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| Updated on March 27, 2024

Apex Legends appeared as a direct competitor to PUBG, but the developers from Riot Games focused not so much on realism as on the dynamics of combat battles.

Players land in pairs or as part of groups with a knife and their task is to quickly find equipment and survive in a battle where the current wins who survives.

The main focus is on agents and their abilities, but weapons also play a secondary role.

Beginners getting into Apex Legends can easily get confused about agents, mechanics, and places for the best and safest landing and the most effective weapons.

We offer three sites that can help a beginner get used to and win Apex Legends better:

  • Skycoach
  • Apex Legends Fandom
  • EA Forum
  • Yougame


Skycoach is a service with various services for gamers from professional players. With such resources, you can raise your game rating, get the required number of kills, order boosting or coaching, and much more.

Kill Rewards

When killing an enemy, the player will receive one RP, and you can get no more than five such badges per match. RP will be needed in the later stages of the game and without them, it is impossible to start a ranked match.

You can order the RP collection service from a Skycoach professional player who will play many matches with maximum efficiency with a guaranteed 5 RP for each match. This will help you not to engage in unnecessary farming, but simply enjoy ranked matches in Apex Legends.


Coaching is one of the most popular services because the training of the game from a professional Skycoach player will improve your playing skills in any shooter, help you deal with agents and their use, teach you the tactics of moving and shooting, the best places to land, collecting weapons and selection and replacement criteria, airdrops, and others.

Upon completion of the training, you will be better at shooting and moving, more often taking high places in matches and quickly progressing in the Apex Legends ranking.

Rating Boost

Boosting is a service in which you transfer your account and a professional Skycoach player boosts the rating of your account. VPN is used to ensure all security measures, and Skycoach guarantees the safety of personal data. The status of the order can be tracked on the site in real-time.

Apex Legends Fandom

If you open the Apex Legends Fandom, you can find a lot of information about agents and weapons that are worth paying attention to.


The ideal agent for beginners. Drone master, where each has its own function. The resuscitation drone can lift an ally without the involvement of an agent, and the player will be able to fire and defend the position until they allay is in formation.

A drone with first aid kits allows you to restore health to the player who uses it and the group does not need to look for first aid kits on the map – even after a hard fight, the group can rest, restore resources and replenish ammo thanks to Lifelane’s ammo drone.


Booster and squad protector. Good for beginners due to the constant regeneration of health out of combat, the player does not need to constantly look for first-aid kits, and even after a hard fight, Octane will restore his combat capability in a few minutes. He can even cover for his comrades, but be careful – the character dies like the others.

Octane can share and use boosters that will increase movement speed by 30%.


The agent is tall and massive, making it difficult to disguise him, but he is the best defensive agent that Apex Legends has.

Uses a defensive shield that shields the agent and allies from enemy fire. The shield can be combined with resurrection or group recharge.

When Gibraltar himself is aiming, he is protected by a mini-shield from enemy fire.

Able to bombard the area and smoke out enemy groups from shelters.

EA Forum

A forum for any game, and Apex Legends is no exception – it is always a source of knowledge from the real experience of other players. Gamers share comments, tactics, strategies, and recommendations for beginners, which are filtered by the community itself. Inappropriate advice and wrong tactics quickly receive the necessary criticism and are ignored by beginners.

On the forums, you can find guides and recommendations for landings:

Do not land in big cities and large places to get weapons – your shooting skill may not be enough against numerous opponents who will shoot from everywhere.

Choose zones from two or three buildings – you are guaranteed to find a starting weapon there and will be able to go in search of reinforcements and fight enemy units. But do not land too far on the edge of the map – you will spend a lot of time escaping from the suing zone, and you can not kill anyone in a match and earn a few points. Agents who frantically run to the safe zone are clearly visible to the entrenched squad and meet their death in such a situation quite easily.


Yougame is a major forum for esports shooters, which also includes Apex Legends.

You can easily scroll through useful entries and find the information you need, and this applies not only to the game itself and the mechanics but also to technical problems that players may encounter and how to solve them.

For example, a crash during the game, possible causes, and solutions if the problem is individual, not mass. Then a separate topic is created and all users, if they wish, can share the problem, or confirm a similar situation and then get advice from other community players who either defeated this error or know a way to deal with it.

You can also exchange or sell skins if you wish, but remember that the service is not responsible for possible disputes and serves only as a platform for communication between gamers from the same gaming universe.

Large base with official Apex Legends guides.

From main:

How to get all base and free rewards for Apex Legends – agents and skins.

Information about game events, activation methods, and all the basic mechanics that you need to understand in order to squeeze out the maximum rewards and levels. Often, events also bring new, often unique appearances for your agents – they do not change the mechanics and do not provide special bonuses that are different from the basic equipment.

Tips for getting all weapon skins from the Wintertide event. The appearance of firearms will not affect the overall gaming experience but will allow you to stand out from other players and get rewarded for your efforts to complete events and complete quests and secondary tasks to level up.

It is also worth reading about the general changes in the mechanics and characteristics of the most popular and meta heroes, which invariably lend themselves to balancing to establish a new meta and attract players’ attention to new or forgotten old characters.

If you don’t track meta changes, you can suddenly start losing and quickly dying from characters that no one took to the pool even a week ago. If you want to regularly complete tasks with kills and grow in the ranking, you need to keep track of all changes in the gameplay, even minor ones.

One of the Apex Legends blogs that track and analyze rumors, future updates, and game mechanic changes and new events added to Apex Legends.

Tracking such resources will help to analyze, or learn to analyze the direction of the game and potentially get rid of less relevant resources and skins for popular characters, which after the release of the update may become unpopular and fall in price. Of course, we are talking about skins for agents and popular weapons.

The characteristics of small arms can be touched and not often, but in all games where each character has its own role and balance in relation to other players and classes. Games like this will always change, not much, but enough to make the meta of popular heroes change. Reading about such changes is very useful, but learning to analyze in order not to use such resources in the future and independently determine the development spectrum of a game project.

Apex Legends is also famous for the regular release of seasonal events that appear for a certain time but can change the balance of power and change the overall system.

Of course, this is primarily entertainment content and the player must be prepared and understand the general mechanics and value of rewards in order to decide whether to purchase seasonal battle passes, and reading forums and insights will help to assess the overall situation and make a decision for themselves.

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