Private 5G Mobile Network – What Opportunities Does it Open?

| Updated on March 27, 2024

The distinctive feature of the 5th generation of mobile communications is that it provides broadband and high-speed data transmission over short distances. The data transfer rate reaches 25 Gbps with minimal signal delays of only 1-2 ms. This allows the technology to be used device-to-device

Another feature of the 5th generation technology arises from the last circumstance – users can create local networks even when they are far from the signs of civilization – far from mobile base stations providing mobile connecting services. 

The importance of introducing 5th-generation technology into all spheres of human activity cannot be overstated. For example, introducing 5g in agriculture could reduce costs and increase productivity. is partnering with Nokia to deliver a simple, high-performance, end-to-end, and secure 5G private wireless network platform. The result of this cooperation is that the manufacturer develops and mass-produces standardized devices that users can install and use on their own. Imagine that you could connect hundreds of devices to local networks of the fifth generation at the same time – from smartphones to seismic sensors. This makes it possible to use big data technology for personal purposes.

5G Applications


Due to the opportunity that the 5th generation of mobile networks offers, the target audience of this technology is farming and agricultural companies. These two branches of production are the most backward due to conservatism. 5G technology makes it possible to interactively collect and process data from vast fields about humidity, temperature, and soil composition, as well as vegetation conditions. With the help of drones connected to the 5G network, the farmer can detect in time the place where weeds grow and then destroy them with the use of the same drones and prevent them from spreading. 

Smart Farming

Animal husbandry uses sensors that are implemented in animals. These sensors allow the operator to monitor the health and location of pets from a distance. In the long run, detecting a rise in the temperature of one animal means you can warn that all the animals will not fall ill with an infectious disease. Drones in animal husbandry make it possible to protect herds and direct animals to watering places or feeders.

Science and Smart Cities

In metropolitan areas, 5G technology is also in demand. For example, in large warehouse environments. An innovative city system collects data on the density of car traffic to regulate the movement of vehicles, which makes the city safer and more environmentally friendly. Environmental ecologists use sensors connected to the 5G network to collect information about weather conditions and environmental pollution.

5G in the Making

5G coverage in the UK currently covers only half of this area. The most significant coverage density is found in the outskirts of cities, where most of the light and heavy industry production capacities and these warehouses are concentrated.  

Rural areas, especially areas related to farming and agriculture, can be considered growth areas for 5G. The sphere of science is not yet taking full advantage of the opportunity to create closed communication networks. With the help of indicators, sensors, and ground and airborne drones, researchers can gather a faster and more complete database on climate change, animal migration, and how human activities affect the environment. In the future, it will be the fifth-generation network that will allow earthlings to safely explore Mars.  

Another promising area of ​​​​application is war zones. With the help of flying drones, you can scatter sensors to warn you if the enemy comes near protected objects. 

According to the expert opinion of our partners from, it is expected that by 2030, 5th-generation technology will be available to individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. Now, the issue of price is contributing to the delay in the process of developing a new-generation mobile network.  

Advantages VR Disadvantages of 5G

The increased interactivity of 5th-generation communication technology can be attributed to the advantages of 5th-generation communication technology. This allows us to learn about the situation in real-time and intervene in it point-by-point. For example, you have an apiary located tens of kilometers away. In one of the hives, a family of bees did not return by evening – sensors connected to a mobile 5G network will instantly inform you about this. The advantage of the 5G base station can also be attributed to low power consumption. Such a station can operate around the clock on a solar battery measuring 30 by 30 cm.

The Internet is evolving, the architecture of mobile networks is changing, new signal transmission devices are appearing, and software-defined networks are being introduced everywhere – all these are signs of a new future – the Internet of things.

The drawback of 5G is the frequency of radio waves of 24 GHz and higher, which makes it ineffective at distances greater than several hundred meters between the transmitter and receiver. Therefore, base stations should be located at a distance of 300 to 500 meters from each other, depending on the complexity of the terrain. Any obstacles in the path of the 5G high-frequency signal, such as walls, partitions, or forest plantations, will affect the movement. Because of this feature, every room and every vehicle that forms a local area network must be equipped with a 5G base station. 


Digital technologies tend to be more minimalist, multifunctional, and privacy-oriented. 5G mobile networks help any system meet these requirements. Since this can be used to create local read-closed communication networks, the scope of this is colossal – from science and social networks to farming and agriculture. 

The most promising application of 5G technology is where the network operator needs to collect real-time data from huge areas and many objects to give instant feedback. For example, the use of this technology in a smart city system allows you to detect gas leaks instantly. Based on signs of too loud or specific sounds, security services will be able to instantly detect crime scenes and the movement of a vehicle. The fifth generation of mobile communications means a safer next generation of humanity.

Chitra Joshi

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