way we buy and consume games in general. The current network infrastructure limits the appeal and success of cloud subscription services such as Google Stadia*, so they are not currently feasible for those without reliable and fast connections.

5G Developments

5G will eliminate this limitation and allow even new, graphics-heavy online games to be played on more light in weight hardware, including smartphones, as much of the processing will be done in the cloud. Due to 5G’s low latency, the gameplay experience will also be the same as if the game was played offline with a disc in the tray. In multiplayer experiences, where latency stops level playing fields, this is particularly important. During the Coronavirus pandemic, especially with competitive gaming on the rise, that’s critical.

Because there are no discs for shipping, companies will settle towards subscription models, providing gamers with entree to a virtually unlimited catalog of games for a flat monthly payment. 5G’s speed will prove to be a major advantage here. People will have a hard time deciding what to play when there are so many games available.

A game would take hours and days to download over a traditional wireless network or over 4G – a long time to wait for something you are not even sure you will like.  It will be much easier for gamers to find things they love if the whole thing is moved into the cloud or the download times are drastically reduced. There will be no more wasting time on things you don’t like.

Introducing 5G Gaming Innovation

A 5G connection will also enable new types of games, making subscription services more appealing. In addition to making higher-end gaming more portable, and enabling on-the-go multiplayer experiences at home – something that’s currently difficult due to too much variation in the stability of connections – the new platform will support enhanced augmented reality and social features for popular games like Pokemon Go*.

New hardware will also be affected by this trend. In the context of 5G, devices will be streamlined to become more portable due to the cloud’s ability to handle processing power. Rather than the unwieldy goggles available now, imagine augmented reality headsets the size of glasses. Then people would be encouraged to explore AR experiences since the hardware will be even more immersive.

The screen size of virtual reality devices will still be larger, so miniaturization will only go so far, but 5G will let manufacturers cut the cables and remove a lot of bulk. VR experiences could be truly revolutionized with this, especially on a larger scale. Venues specializing in gaming will have a great deal more freedom to let gamers play VR games with no limitations other than the size of the building. If developers were able to create shooters with such scope, esports would take on a new meaning.

Seamless Gaming Prospects

There are a number of other 5G effects on gaming, but these are the most notable. In addition to gaining insight into how people play their games, moving and gathering data from them will also assist publishers and developers in spotting any unexpected behavior. By understanding and valuing the needs of people, you will be able to influence their choice of companies and how they will respond to them.


Although 5G is often considered a mobile technology, it will affect every aspect of connectivity. The 5G network virtually eliminates latency, allowing seamless gaming experiences wherever you are plus, along with the right network, you also require a great gaming device like laptop for the best experience.

The benefits will not come overnight, and widespread adoption and availability will be needed to reap them. Despite its infancy, 5G promises a very exciting future for gaming, gamers, and video gamers alike. That is all for this post. We hope you found it helpful. If you have queries, please drop them in the comments below.

Priyam Ghosh

Tech and Internet Writer

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