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| Updated on March 27, 2024

It takes a lot of work to start Final Fantasy 14 Online, but this beginner guide features tips to speed up and simplify the process. FFXIV is a pretty big game where you have to play for hundreds of hours to become the ultimate monster slayer here. The Endwalker is the latest addition to FFXIV, and you need a good guide to steer clear of unnecessary quests. 

What Will You Get with the Free Trial?

Starting with the game’s free trial is a good option for new players. The game’s world is introduced, and there are hundreds of hours of gaming available, even in the trial version. Before you spend any money on new expansions and a monthly membership, it is preferable to decide whether playing a game as complicated as FFXIV is worth it or not. You will need FFXIV Gil even in the trial version of the game. A Realm Reborn, the game’s main storyline, and Heavensward, the game’s first expansion, are also included in the free FFXIV trial. 

Together, these patches and two stories connect the expansions. There are easily more than 100 hours of gameplay in the trial version alone. A Realm Reborn is accessible to new players through Heavensward without any monthly fees.

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Start Guide for FFXIV 

How to create a character in FFXIV?

Creating a character is an important decision in FFXIV because you’ll spend a lot of time together in the game world.

Various options are available when creating a character, such as:

  • Although race affects how you appear, it has little of an impact on your stats. Choose a race that looks good to you, such as the human-like Hyur, the cute Lalafell, or the beast-like Hrothgar and Viera.
  • Clan offers minimal changes between each race, but these won’t matter all that much in the long run.
  • There is no impact of gender on the performance of any character in the game. 

After making those choices, you can start creating your character. You have a lot of choices if you ever wish to modify the appearance of your character. Choosing your birthday and patron saint is the last step in the creation process. Our experience suggests that these choices won’t have any impact on your game. 

You must choose a data center after creating your character. Choose any server that is accessible in your area unless you intend to play with friends on a particular server. If you don’t have a server choice, keep in mind that there are rewards for selecting less crowded servers.

How to Choose a Class in FFXIV?

The most important decision is the starting class you’ll select. You’ll play for tens, if not hundreds, of hours in a style that is defined by your class. Your story’s opening is also determined by the class you select when you start the game. 

Later on, in the game, you can change classes. In fact, you can use a single character to play any class, but to begin with, you should choose one class archetype and stay with it until you feel comfortable.

Roles, Jobs, and Classes

Disciples of War and Disciplines of Magic-related classes are available to you. These differences are useful, but it’s more crucial to understand their fighting roles. 

Combat Roles

The three combat roles in Final Fantasy XIV are tanks, healers, and damage-dealing specialists, or DPS. It’s crucial to be aware of these three archetypes since multiplayer games’ dungeons will use them to pair you up with other players.


In battle, tanks take the lead and have blue hero icons. They can take damage and distract enemies away from their team during battle. The majority of tanks possess the abilities necessary to stand fearless in the face of danger.


With spells that keep their allies alive, healers support their squad. They have green character icons.  They employ shields to defend themselves and their talents to heal in huge bursts or progressively. Healers have abilities to get rid of any negative status effects of enemies. While healers can engage in battle, their main responsibility is to watch over and help their team.

Quests in FFXIV

Always pay attention to the quests listed in the main scenario guide, which is located in the upper left corner, when the game first starts. Your next main story quest will always be highlighted in the tab next to the red meteor icon by doing. A red exclamation mark will appear below your main story quest if you have a class or job quest. The quests listed below will always progress your story if all else fails.

The main scenario quest symbols depict an exclamation point-shaped gold and gray meteor. Therefore, finish them as quickly as you can. They will advance the plot and are one of the quickest methods to level up.

Hundreds of side quests will also be available for you to complete for less experience, although you can simply ignore them. Exclamation mark gold icons are used to indicate side missions.

Find the Hall of Novice tasks, indicated by a gold icon with a green sprout, if you want to master Final Fantasy XIV. You learn to play FFXIV and become an expert in the duties of the role that your class or career comes under, thanks to these brief tutorial missions.

Tips and Tricks 

Fast travel is a solid option in FFXIV, but you need to activate the fast travel point with Aetheryte. Once you unlock a fast travel point, you can travel to that location in the blink of an eye whenever you want. Before you enter the battlefield, you should eat some food to get the healing effect started. 
Experiment with your skills and learn any hidden tricks to save yourself in a difficult situation. There is no need to quickly choose skills because they make a difference. MMOpixel is a great option for players who don’t hesitate to spend some money to avoid grinding in popular video games.

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