Level Up: Advancing in Hamster Kombat Crypto Game

| Updated on June 24, 2024

Gaming industry is on a roll, and including new technologies on a regular basis. One such example is Hamster Kombat. Hamster Kombat is one of the most successful crypto gaming platforms, if not the best. Here, you can try your luck and showoff your skills for massive gains.

What captivates the most about this game is that it is completely based on Telegram and can be played there too. The program just recorded more than 100 million gamers in the month of June 2024. Hence, it means that there are people out there definitely interested in trying their luck out. 

Similarly, you can also get familiar with Hamster Kombat and start gaming today itself.

Features of the Game

Being a crypto game, the coin Hamster is denoted with the code HMSTR. One of the most interesting features is that it can reward you with 5 million free in-game Hamster coins.

Just like this, there are some more features that you will find attractive about the game:

  1. Play-to-Earn model: The name itself justifies. The Hamster Kombat invites all of you to get your hands on the competitions and earn a hefty amount of cryptos.
  2. NFT Integration: If there is crypto in game, then why not NFT? The most interesting aspect is the HMSTR coin, is also an NFT in itself. Meaning, you can also trade or sell it as an NFT too.
  3. Referral System: If you share Hamster Kombat with your friends, you can be rewarded with several benefits and gifts from the game. Just copy the referral code and use it when joining a new member.
  4. Multiplayer Mode: You read it right. Why play this game alone when you can invite your friends to build a strong team. Also, you can compete with your friends. Just swing according to your mood and deepen your friendship.
  5. Adorable Characters: If you are in love with animals, this game is made for you. The game has a plethora of characters on the list, and all of them are cute hamsters. Each character has its own ability, and comes with its own unique powers.

Hence, these are all the features that can levitate your whole experience and skyrocket it. However, the story does not end here. There are some additional features that you will enjoy. 

How to Withdraw Hamster Kombat Coins (HMSTR)?

Once you have won enough coins from the game, you can withdraw or convert them. The whole process is super easy and streamlined. Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Link Your Crypto Wallet: This is probably the easiest way how to withdraw funds. Just simply link any crypto wallet of your choice within Telegram. You can also download or install a new wallet.
  2. Covert Coins to Tokens: To complete this process, follow to the game’s directions. Ensure that your wallet is correctly linked and confirmed so that it is ready to receive the tokens.
  3. Withdraw Tokens: To manage and take out your HMSTR coins, use a wallet. For the gas fees, which are typically not very high, you will need to have some TON coins.
  1. Selling Tokens: Probably the most straightforward way to get money directly received in your account. You can sell HMSTR coins directly after they are listed on exchanges. Make sure you understand the procedure and are ready to capitalize on any price increases as soon as you list.

Future of Hamster Kombat

As the play-to-earn game market continues to expand, Hamster Kombat exhibits great promise. With over 60 million players in just three months since launch, the game has been incredibly successful, for both its allure and the need for gaming experiences on platforms like Telegram.

Its captivating tap-to-earn mechanisms and the prospect of material gains through tokenomics and upcoming airdrops have propelled its growth. 

Hamster Kombat has the potential to benefit from the growing ecosystem of decentralized applications. All thanks to its integration with the network and other blockchain technologies. The player’s confidence and engagement depend on this connection’s improvement of transaction security and transparency. 

The game’s value could rise dramatically if the developers include further features and improvements, such as possible expansions into NFT and Metaverse regions. 

Final Words

Hamster Kombat is a whole package of both fun and non-stop earning. The Hamster Kombat comes with its own cryptocurrency called HMSTR. You can exchange it once it gets listed on a crypto exchange, and can also link it to your crypto wallet.

The most interesting thing about the game is that its play-to-earn model comes with numerous features such as multilayer, referral system, and adorable characters, so that you’re never bored of the game.

Finally, this game sets an example for various programmers who are planning to launch their products in the market in the near future. If you agree, share the article with your friends and peers.

Priyam Ghosh

Tech and Internet Writer

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