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| Updated on June 6, 2024

Ever since the launch of the game, Pokémon Go has been a hot topic in the gaming community due to its uniqueness and interesting features. 

However, it can be tiring for the trainers to walk around in order to catch the powerful and rare Pokémons and unlock new features.

This is why you should also use the game spoofer iAnyGo Android App to easily access all the features and have the best collection of Pokémons.

Are you confused about what it is and how to use it? Join me as I venture into the world of spoofing the game Pokémon Go step-by-step, and also learn about the methods to do so. 

So let’s dive in!

Is it still possible to spoof Pokémon Go?

spoof Pokémon Go

Yes, spoofing is still a thing! There are several other methods besides VPN, such as rooting, modified APKs, and fake GPS spoofing apps for the same.

In this manner, you can explore the diverse range of in-game locations with the comfort of being at home and just tapping on your screens. 

This allows all the players to catch up with the exclusive regions and participate in the distant raids in order to become a part of the special events conducted globally. 

By doing this, you can enjoy numerous benefits such as gameplay customization, and get to experience it. 

However, it is crucial for you to always remember that although these acts will work seamlessly, using safe options should always be the top priority. It is because, sometimes these options can be risky and could lead to bans.

Fun Fact!
Pokémon Go was officially launched on 6th July 2016 in the US, Australia, and New Zealand!

Best Ways To Spoof Pokémon Go On An Android Phone Without A Computer

Due to the lack of specific Pokémon, the players seek comfort in using location spoofing. It has been an extremely popular method among the enthusiasts of this game, however, those who are beginners can learn from

You can also try using iAnyGo Android App to explore simple methods without worrying about having to root and jailbreak. 

But before that, let us learn about the best ways to spoof Pokémon Go on the android phones without a computer:

Change GPS Location 

Always try to use a good masking module and a secure VPN; the spoofer should be in sync with the GPS in order to work well. 

Otherwise, if there’s any sort of suspicious activity noticed on your account, there are chances of it being banned or deleted forever.

Multi-Spot Movement

Yes, with the help of multiple-spot movement, one can easily change the location. So, with the help of multiple maps and making the desired adjustments for the speed, you can easily cover up your tracks. 

Then, you can go wherever you wish to go and stimulate the routes by faking the location.

Joystick Movement

Considered to be one of the most thrilling methods among the players, using a joystick is considered one of the most reliable strategies. Those who are new to this and do not know how to spoof safely without a PC will find this a much better option. 

All you need to do is use a joystick since it lets you control certain reigns where you can capture some of the most powerful Pokémon. 

Game Mode

Do you wish to just teleport to places without actually walking? Then using the game mode hack can do the work for you! You can simply select the option of the teleport feature from the game mode in the spoofing app. 

Then voilà! You are teleported to the desired location, which could be anywhere in the world. However, it only works well with location-based devices, which include Android and iOS.

Although millions of users are using several methods, it is always safer to be cautious because one wrong movement could cause your account’s permanent termination! The game Pokémon Go has a three-strike policy (warning, suspension, and account termination). So if you are one of those who are constantly abusing the methods for advantage, then kindly be mindful!

Steps To Spoof Pokémon Go On Android Without Computer

Although spoofing is not as hard as it seems to be, it can be quite challenging if you do not follow the proper steps. With this concern in mind, iAnyGo Android App was developed to enhance the experience of the players.

With this application, you can now teleport from one place to another as per your desire, without being tracked! It is a widely known GPS Spoofer app that has attracted millions of users.

If you are also interested in this application, then here’s how you can access the app:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Look for iAnyGo Android App and then click on the ‘Install option to download it.
  3. Then open the application to mock and enable the GPS location.
  4. Set the preferred location and then configure accordingly.
  5. Now you can start hunting! Bon Voyage!

The most powerful Pokémon is Arceus, known for having all the powers of all the Pokémons collectively, which makes it untouchable! 

Final Words 

With  232 million users online, Pokémon Go has been listed as the face of the gaming field within the global premises. 

However, it can be quite tiring and challenging for those who can not walk around, and for that, there are several alternatives that are being offered now. 

This leads you to the game-changing world of location-changer apps that allow you to access the locations and features in the comfort of your home. There are several ways to try, some being, mocking GPS location, joystick movement, and multiple-spot mapping.

However, you should always remember to use these features wisely in order to avoid account termination. Happy Gaming!


How to spoof Pokémon Go on an iPhone without a PC?

Always connecting to your computer while using Spoofer for PokemonGo is very irritating and inconvenient. But surely you can do it without a computer, all you need to do is install and launch a spoofer app (iAnyGo). The app has a simple and intuitive interface so anybody can use it without hassle. With this app, you can either search for a Pokemon number or directly go for a raid.

Can a VPN app spoof Pokémon Go?

Yes, the VPN apps are capable of spoofing Pokémon Go. But if you wish to trick the system without letting anyone know, then always ensure that your location and server are always aligning together.

How to spoof in Pokémon GO without getting banned from iOS?

The first and foremost thing is to use a trusted spoofing app. One such app that can be used for PokemonGo spoof is the iAnyGo app. This will allow you to sneak into the game without letting anyone know. And the best part is you can use them for Android as well as iOS including iOS 17. First, set your fake GPS location where you want to play and raid. For PokemonGo

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